Paul Parker gives his verdict on Tottenham’s 3-3 draw with West Ham on Sunday after Jose Mourinho’s side threw away a three-goal lead…
I must say it doesn't surprise me. I was at the Tottenham-Newcastle game last month, they should have gone in at half-time 4-0 up. Newcastle were abysmal, Spurs were cruising at 1-0 - seriously, cruising - and came out in the second half and just sat back.
Then they drew 1-1 in the end against a team who were absolutely - not the best word anybody can use - but they were useless, embarrassingly useless, and Spurs allowed them to take a draw.
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This is what Mourinho does. Spurs were 3-0 up, but instead of killing the game off and going for the jugular still, he tries to sit back and allows teams to come at them and come back at them.
He should have remembered the last two fixtures prior to this one against West Ham have been tough. West Ham won 1-0 in 2019 and were the first team to beat them there at Spurs’ new home, then last season in Mourinho's first game they came back to 3-2 even though Spurs still won. Then this one, with West Ham's good form as well, Spurs still sat back.
It doesn't matter how good you are, if you sit back and allow the other team to have the ball more than you, something is going to happen because one of your players will switch off or make a mistake as you saw with Davinson Sanchez.
All of a sudden, and you look at the goals West Ham scored, everyone is sat back - too many chefs in the kitchen. That's what happens. Mentally that is really tough for Spurs to take, in a game of that magnitude which is the one West Ham look forward to the most.
Tottenham have gone and blown it. I don't know if Mourinho was looking at headlines for the morning, but he forgot the most important thing is to get the job done.
He did it a lot at Manchester United too, and now Spurs have been left wanting like most teams this season have defensively.

Jose says ‘football happened’, Parker says…

He's just made himself another excuse. No, it's not about football, that was just poor at the end of the day that you're sitting back in such a big game.
He has held back. I've seen them do it on numerous occasions. West Ham have gone at them and Spurs buckled. They could have won it, could have gone 4-2 but it didn't materialise and they go and draw.
They've given away four points at home.
To bring on Gareth Bale, maybe for Mourinho that was a little bit exotic. To do that, to decide to sit back then bring him on. I'm surprised he didn't try and sneak two centre-halves on.
It was a kick in the teeth, it should have been a big moment Bale coming on, beating West Ham with Bale scoring, everything was there and waiting to happen for Mourinho and Tottenham in their new stadium, but it didn't work out their way.
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