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British Open
'I will enjoy the challenge' – Williams set to test skills on pool table
15/09/2022 AT 10:34
Devlin 3-4 Wells
Hawkins 01-1 Honghao
Jianbo 4-0 Saengkham

Matt Selt beats Stephen Hendry 4-1!

Matt has played brilliantly tonight and I hope doing so when on telly and in the public eye inspires him to do so more often; he meets Barry Hawkins or Luo Honghao next. As for Hendry, he played pretty well, and once he's played a few more match he'll be a difficult night for anyone.

Selt 3-1 Hendry (54-10)

Not for long! Matt flukes a plant, and this is now an appealing opportunity from which to seal frame and match.

Selt 3-1 Hendry (41-10)

It's not how Stephen plays, but this is the advantage of playing how Matt's playing - he has to dig into the pack off the blue without the right angle, hitting the pink full in the mush and getting nowhere. We're back playing safety.

Selt 3-1 Hendry (41-10)

In co-commentary, Neal says this is the best he's seen Matt play in ages ... but then he calls a foul on himself, moving a red when bridging towards the white. He'll be irritated because he'd done great work putting himself in position to settle frame and match, but there's plenty for Stephen to do if he's to avert that.

Selt 3-1 Hendry (41-0)

Bashing home the blue, Matt comes around the angles nicely; for a second it looks like he's on nowt, but there's a red to the corner that he quickly disappears. Shortly, he'll have to address the pack, but for now he's picking again, removing everything loose and establishing a decent advantage.

Selt 3-1 Hendry (16-0)

Matt leaves one from the break-off but Stephen, though he gets close, can't see it away. Even worse, he leaves one, and Matt confidently takes it to the middle - he's not on telly that often, but I think this is the best I've seen him play.

Around the tables

Devlin 3-3 Wells
Hawkins 0-1 Honghao
Jianbo 3-0 Saengkham

Selt 3-1 Hendry

Stephen signals he's had enough; I think Matt's only missed one live ball.

Selt 2-1 Hendry (67-1)

Just when Matt looks set to clinch the frame in one visit, he runs out of position, 65 ahead with 67 left. As in the last frame, Stephen has to take blacks but that's easier than it was if he can just get back in ... which he can't Matt clipping a red to top left leaving Stephen needing two snookers.

Selt 2-1 Hendry (66-1)

This is a really good chance for Matt, who's properly risen to the occasion. As for Stephen, this is a really good first go, and though he won't play all the tournaments, I'm sure he'll play - and practise - enough to get much better than this.

Selt 2-1 Hendry (26-1)

A superb long red - another- superb long red - sets Matt away. But he jawses a red, the route to which is then blocked by the black, so Stephen comes off the side cushion to see it away ... only to give it slightly too much, just enough to stop him dealing with the black. His safety game hasn't been as good as it can be though, and Matt despatches the long one left, and with the black over the top left, this is a really good chance to do some damage.

Around the tables

Devlin 3-3 Wells
Hawkins 0-0 Honghao
Jianbo 1-0 Saengkham

Selt 2-1 Hendry

This is a really good match, with both men at it.

Selt 1-1 Hendry (74-1)

The black's tied up so Stephen won't be able to earn the points he needs without a snooker. He cracks down a red trying to amend that fact and is left with a very difficult cut; he gets close but instead leaves one for Matt and that'll be that. This is intense, invigorating, affirming stuff.

Selt 1-1 Hendry (65-0)

To win the frame at this visit, Matt will have to dig into the pack, but perhaps wary of offering Stephen a go, picks tentatively before eventually trying his luck off the blue. He plays it well too, but gets no luck and winding up on nowt, knows that if Stephen gets in, there are 67 points left on an extremely inviting table.

Selt 1-1 Hendry (25-0)

Stephen takes on a long mid-distance red which rattles about the jaws before sitting nicely for Matt. This is great stuff and we appear to have been blessed with that rarity: both players playing well at the same time.

Around the tables

Devlin 2-3 Wells
Doherty 4-3 Stevens
Jianbo 0-0 Saengkham

Selt 1-1 Hendry

Did we just watch Stephen Hendry make a century in 2021?! I do believe we did! What a moment! Expletive!

Selt 1-0 Hendry (2-91)

Just when looks like the break and frame are over, Stephen manufactures an angle to slide a red into the centre. He's been stuck on 775 centuries for nine years, but this now looks a lot like 776 and it's been a belter - the balls were not easy, but he dealt with them anyhow.

Selt 1-0 Hendry (2-56)

This is excellent from Stephen, who uses every inch of the various pockets and every little grey cell in compiling a lead. He looks in pretty nifty nick, which tells you he's been working hard.

