Champions League • Group A
  • 2nd Half
  • Lokomotiv Moscow
  • FC Bayern Munich
  • KulikovLisakovich
  • Zhemaletdinov
  • Kimmich
  • IgnatyevZhemaletdinov
  • SmolovRybchinskiy
  • Miranchuk
  • ComanCosta
  • Cerqueira
  • Hernández
  • 1/2 Time
  • Lokomotiv Moscow
  • FC Bayern Munich
  • MüllerGnabry
  • GoretzkaMartínez
  • CorlukaRajkovic
  • 1st Half
  • Lokomotiv Moscow
  • FC Bayern Munich
  • Zhivoglyadov
  • Goretzka

Lokomotiv Moscow - FC Bayern Munich

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I enjoyed that. Three lovely goals and a quick, attacking game. More, please.


Full-time: Lokomotiv Moscow 1-2 Bayern Munich


Lokomotiv push and Krychowiak collects half-cleared ball, banging a low shot which clips Sule and flies behiind. Guilherme comes up the corner, but it's headed clear and that's that.


Shakhtar and Inter is still 0-0, which is not a great result for Real Madrid. They'll have to work extremely hard to escape this group.


Costa bounces into the box and has Gnabry in the middle, but instead lashes a shot which flies high and wide past the near post.


There'll be four added minutes.


Toisso drives forward and has Lewandowski to his left and Gnabry to his right, but drives directly into Rajkovic.


Lisakovich replaces Kulikov, who's had a decent game.


Zhemalatdinov is booked for fouling Kimmich.


Bayern are disappearing time well here.


Lokomotiv will be feeling absolutely sick at that. They've had chances to win this.


GOAL! Lokomotiv Moscow 1-2 Bayern Munich (Kimmich) Bayern move the ball quickly, Javi Martinez dictating, and when he darts a pass into Kimmich, his first touch allows him to turn as the ball bounces, and as it drops, he keeps his eyes fixed upon it, cracking a perfect finish into the far corner from 20 yards. What a goal! What a player!


Noooo! Bayern get caught again, Rybus sticking the ball into space for Ze Luis and again he runs away from them, and this time has Zemaletdinov in the middle! He should square for the tap-in, but instead goes for goal, and the effort goes wide. What a waste!


Rybchinskii replaces Smolov and Zemaletdinov replaces Ignatiev.


He tries to go under the wall but doesn't get hold of it and Lokomotiv clear easily enough.


Bayern win a free-kick 25 yards out, just left of centre, and Lewandowski fancies it.


You've got to hand it to Lokomotiv, who've been brave throughout the game, and though they've been helped by Bayer's profligacy, they've looked dangerous all night.


GOAL! Lokomotiv Moscow 1-1 Bayern Munich (Miranchuk) Well! Zhivoglyadov knocks a ball in behind Hernandez as Sule plays offside and Ze Luis hares onto it, streaking clear before drilling a low cross into the path of the onrushing Miranchuk, who times his foot-pattern beautifully, caressing inside the near post without breaking stride. Brilliant!


Lovely from Bayern, Coman into Kimmich who feeds him back in, and he opens his body, ready to curl into the far corner from eight yards, only to get underneath his shot, lifting it over the bar! Subsequently, he's replaced by Costa.


Miranchuk slides the ball across and Smolov misses his kick but Ignatiev doesn't, lashing a riser that Neuer fields easily enough. This is warming up again.


NO PENALTY! The ref gives Lokomotiv a free-kick for something, perhaps offside earlier in the move.


PENALTY BAYERN! Lewandowski collects possession outside the box then shimmies into it between Kulikov and Ignatiev; Kulikov is able to restrain himself, but Ignatiev is not, lunging with a thigh over which yerman falls. I'm not certain that the offending thigh was inside the box, but it was close.


Tricky one this. It's not so much about the fans in the ground, but how they get there and back, using the same toilers and all that.


