That completes the evening session

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Rory McLeod beats Stuart Bingham!

British Open
'I will enjoy the challenge' – Williams set to test skills on pool table
15/09/2022 AT 10:34
That was very good from Rory.

Bingham 0-47 McLeod

Good stuff from Rory, who's pretty close to making this safe. He's racing about the table with four minutes to go, but he's no need to.

Bingham 0-29 McLeod

But then misses and leaves a red; Stuart can't see it off, and when Rory takes a different one followed by a blue, he's looking good with 5.27 to go.

Bingham 0-16 McLeod

Rory drills home a red parallel with the top cushion then tajes a black. There are points out there for him because is goes to both pocksrts and there are loose reds.

Coming up next, the last match of the evening

Rory McLeod v Stuart Bingham

Ian Martin beats Robbie McGuigan!

He leaves Robbie needing snookers with just over a minute to go, and being young, Robbie still wants to show what he can do, coming back to the table to pot some balls. Ian is delighted with his win, celebrating into the camera.

McGuigan 1-43 Martin

Ian gets the next chance thoughh, and this is looking like curtains for Robbie. When he comes back to the table to miss a long red he's well behind and there's under three minutes to go.

McGuigan 1-19 Martin

But Ian then runs out of position and plays safe; Robbie selects a difficult safety and misses by a fraction; Ian gets in and snookers himself so plays safe. 4.45 to go.

McGuigan 1-12 Martin

Ian is a replacement for Kyren Wilson; Robbie is Mark Allen's stepson and 16 years old; this is his first appearance on telly. And he drains the first red ... only to miss a black and leave a starter for Ian. He doesn't get very far, but then Robbie goes in-off and he's in trouble here.

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Ian Martin v Robbie McGuigan

Lyu Haotian beats David Lilley!

Haotian 62-43 Lilley

Lyu removes both of the last reds, and this is over.

Haotian 55-43 Lilley

Lyu runs out of position on 55 with just over three minutes left. They start chasing the penultimate red.

Haotian 40-43 Lilley

Lyu is making inroads! The balls look very nicely spread and we get down to 4.36, and he's got to be favourite now.

Haotian 0-43 Lilley

This is very good from Dave, but 43 in front he misses a red with the rest. that's a nifty lead, but there's still 6.30 remaining.

Haotian 0-22 Lilley

We begin with a respot of the drag - they didn't go together - before Lyu puts himself in. His break is good, but at his next visit to the table he fouls on the blue, stretching because he didn't have tim to get the long machinery out. That allows David to put himself in position and start attacking the table.

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David Lilley v Lyu Haotian

Connor Benzey beats Stuart Carrington!

Carrington 0-36 Benzey

Connor is taking this chance superbly. With 45 seconds to go, this is over! What an upset!

Carrington 0-22 Benzey

Connor's only 18, decent night out this, and he takes a starter with more loose reds available. The black is tied up, but the pink is available and going swith three minutes left.

Carrington 0-0 Benzey

Stuart's been in decent form lately but there's not much going on here to begin with. 5.21 to go.

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Stuart Carrington v Connor Benzey

Dave Gilbert beats Lei Peifan!

Lei is going for this! The clock ticks down and he has one second on a long green for a draw! But he misses!

Gilbert 27-4 Peifan

Lei gets to the table with three minutes to go and has enough time to steal this. He runs out of position, though ... but plays a very good snooker as the clocks ticks down to two minutes.

Gilbert 27-0 Peifan

Dave gets in again and starts picking as we hit five minutes to go. He can't work much though, so plays a decent safety instead.

Gilbert 13-0 Peifan

Excllent players, these two, and they begin with some safety before Dave caresses a long red away. He quickly digs in, but runs out of position ... except when he plays safe, he flukes a red. It doesn't change much though because he winds up on nothing.

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David Gilbert v Lei Peifan

Duane Jones beats Sean Maddocks!

Jones 62-15 Maddocks

But Sean misses again - he's had two really good chances - and this is over because Duane is making it so.

