An Italian lunatic - sorry, 'daredevil' - has become a smash across the internet after posting footage of himself flying through a 2.6m gap in a solid piece of rock at 130 miles per hour.
Uli Emmanuele pulled off the stunt in the Swiss resort of Lauterbrunnen, donning his wingsuit and launching himself off a nearby peak to aim himself through the tiny hole in the outcrop.
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Best of all, he even got his tape measure out beforehand to take a look at the size of the hole, and he estimated it at 2.6m or 2.7m. (That's 8'6" in old money, incidentally.) Who knew a tape measure could be so effective in adding a bit of tension? Good work, Uli.
What else is there to say, really? Obviously the 29-year-old lived to tell the tale (this article would otherwise have a very different tone) and indeed share his GoPro helmet camera footage. So just sit back and enjoy. And thank the Lord that your day job doesn't require you to take on such deadly stunts for the sake of keeping your sponsors happy.
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