Ronnie O’Sullivan feels snooker could be a more intriguing spectacle if the tables are made more difficult.
The world champion moved into the last 16 of the Northern Ireland Open with a 4-2 win over Matthew Stevens.
It was not snooker out of the top drawer, on a table that Judd Trump had earlier described as difficult.
Northern Ireland Open
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O’Sullivan jokingly said it was a dream to play on, before stating that the game could benefit if the players are made to work hard to build breaks.
“I thought it was a dream to play on,” O’Sullivan said on Eurosport, with a wry smile on his face, following his win over Stevens. “It’s a bit like playing on a football pitch with all big holes in it. You’ve still got to try and play.
“I think it is better having a table like that. You are less likely to clear up in one visit. It makes it a bit more of a challenge. It’s not just split the balls open and clear up. There is not much skill in that.
“In a way, it lends itself to a bit more like the old-style snooker. In a way it is just nice to sit in your chair and think your opponent could make a mistake.
“It’s a bit like driving on ice, one mistake and you’re out of it. But if you play well you can do something.
“Last week Neil Robertson was knocking in tons all over the gaff, but he would not be doing it on that table.”

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Offering potential ideas for making the game more difficult, O’Sullivan added: “They should make it tougher.
“Maybe make the balls a bit heavier, the cloths a bit slower. You have then got to have a cue action. It makes it more of a creative game.”
Expanding on why there may be problems at Milton Keynes’ Marshall Arena, which is playing host to the event due to Covid-19 restrictions, O’Sullivan said: "It’s the heaters.
“They are too hot. The heaters are too hot and are burning the cloth. I did it in the club once. There’s no skidding no, shine.”
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