Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp believes there is every chance that his side can turn their alarming form around after losing 2-0 to Everton.
Speaking to Sky Sports, Klopp said : “The first goal which we have to defend better gave the direction of the game. It was unnecessary. There were plenty of good football moments so we did well from a creative point of view but we had to chase the game and were not calm enough.
“Everton defended deep and full of passion but there were still moments where we were completely free in the box but we didn’t finish.
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“In the second half we changed formation a little because we wanted to cause them more problems. Immediately we had big chances. Sadio [Mane] twice in the box and Bobby [Firmino] was twice in promising positions, so we had all these moments.
The penalty was late and wasn’t really decisive so we don’t have to talk about that too much.
“We could talk about this for an hour in detail and you would realise what you were talking about would be 90% positive but 10% was not and we have to change 10% because it makes the difference result wise.
"We stand here having lost 2-0. I know how important it is. We feel it deep inside. But from tomorrow on I have to use all the good stuff. These good situations are the guarantee that we can change it but the decisive moments we have to change as well.
Liverpool suffered yet another injury blow, with captain Jordan Henderson appearing to suffer strain that could keep him out for some time, Klopp confirmed: “It’s in the region of his groin and abductor. It’s not good. It’s how it is. The rest we will know tomorrow."
Carlo Ancelotti was delighted to see his Everton side come away with their first win at Anfield in two decades.

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Speaking after the match, Ancelotti said: "We are really happy, really pleased. After a long time Everton are able to win at Anfield, it is a good gift for our supporters. The performance was good, we were focussed, worked hard and when we had the opportunities we were clinical.
A beautiful combination between Richarlison and James Rodriguez and that first goal helped us to have more confidence in this game.
"Jordan Pickford did really well and also the defence. When you come to Anfield you have to defend, they are still a fantastic team but we defended properly.”
With the game won, he turned his attention to Everton’s home form, with their next game coming on March 1 against Southampton at Goodison Park.
"We have three points, the derby is a special game as we said before but we have to catch three points at home too. It is not good enough at home,” he said.
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