Selt 1-0 Hendry (2-22)

No matter; Stephen leaves a red that not many would've taken on in his day, but this isn't that and Matt cleanses it home ... only to miss the brown into the middle. This brings Stephen to the table, and again he looks decent in the balls, but spends a few shots chasing position before settling in.

Selt 1-0 Hendry (1-0)

Matt stuns in a long red - a good pot, but if he plays it with topspin he probably avoids the red he catches which stops him getting on a colour. So he looks to lay a snooker off the bottom cushion before dropping onto the green and misses; Stephen can't put him back because he knows he'll hit next time.

Around the tables

Devlin 1-3 Wells
Doherty 3-3 Stevens
Slessor 4-3 Page (finished)
Jianbo 0-0 Saengkham

Selt 1-0 Hendry

Matt played that frame well, getting himself to the table then, after bad luck forced him to sit down, returning to tidy it up. Hendry looks in nick though.

Selt 0-0 Hendry (56-45)

A poor safety from Stephen - responding to a decent snooker - allows Matt to shove home a red, bridging awkwardly around the pink; this has the signs of a good contest with Matt looking likely to go in front. He sinks the last red, but opts not to take on the yellow, laying a snooker behind the green, and Stephen misses it; Matt will take over from here, and should clinch the frame at this visit.

Selt 0-0 Hendry (36-45)

It's such a shame there's no crowd in to see this. Stephen gets himself into trouble but salvages the pot by way of rest, problem being that he doesn't get sufficiently into the white, so that's end of break. Turns out the most successful player of the modern era can still play the game.

Selt 0-0 Hendry (36-36)

A poor positional shot from Stephen means he has to take on a blue to the green pocket to keep the break going; of course he takes it on because that's who he is, and he cues it beautifully! There's a lot of work to do if he's to secure the frame at this visit - two reds are on cushions - but he is who he is so who knows.

Selt 0-0 Hendry (36-15)

This is excellent fro Matt, but then he cracks the black into the corner and dribbles a red into the middle at the same time! What a chance for master!

Selt 0-0 Hendry (21-0)

Stephen's first shot is a roll-up, and he misses the cluster by a fraction; he hits second time but leaves one into the centre that's quickly drained. The balls are reasonably spread too, so there's a chance to rack up a score he; he and Matt are good mates so I'd expect the desire to beat him to be even stronger than otherwise.

We're a little delayed

As we had two long matches this afternoon. If I'm honest, neither were great, but they could've been the greatest and still be dwarfed but what we're about to see next. The players are with us!

In the history of sport

There haven't been many more dominant champions than Hendry. Phil Taylor, Martina Navratilova, Ed Moses, Serena Williams - he's up there with them.

A little essay on the man of the moment


I cannot wait for this

Obviously it's none of my business, but I always felt Hendry retired too soon - it's funny that he was characterised as the arch competitor but finished at 43, whereas Ronnie O'Sullivan was the arch wastrel and he's still winning world titles at 45. I really hope he dazzles us, but ultimately I'm just happy to see him.

Time for Hendry

The conclusion of that match means it's now time for the return of seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry. He's up against good friend Matthew Selt in his first match in nine years.

Selby 4-1 Craigie (84-70)

Eventually it's Sam who goes for the double and misses, leaving the black over the pocket. Mark knocks it in to book his place in the second round.

Selby 3-1 Craigie (77-70)

Sam gets down to the black but he doesn't have an angle on it after cutting the pink into the middle so plays safe. It's all down to the black now, with Sam needing to pot it to get a re-spotted black.

Selby 3-1 Craigie (77-42)

Sam gets four points back with a snooker of his own. He can force a re-spotted back if he clears up, which would mean Hendry has to wait a little while longer for his comeback...

Selby 3-1 Craigie (77-38)

A couple of fouls from Sam as he misses the red, meaning he will need snookers now.

Selby 3-1 Craigie (67-38)

Mark gets down to the final red and then decides to snooker up behind the pink. Very difficult for Sam from here.

Selby 3-1 Craigie (43-38)

It's all going well for Sam until he tries to pot one of the reds along the cushion. It goes close but doesn't drop, and Mark might clean up from there.

Selby 3-1 Craigie (43-1)

Sam gets up and running with a long red to the corner. Still plenty of points on the table but a tricky clearance with two reds against the cushions.

Selby 3-1 Craigie (43-0)

A blue to the corner, but then Mark has to play safe with the remaining reds not split and nothing pottable.

Selby 3-1 Craigie (1-0)

Sam tries to roll into the pack from the baulk cushion but gets it a bit wrong, leaving Mark a red into the middle, which he cuts in to get a break started.

Around the tables

Devlin 1-1 Wells
Doherty 2-1 Stevens
Slessor 2-3 Page

Selby 3-1 Craigie

This has been another strange match, Selby completing his second total clearance of it to go one away. He finishes on 137, but Sam will be spitting because he had chances there.

