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World Cup Qualification UEFA • Group A
  • 2nd Half
  • France
  • Luxembourg
  • TurpelHolter
  • GriezmannFekir
  • Pogba
  • Jans
  • Sinani
  • GiroudLacazette
  • MbappéComan
  • Da MotaSinani
  • ThillRodrigues
  • Jänisch

France - Luxembourg
World Cup Qualification UEFA - 3 September 2017

World Cup Qualification UEFA – Follow the Football match between France and Luxembourg live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:45 on 3 September 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Didier Deschamps or Luc Holtz? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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  • End of 2nd Half

That's it, full time. Boos ring out in Toulouse from the home crowd, whie Luxembourg ceebrate for their efforts. They played very well, and France weren't especially bad. There will be plenty of embarrassment, but lets not get carried away - it really was just one of those things.


30 seconds left, and the ball is with Lloris...


France have had 74% of the ball so far. The French crowd are whistling. Kurzawa has another cross blocked.


There will be three minutes of added time.


Sidibe clips a shot from the edge of the box that Joubert does well to hold with Lacazette closing in.


Free kick on the irght wing for France. Cross is headed away easily.

  • Nabil Fekir
    OffAntoine GriezmannFranceFekir on for Griezmann.
  • Nabil Fekir
    OnNabil FekirFrance

Fekir on for Griezmann.

  • Paul Pogba
    Yellow cardPaul PogbaFrancePobga is booked for a late challenge.

Pobga is booked for a late challenge.


Rodrigues goes on a brilliant run down the middle, and with just Lloris to beat, he sends his shot against the post - what an escape for France.


Lacazette drags a shot at goal from an angle, and it's deflected wide by Philipps. From the ensuing corner, Pogba gets to the second ball and sends a looping header crashing against the bar.


There are around 15-20 minutes to go now. Rodrigues almost breaks through down the middle, but he's just offside and France try again. A long ball to Lacazette comes to nothing.


Joubert flaps away a cross from a Lemar free kick. This is all getting pretty stressful.


Another header, as Philipps puts Griezman's header just behind with Jourbert diving left. Lacazette then has an effort headed off the line by Philipps.


Kurzawa glances a heaer from around the penalty spot to the far post, and it flies just wide of the goal.


Jans is booked - and is now suspended for the next match.


Lemar is tripped by Rodrigues as he lays the ball off 25 yards from goal, on the angle of the box. His cross is headed away.

  • Danel Sinani
    Yellow cardDanel SinaniLuxembourgSinani is booked.

Sinani is booked.


A cross from the left comes to Sidibe, and he glances a downward effort that Joubert does well to tip away.


This is getting pretty, pretty, prett-y worrying for France. Luxembourg aren't noticeably tiring.

  • Danel Sinani
    OffDaniel Da MotaLuxembourgSebastian Thill and Da Mota off for Rodrigues and Sinani. For France, Mbappe is replaced by Coman, and Lacazette is on too.
  • Danel Sinani
    OnDanel SinaniLuxembourg

Sebastian Thill and Da Mota off for Rodrigues and Sinani. For France, Mbappe is replaced by Coman, and Lacazette is on too.


Sidibe picks out a cross to Griezmann at the near post and he lifts his effort way over the bar.


Thill wins a corner on the riight, and it's headed away. Things are starting to get a tad tense.

  • Mathias Jänisch
    Yellow cardMathias JänischLuxembourgJanisch is booked for dragging Mbappe to the ground on the right after being beaten with quick feet.

Janisch is booked for dragging Mbappe to the ground on the right after being beaten with quick feet.


Griezmann, then Giroud, shift the ball left and forward, and Lemar skies a shot well over the near post.


On the overlap, Sidibe sends in a cross from the right, inside the box, but it's cleared.


Pogba dinks in a cross for Giroud at the back post, but it's a touch overhit, and it drifts out of play.

  • 2nd Half

We go again.

  • End of 1st Half

That's half-time - see you in 15 minutes.


Luxembourg are just hanging on here, but France will need to maintain the pressure against a resolute bunch.


Kante catches Vincent Thill, standing on his shin. He could - probably should - have been sent off, but it's not a serious match.


Griezmann thunders a free kick over the wall, it dips late, and crashes against the cross bar, Joubert getting fingertips to it.


