Stuart Bingham has admitted that his two titles in snooker's Triple Crown events still feel surreal and that from time to time he has to pinch himself.
The 44-year-old added the Masters crown to his 2015 World Championship win at Alexandra Palace and is preparing to defend his title next week in Milton Keynes.
Bingham has admitted that his win still feels surreal a year on but is proud to leave a legacy that his grandchildren can look back on decades from now.
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"It seems like it was yesterday but then (at the same time) with the year we've had, it feels like it could have been three years ago," he explained in an interview with Betfair.
"The more of the year that has gone past the more I've had time to think about it and it's just unbelievable to now be a World Championship winner and a Masters winner; probably the two biggest events in the sport.
"I think it proves I've got game to compete with the best and I still pinch myself over what I've achieved in my career."
"My kids will have kids and they'll have kids and when I'm gone, they'll be able to say: 'look, great grandad won the Worlds and won the Masters.
"And for me personally, looking at the greats of (Stephen) Hendry, (Steve) Davis and Ronnie (O'Sullivan), they've won them and so have I."
And Bingham is now prioritising victory in the UK Championship to complete the Triple Crown before he retires.
"The goal (before I retire) will be to put the UK trophy on and a crown (if I can complete it). I'll be hoping I can go there and put on a good show (in the next few years) to get that one won. I've got to the semis three times so hopefully I can convert one soon."

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Bingham is feeling confident ahead of the Masters, which starts on Sunday, but admits that he will need some good fortune to get past a star-studded field.
"I feel like my game is there and I probably just need a bit of a rub of the ball at the right time and I feel like I can get my hands on another trophy. I feel like I'm playing that well," he said.
"The game is so good at the moment that you can't pick and choose when you want to win.
"Players like to peak for the majors, but I just don't think it happens any more. I think there's always one player or two players who it feels like it's meant to be their week and we're all hoping it will be us when we get round to the big ones."
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