Jones 41-15 Maddocks

Poor old Sean misses a simple brown, and Neal advises that he knows him to be a good player. But he's struggling here, because Duane is at the table and stretching clear, with 4.20 to go. Except he misses a black and this is a great chance for Sean! Duane is absolutely steaming with himself.

Jones 30-0 Maddocks

Duane digs in, quickly getting to 24. He's got a fair few reds available, so this is a chance to put some distance between him and Sean ... but he runs out of position and misses a long red into the yellow pocket.

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Duane Jones v Sean Maddocks

Hossein Vafaei beats Farakh Ajaib!

Vafaei 52-39 Ajaib

This is good from Hossein, who is going to win this. Farakh will regret that brown, but it wasn't straightforward. 1.30 to go.

Vafaei 23-39 Ajaib

Farakh misses a red and then again when he gets back to the table. This time Hossein scores a few points, but jawses a tough blue into the yellow pocket. 3.53 left when Farakh starts potting again. But just when he looks about to seal the deal, he misses a brown, and Hossein will fancy this clearance now!

Vafaei 7-27 Ajaib

Hossein misses a difficult red, just ... and where's the cue-ball going?! In the pocket is the answer, which means Farakh can pick his spot. He can only manage 20 though, and Hossein - who I've seen before, and is decent - sets about the table. But not for long! he misses a red, and Farakh, who I've never seen, sets about extending his lead.

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Farakh Ajaib v Hossein Vafaei

Mark Selby beats Billy Joe Castle!

Selby 41-31 Castle

Billy misses a difficult long red and Mark cuts a thin one. That'll be that.

Selby 39-31 Castle

Mark plays a good safety that should allow him to dicatate; is he going to win defending a three-point advantagr for four minutes? No, he gets the next red and with 1.45 to go, this visit should see him home. He's looking a "a bit twitchy", though, says Neal and his break ends with him leading by eught. 1.07 left.

Selby 34-31 Castle

Mark gets thin on a black that will take him into the lead ... and he drains it but gets on nothing; that's end of break. He leaves Billy one too, but he misses his opener by plenty.

Selby 17-31 Castle

Billy cracks home a sensational red and opens the pack, but misses one almost immediately afterwards and leaves Mark a chance. He'll be fancy himself to make hay from Billy's hard work.

Selby 3-22 Castle

Mark wins the lag, puts Billy in, and is quickly at the table. But he nearly misses a yellow then misses a simple enough red, and that gives Billy a chance. He's looking good out there!

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Billy Joe Castle v Mark Selby

Michael White beats Mark King!

King 16-30 White

But he gets , and after Michael extends his lead and time elapses, Mark has no choice but to cut an improbable starter. He misses, just, and that'll be curtains in a low-scorer.

King 16-29 White

A great starter from Mark is followed by a pink caressed into the middle. But it leaves him on nowt and he leaves a red ... but Michael can't get the extension together in time, potting after the horn, and that puts Mark right back in.

King 0-29 White

White gets himself away and this is good stuff from him, racking up a lead of 29 before he runs out of position and has to play safe off a red. Plenty of time for Mark to come back, though.

Coming up next

Michael White v Mark King

Gerard Greene beats Fraser Patrick!

Greene 0-0 Patrick (54-16)

Gerard extends his lead before Patrick gets a chance ... only to miss a gentle red tickled along the top cushion. That will probably be that.

Greene 0-0 Patrick (40-1)

The cloth, by the way, "is like glass", to aid quick play. Anyhow, Gerard's run ends but Fraser can't capitalise and Gerard follows a fine red with a decent safety. Fraser has a lot of work to do.

Greene 0-0 Patrick (33-0)

Gerard gets in right away and quickly amasses a sub sub sub sub substantial lead.

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Fraser Patrick v Gerard Greene

Leo Fernandez beats Joe O'Connor!

O'Connor 27-42 Fernandez

A snooker gets Joe back to the table and the comeback might just be on! but then he overscrews a red trying to dislodge another and thatll be that.

