Ronnie O’Sullivan is hopeful his outlook on life can prove an inspiration for people in their 30s and 40s.
O’Sullivan won the World Championship last August at the age of 44, and he has spoken about being as healthy as he has felt in years.
A regime of running and healthy eating has O’Sullivan talking about playing at the top level deep into his 50s and he hopes others can take inspiration from his performances.
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“At this stage of my career I’m finding new motivations to play, and for me, to be mid-45s, keeping fit and healthy, hopefully that can give a message to lots of other people out there in life – you know, that you are not done in life when you are in your late 30s or your mid-40s,” O’Sullivan told Eurosport. “You can still achieve good things, if you look after yourself. And that’s what you do.
"Your car needs a bit more of an MOT a bit more regularly and that’s what I’ve been able to do.
“So every victory I get and every performance I get out there to play, is sort of like a bonus in a way.
“It shouldn’t really be happening. But I’m proud of myself that… knocking on 50 still knocking on the door of these youngsters.”

O’Sullivan and White crack up laughing after jaw-dropping Whirlwind fluke

O’Sullivan has insisted sentiment has no place on the snooker table, as he said it is all-business even against his great friend Jimmy White.
The pair met in the second round of the Welsh Open, with O’Sullivan winning a far-from-vintage affair 4-0.
The opening two frames were scrappy, while White passed up chances in the third and fourth as O’Sullivan closed out the match with breaks of 70 and 65.
O’Sullivan was asked if it was difficult to face a close friend in a match and despite his play looking to drop a notch from his win over Robbie Williams in round one. He said it was not a problem to take on White in a competitive environment.
“You have to ignore that (friendship) when you are out there,” O’Sullivan said. “Later on we will have a cup of tea and he will have a little moan and I will agree, but when you are out there in the moment, it is your job.
“You are running a business out there so I can’t afford to let somebody else’s performance affect mine.”
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