Selby 2-1 Craigie (61-0)

Yeah, this is good from Mark, sliding a bazzing long pot into the yellow pocket to salvage position; shortly afterwards, another gorgeous longun - into the green pocket this time - pretty much secures the frame.

Selby 2-1 Craigie (1-0)

Sam takes on a red knowing that he's leaving all sorts if he misses ... and he does, by plenty. But Mark can't capitalise, hitting the far middle knuckle; maybe there's been too much safety in this match because Sam then misses a straightforward one, leaving a big chance. Mark takes the starter, and will fancy himself for a decent run.

Around the tables

Devlin 0-1 Wells
Doherty 2-0 Stevens
Slessor 1-3 Page

Selby 2-1 Craigie

Well done Sam Craigie. He did well to hang in there, and though he needed Mark to miss two pots you'd expect him to sink almost every time, he's back in the game.

Selby 2-0 Craigie (27-48)

Abrute of a snooker from Mark, blocking the route to one red with the blue and one with the brown, forces a fine escape from Sam ... but he leaves a brute of a long red. Mark smashes it home, and sensible behaviour here makes this 3-0. But he misses the final red! What a let-off for Sam, who knocks it in, then does likewise with the blue. Yellow and green for the frame...

Selby 2-0 Craigie (21-40)

Because the reds are in baulk accumulation is slow, and there are three of the badgers sat on the bottom cushion which Sam will need. But he can't get position so looks to play safe all the way down behind the black only to catch the ball way too thick; this is going to cost him. No it isn't! Mark misses his pot and Sam does not, but he can't then disturb the two remaining reds. We'll now have some picking, and whoever gets rid of the first one will be a strong favourite for another protracted frame.

Selby 2-0 Craigie (21-5)

Sam breaks the impasse with a decent red - it and all its friends are between blue and baulk - but can't find a colour. Mark, though, plays a poor safety that leaves the thinnest of cuts, and Sam sends it down then cannons another which drops too. This is a chance.

Selby 2-0 Craigie (21-0)

But with the pack tight he quickly runs out of position so has to play safe; with a red up in baulk, that'll be at the top end of the table. I'm experiencing a strong sense of deja vu.

Selby 2-0 Craigie (16-0)

You can see that Sam can play but he's not comfy out there and when Mark leaves him a red he misses it; Mark immediately gets to work and with the black available to both pockets, he might be sitting down for a while.

Around the tables

Andrew Higginson 4-3 Lu Haotian (finished)
Stuart Carrington 4-0 Gao Yang (finished)
Devlin 0-0 Wells
Doherty 1-0 Stevens
Slessor 1-2 Page

Selby 2-0 Craigie

Two very different frames, both of them won by Selby. Craigie is in a situation.

Selby 1-0 Craigie (71-28)

But he can't get an angle on the penultimate red, pondering the pot because it's frame-ball before playing safe. That makes sense I guess, because he'd expect himself to win the next exchange ... and he does because a poor shot from Sam leaves him a simple knock into the middle. The blue follows, and that will be enough.

Selby 1-0 Craigie (65-28)

This is very good from mark methodically resolving a still-complex table. But here comes the key shot, a red forced in from a narrow angle with the rest; the black will follow and this should be the frame.

Selby 1-0 Craigie (26-28)

Argh! Sam misses a simple one to the middle - "unforgivable" says Phil Studd in commentary - but he leaves only a tight cut which will need addressing with the rest. Mark isn't bothered though, draining it nicely, and this is going to sting.

Selby 1-0 Craigie (21-13)

Two more consecutive fouls from Sam leave him at risk of forfeiting the frame again before Mark loses patience - I did not expect that - sending balls about the table. He leaves one to the middle but Sam misses the plant, then Mark misses too, leaving a nasty straight tempter. Sam drains it well, and this is a really good chance.

Selby 1-0 Craigie (13-0)

Mark accidentally plants a red but has no colour on, after which Sam fouls twice trying to feather a red. He and the ref find this amusing - if he does it again it's frame over - so he doesn't, then does next go, cueing more laughter. "I hope it's not on the telly," says Mark - yes it is - and still no one suggests a re-rack as they tap about reds in baulk.

Selby 1-0 Craigie (0-0)

It's still 0-0 and there are now no reds even close to the black spot and seven above the balk line. Mark is controlling the safety, but Sam has yet to blink.

Selby 1-0 Craigie (0-0)

A protracted safety exchange has them playing in and out of the cluster while sending individual reds up to baulk - there are four of them there now - and I wonder if we're getting to re-rack territory. But Sam opens the pack, and now it's a matter of waiting for the first error.

Around the tables

Andrew Higginson 3-3 Lu Haotian
Stuart Carrington 4-0 Gao Yang (finished)
Devlin 0-0 Wells

Selby 1-0 Craigie

Avsummadat! Selby eases into the match with a 142 total clearance - maybe he likes getting the bus from Bushey to Brent Cross.