O'Connor 15-42 Fernandez

Joe has never won a match in this competition and it's looking like his run will continue.

O'Connor 15-28 Fernandez

Joe gets underway but can only manage a red, at which point my system crashes and returns in time for me to see leo at the table, picking off loose reds.

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Joe O'Connor v Leo Fernandez

Shaun Murphy beats Luca Brecel

That's a great win for Shaun; Luca is very well-suited to this format and is a previous finalist, but he's gawn.

Murphy 43-10 Brecel

Shaun's run ends on 36 but when he gets in again it looks like end of frame. As you might imagine, he's very chilled out there.

Murphy 20-10 Brecel

Not for long. Luca rolls in a red, then another, but off the yellow that he potted. When that happened in the last match, it cost Andrew Higginson the frame and Shaun quickly noses into the lead.

Murphy 0-9 Brecel

We start with a safety exchange, then Shaun misses a half-chance, jamming in behind a red down the cushion; This offers Luca a nice one to the yellow pocket, and when that goes down a felicitous flick has him in prime position ... only for him to lose the white! We're back to safety.

Coming up next, an absolute belter!

Luca Brecel v Shaun Murphy!

Mark Joyce beats Andrew Higginson!

Joyce 66-0 Higgginson

Yep, this is over. "Just normal snooker; authentic break-building," says Neal.

Joyce 44-0 Higgginson

"This looks like a normal frame of snooker," says Neal, as Mark cements his advantage.

Joyce 13-0 Higgginson

Mark misses the long red traditionally left following the break and Andrew drains a long one into the green pocket ... only for the white to follow it down! That's dreadful news because Mark immediately puts himself down the business end and starts sinking reds and blacks.

Coming up next

Andrew Higginson v Mark Joyce

Robert Milkins beats Anthony Hamilton!

Milkins 66-0 Hamilton

Milkins is well ahead as we enter the last five minutes, and it feels a lot like this frame is over.

Milkins 28-0 Hamilton

Milkins takes advantage of a poor break-off but can only add four ... except Hamilton plays a dreadful safety that doesn't reach the cushion, costing him five points and the tale. Milkins is quick and good, so very well-suited to this format, but he'll need to dig into the pack ... and does, very well indeed, off the yellow. He's looking goof here.

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Anthony Hamilton v Robert Milkins

Martin O'Donnell beats Ben Woollaston!

That was an absolute robbery.

Woollaston 34-41 O'Donnell

Ben Woollaston will be sick.

Woollaston 34-25 O'Donnell

Martin goes into the bunch but gets on nothing, so he hits and hopes, flukes one, and can he capitalise? Well played, sir!

Woollaston 34-1 O'Donnell

Ben extends his lead in small increments, and Martin needs something quickly. He's left an easy red, and this is do or die.

Woollaston 9-0 O'Donnell

Ben sinks a decent red but that's all he can manage, and after he rolls into the pack it looks like we'll get a cagey one. Er, not so. Ben gets in again, but a red-black is all he can manage and we're back playing safety.

Martin O'Donnell v Ben Woollaston

Is next.

Mark Williams beats Paul Davies!

Williams M 0-0 Davies (51-37)

Paul plays a cannon that doens't quite work and misses a red as a consequence, but then Mark misses an easier one. Still, he gets in next and that should clinch the frame for him. Incidentally, Mark allen made a 142 earlier, the highest break ever recorded in this tournament, which is to say it can be done.

Williams M 0-0 Davies (47-32)

Mark gets next shy but misses a straight red ... and that might cost him the match! Paul has balls available and time in his favour; 2.10 to go.

Williams M 0-0 Davies (39-21)

But Mark gets in next and methodically starts eliminating balls; of all the players in the draw, he is perhaps the least likely to be spooked by the shot clock. But after failing to get position on a red, the players are back fighting for an opener.

