"The subsequent discussion was very positive and constructive and has helped to move things forward significantly," he said. "The teams felt that more work had to be done on optimisation and, given the time constraints, implementation for 2007 was not therefore an option.
"We were very encouraged by the response from the meeting and consider it is only a matter of 'when' and not 'if' for the new wing," he added.
FIA president Max Mosley said in October that the Centreline Downwash Generating (CDG) wing was an important development that would give fans wheel-to-wheel racing and more overtaking.
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An FIA-commissioned survey this year found that 94 percent of the viewing public wanted to see more overtaking.
The CDG wing would in theory allow cars to run closer together without performance loss, with the current single rear wing replaced by two connected box-like wings, one behind each rear wheel.
That would create a wake to give a following car more downforce, or grip, and reduced drag rather than creating turbulence.
The intention is for the concept to form part of the 2008 regulations, together with wider wheels, slick tyres and a sole tyre supplier, but the FIA had hoped there could be agreement for 2007.
The sport's Formula One commission had supported the proposals, subject to further input from the technical working group that met on Friday.
"We won't see it in 2007," Renault engineering head Pat Symonds told Autosport. "It is such a complex problem and even with the work we have done this week we have identified some new areas of attention that need to be investigated fully.
"There is just so much work to do. If you are trying to produce something with a very controlled airflow and vortexes, then you need some very careful regulations," added Symonds.
"The CDG wing is just one part of an overall package and we need to make sure it is right."
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