Mark Williams attempted to clear yellow to black with the rest during the eighth frame of his World Championship quarter-final against Mark Selby.
The 46-year-old cueist had been handsomely outplayed by Selby, but, trailing 6-1, gathered himself to contribute a 111 in frame eight to give the match an air of respectability ahead of the second session on Wednesday morning.
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However, towards the end of that break, on the yellow, Williams needed the rest. He potted it into its pocket in rather standard fare. What came next was anything but standard as the 2018 champion tried to navigate the rest of the colours with the rest. He potted the green and brown but, hampered on the cushion, made a hash of the blue.
“What is he doing here?” said Dominic Dale on commentary as Williams sized up the green.
However, as he reached the blue, Dale added: “Go on then, let’s see you play this from the cushion with the rest!” as the camera cut to his opponent laughing in incredulity in his seat.
Williams missed but Phil Studd summed it up nicely:
He likes doing things his own way!
The pair resume tomorrow at 10:00 with Selby leading 6-2.
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