Williams M 0-0 Davies (0-21)

Msrk misses a cushion with a safety which allows Paul a go at the table. Neal Foulds didn't even know he was still playing, so I guess we'll soon see what type of nick he's in ... and the answer is not bad. He makes 21 before missing a long red and leaving nothing.

Here we go!

Mark Williams

Is as jolly as you'd expect. No crowds, game's a lottery, his kids like it but aren't there and all of that. He's wearing some kind of sponsor's coat with swhat looks like a cravat, so I'd not take him too seriously.

To start we've got

Paul Davies v Mark Williams (Davies is playing because Ali Carter has pulled out).
Don't mind if I do.

Key rules

Each frame is 10 minutes
Shot clock stops players wasting time
First five minutes = 15 seconds per shot
Second five minutes = 10 seconds per shot
Five-point penalty (or value of ball of pink or black if attempted) for failing to play shot within allocated time
Players must hit cushion with any ball or pot a ball with every shot
All fouls give opponent ball in hand
Players lag for break-off like in pool with the white played from the baulk line off the top cushion.
Nearest to the baulk cushion wins the lag
Blue ball shoot-out settles tied matches with players aiming to pot blue off its spot from within the D

Evening all!

Let's get on with it!

Today's action

It is going to be an action-packed schedule in Milton Keynes today. You can see a full list of all the matches and results coming up today at the bottom of this page.
Defending champion Michael Holt faces Jamie Jones in the first round from 1pm UK time.
Other big names in action today include: Stuart Bingham, Mark Selby, Shaun Murphy and Mark Williams.

How to watch the event online and on TV

The 2021 Snooker Shoot Out is live and exclusive on Eurosport, and the Eurosport app.
You can watch every moment on and the Eurosport app.


February 4-5 : Round one
February 6: Round two
February 7: Round 3, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Final

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Draw and results

Round one

Thursday February 4
  • Janmie Jones 1-95 Michael Holt (1pm)
  • Steven Hallworth 34-42 Declan Lavery (1:15pm)
  • David Grace 34-10 Hayden Staniland (1:30pm)
  • Ken Doherty 60-15 Jamie Curtis-Barrett (1:45pm)
  • Oliver Lines 1-79 Robbie Williams (2pm)
  • Allan Taylor 51-1 Jackson Page (2:15pm)
  • Rebecca Kenna 15-36 Simon Lichtenberg (2:30pm)
  • Zhou Yuelong 36-35 Ian Burns (2:45pm)
  • Matthew Stevens 55-53 Fergal Quinn (3pm)
  • Sam Craigie 53-48 Phil O'Kane (3:15pm)
  • Lee Walker 18-33 Ashley Carty (3:30pm)
  • Brian Ochoiski 0-72 Eden Sharav (3:45pm)
  • Dean Young 26-32 Riley Parsons (4pm)
  • Aaron Hill 1-69 Andy Hicks (4:15pm)
  • Liang Wenbo 79-32 Ben Fortey (4:30pm)
  • Mark Allen 142-0 Jimmy Robertson (4:45pm)
  • Ali Carter v Mark Williams (7pm)
  • Martin O'Donnell v Ben Woollaston (7:15pm)
  • Anthony Hamilton v Robert Milkins (7:30pm)
  • Andrew Higginson v Mark Joyce (7:45pm)
  • Luca Brecel v Shaun Murphy (8pm)
  • Joe O'Connor v Leo Fernandez (8:15pm)
  • Fraser Patrick v Gerard Greene (8:30pm)
  • Michael White v Mark King (8:45pm)
  • Billy Joe Castle v Mark Selby (9pm)
  • Farakh Ajaib v Hossein Vafaei (9:15pm)
  • Duane Jones v Sean Maddocks (9:30pm)
  • David Gilbert v Lei Peifan (9:45pm)
  • Stuart Carrington v Connor Benzey (10pm)
  • David Lilley v Lu Haotian (10:15pm)
  • Rory McLeod v Stuart Bingham (10:30pm)
  • Kyren Wilson v Robbie McGuigan (10:45pm)
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