Selby 0-0 Craigie (46-0)

The second black means that already, Selbz has accumulated more points than he did in his Players' Championship kicking by John Higgins, who whitewashed him 4-0 for the loss of just seven points. But a win here would give Selby the Home Nations championship bonus - worth £150k - and that's five red-blacks ... but he then comes up for the blue. Still, though, this frame is nearly over.

Selby 0-0 Craigie (8-0)

Sam is 54 in the world and if he plays well can cause Mark a problem. But a poor safety catches a middle knuckle and leaves a simple starter, tapped home with the end of cue extension. The black follows it down, and will shortly be available to both corners; this is a chance.

The players are with us

And coming up later

The return of the king. Stephen Hendry makes his comeback against Matthew Selt, and like any sentient being, I cannot wait,

Around the tables

Andrew Higginson 3-2 Lu Haotian
Stuart Carrington 3-0 Gao Yang
Zhao Xintong 4-1 Ashley Carty (finished)

Coming up next

Mark Selby v Sam Craigie

Already today

Steven Hallworth 2-4 Jamie Jones
Chen Zifan 4-1 Daniel Womersley
Ian Burns 1-4 Leon Fernandez
Jack Lisowski 4-1 Farakh Ajaib
Mark Williams 4-1 Li Hang
Jimmy White 4-3 Joe O’Connor
Chang Bingyu 3-2 Eden Sharav
Nigel Bond 3-3 Chris Wakelin

Afternoon all!

Let's have a bit of Kyren Wilson v Kuldesh Johal!

Good morning

Join us for live updates from day two of the Gibraltar Open from 1.45pm UK time.


Stephen Hendry returns to snooker. The seven-time world champion faces friend Matthew Selt on Tuesday, and we could hardly be more excited.
John Higgins could not be more excited to see his compatriot back in action and said: "The whole snooker world will tune in."
Then 2005 world champion Shaun Murphy referred to it as "The return of the king" and said: "Hendry won't want to look silly."
The world number on Trump said this week it would be a “surprise” to him if Hendry “won any games at all”.
Elsewhere, Ronnie O’Sullivan, who lost the Players Championship final to John Higgins on Sunday, begins his quest for a 38th ranking title on Wednesday, when he faces old foe Ali Carter.
But for starters today, Jack Lisowski leads the 9am matches as he takes on Farakh Ajaib, with Jimmy White and Mark Williams in action from 11:30am.

Gibraltar Open



Tuesday's schedule

  • Steven Hallworth v Jamie Jones
  • Chen Zifan v Daniel Womersley
  • Ian Burns v Leon Fernandez
  • Jack Lisowski v Farakh Ajaib
  • Mark Williams v Li Hang
  • Jimmy White v Joe O’Connor
  • Chang Bingyu v Eden Sharav
  • Nigel Bond v Chris Wakelin
  • Kyren Wilson v Kuldesh Johal
  • Andrew Higginson v Lu Haotian
  • Stuart Carrington v Gao Yang
  • Zhao Xintong v Ashley Carty
  • Ken Doherty v Matthew Stevens
  • Mark Selby v Sam Craigie
  • Peter Devlin v Daniel Wells
  • Elliot Slessor v Jackson Page
  • Matthew Selt v Stephen Hendry
  • Barry Hawkins v Luo Honghao
  • Martin Gould v David Grace
  • Zhao Jianbo v Noppon Saengkham

Monday's results

Round one
  • Zhou Yuelong 4-0 Xu Si
  • Yuan Sijun 1-4 Alexander Ursenbacher
  • Yan Bingtao 1-4 Jamie Clarke
  • Martin O’Donnell 2-4 Xiao Guodong
  • Brian Ochoiski 1-4 Liang Wenbo
  • David Lilley 4-2 Duane Jones
  • David Gilbert 4-1 Paul Davison
  • Jimmy Robertson 4-2 James Cahill
  • Robert Milkins 4-3 Gary Wilson
  • Mitchell Mann 4-0 Lukas Kleckers
  • Ricky Walden 4-3 Mark Joyce
  • Ding Junghui 2-4 Si Jiahui
  • Rory McLeod 1-4 Hossein Vafaei
  • Andy Hicks 1-4 Allan Taylor
  • Joe Perry 4-2 Mark Davis
  • Shaun Murphy 4-2 Ashley Hugill
  • Judd Trump 4-1 Robbie Williams
  • Oliver Brown 1-4 Fan Zhengyi
  • Michael White 2-4 Sohail Vahedi
  • Zak Surety 2-4 Tom Ford

How to watch the event

The 2021 Gibraltar Open is live on Eurosport.
You can watch it on and the Eurosport app. You can download the Eurosport app for iOS and Android now.
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