Skenderovic slaps an arm out at Pogba's chipped pass and concedes a handball 35 yards out, centrally placed. Griezmann looks likeliest to take now.


Lemar has a shot blocked on the edge of the box. Giroud flicks it to Pogba on the edge of the box, and he fires in a low shot that Joubert tips around the post.


Pobga cleverly picks out Kurzawa's run down the left into the box, but his chest control sends the pass out of play for a goal kick.


Turpel finds Da Mota on the left, but his cross is cut out by Umtiti. Giroud is fouled from behind, and wins a free kick.


Lemar tees up Pogba from outside the box, and he flashes a curling shot just over the top corner.


France break quickly down the left, the ball is played into Giroud, and Jans air-kick gets enough of a scuff on the ball to put him off.


Lemar tries a shot from miles out, and it sails over the bar. France need to continue with their patience here.


Kurzawa fling in a cross to the near post for Giroud, and he heads wide. He's penalised for a foul on Philipps, too.


A cross for Pogba is cut out, and Joubert is alive to the ball to claim without any challenge from a French player.


Mbappe speeds down the middle of the pitch, beats two defenders, and slides in a low shot at Joubert, who sits on the ball to stop the shot.


France continue to press, but an 18-yard header from Mbappe doesn't have the power to beat Joubert. At the other end, Turpel is released down the middle, with Da Mato to his left, and Lloris has to tip over his rising shot.


Luxembourg fail to clear after some quick passing from France, and Sidibe seizes on a loose ball, firing in a shot wide of the near post at an angle.


Griezmann tees up Mbappe after a smart one-two, and Philipps gets off a blocke to concede a corner. From the set piece, Giroud leathers a shot at Umtiti.


Joubert flaps at a Pogba pass to Giroud, it comes out to Griezmann. He spins on the edge of the box and slams a shot straight at the 'keeper.


France release Mbappe down towards the touchline on the left, in the box. He cuts it back for Griezmann, and he scoops a terrible, close-range shot over the bar.


In their 132nd game, Luxembourg are looking for their sixth victory.


Mbappe breaks, squares it to Griezmann but his pass is wayway. Griezmann collects, lays it off to Lemar, he flicks it back to Pogba and he's tripped just outside the box. Pogba wil take, and he fizzes a shot a yard or so over the bar.


Luxembourg have a throw-in high up the pitch, but Da Mota's throw is headed away by Sidibe.


France are in almost total control. But Luxembourg are sitting back and that makes it difficult for any team.


Turpel hacks Koscielny as he strides forward into the Luxembourg half. He should have been booked, because he jumped into it, was late, and had his studs up..

  • 1st Half

The match gets underway.


I'm going to predict a 6-0 win for France. With five minutes until kick-off, send me your best guesses.


Don't forget to send your comments and predictions to @lxndrnthrtn.


Of course, the most interesting thing is Kylian Mbappe - just how good is he?


There's a lot of interest for Premier League fans in this game. Spurs captain Hugo Lloris is in goal for France, Arsenal clogger Laurent Koscielny is at the back, N'Golo Kante and Paul Pogba are a superb midfield two, and Olivier Giroud is up front. Antoine Griezmann could well be in England next season, after the World Cup, as could Thomas Lemar.


Luxembourg, you'll be surprised, have no chance. But they do have an exceptionally low corporate tax rate and are probably set for life whatever happens.


France smashed the Netherlands in Group A on Thursday, and that match almost sent the Netherlands out of the qualification group. They have almost no chance of getting through. The French, though, can win tonight and almost certainly go through.


France have the saviour Kylian Mbappe on the right wing, apparently, an in a special effort from Mike Bassett, they are playing four-four-effing-two. Griezmann supplies the talent, skill and brains to an attacking duo of him and Giroud.


TEAMS: France: Lloris, Kurzawa, Sidibe, Umtiti, Koscielny, Pogba, Kante, Lemar, Mbappe, Griezmann, Giroud. /// Luxembourg: Joubert, Janisch, Jans, Malget, Philipps, Skenderovic, Martins, V. Thill, Damota, S. Thill, Turpel.


Hello and welcome to live coverage of France vs Luxembourg. It's the match Liam Fox loves to hate!