England face Norway in the last eight on Thursday night, but Neville insists that his team won't be impacted by the occasion.
"We have not got to a quarter final and started doing things differently," Neville said. "The routine is something I have had all my life. It has given me comfort and it’s given the team comfort.
I am a big believer in looking in their eyes. They look relaxed, they look happy, they look like they are ready to win. The look in their eyes - it looks like every big game that comes, they want it even more.
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Phil Neville

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"In the past you would have tried to shield them from the expectation, for fear of failure. But my girls don’t have any fear of failure.
"The occasion, the attention, it’s what they’ve grown up wanting. Three or four years ago we were crying out for this - so when we get here we’re not going to back off, not going to say it’s nerve-wracking or our bellies are twitching. We will embrace it.
"I have an unbelievable set of human beings who are now exactly where they want to be, where they have dreamed of. They are not going to back off. The bigger the occasion the more pressure on them, the more they relax, play and embrace it. The bigger games are the ones they like.”
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