But here come Lokomotiv, Smolov feeding the ball into the space behind Alaba for Ze Luis in the inside-right channel! So off he streaks, but just as he draws back his foot to shoot, Alaba catches up with disgustingly little effort, blocking his shot. Superb defending.


Messi! 1-0!


Leroy Sane is warming up.


Bayern are going to score again and they try the same method again, Hernandez this time chipping towards the far stick where Gnabry makes perfect contact with his sidefooted volley-cross, but somehow Kimmich can't sort resolve his feet and barely moves the ball as he shoots.


Bayern try it again! Coman lifts the ball out to Pavard, but on the leap, his block-back isn't as good this time, and Tolisso has to work to get his header on target, earning a corner which comes to nowt.


Smolov comes deep to find possession, and Ze Luis is on the burst ... play him in! PLAY HIM IN! But instead he checks, incurring the fury o team-mate and manager alike.


Turns out that Gnabry, who's been self-isolating, replaced Muller at half-time, but the commentators aren't in the ground so they've only just noticed.


Martinez comes over for a word with Kimmich, who then sticks the free-kick on his greying bonce, with nary a defender seeking to intervene; he heads over the top.


Hernandez takes a heavy touch, driving towards the box, so Murilo lumbers across and clatters him for no reason. Well smart. Free-kick Bayern, close to the angle between penalty box and byline.


Ignatyev outswings a decent free-kick into the box which is cleared as far as Smolov, who swings a leg at a shot which sends the ball wide.


Hernandez falls into Ignatyev and is booked, while he limps offf or treatment.


Lokomotiv bring on Rajkovic for Corluka, while Bayern sling on Javi Martinez for Goretzka.


Off we go again. Lokomotiv bring on Rajkovic for Corluka, while Bayern sling on Javi Martinez for Goretzka.


Lokomotiv had their chance, missed it, and here we are.


Half-time: Lokomotiv Moscow 0-1 Bayern Munich


There'll be one added minute, even though Korluka was down longer than that On which point, he's off but hasn't been replaced, like they'll just grow him a new muscle at half-time. In the meantime, Coman picks out Tolisso inside the box, who heads wide.


Korluka seems to have twanged his hamstring. Seems unlikely he'll run any slower, but presumably that's his evening did.


Kulikov seizes on a loose ball and bursts into the box, swiping a shot that forces Neuer to dive, though he looks to pull his hands away at the last second.


Lokomotiv allow Kimmich to take the ball off Neuer and mooch off towards the halfway line. This behaviour does not end well, and Hernandez is allowed to wander across the face of the box before finding Pavard, whose low shot is saved.


The ball is now bouncing backwards and forward to little end.


Krychowiak picks up possession 30 yards from goal, left of centre, and his eyes light up, so he takes it upon himself to swipe a shot wide of the far post.


Muller collects the ball on the right, 30 yards out, but can only curl a cross into the arums of the keeper.


Corluka - yes, that Corluka - lifts a ball down the middle to Smolov, and for a second Bayern's high line looks like it might do for them, but a poor touch averts the danger swiftly enough.


It's not yet cold in Moscow, which is a shame. When my team were draw in the same group as CSKA, I was extremely disappointed that the game was around this time of year, not when it's mad cold, partly so I could experience it but mainly so the players coild endure it.


Shakhtar and Inter is still 0-0.


Don Hutchison notes that Pep Guardiola didn't fancy Muller, leaving him out of the biggest games. "What a player" he says. Indeed.


This thread is worth your eyes.


Ignatyev jumps for the ball with Hernandez, then cleverly sticks elbow into midriff. Lovely stuff.


But here's Smolov again picking up a cleverly switched free-kick inside the box. But as he looks for a route to goal, Bayern switch on and block him off.


A quiet period.


Lokomotiv are showing signs of recovery, but it's hard not to see Bayern scoring another.


No! Tolisso lifts another ball out to the right and again Pavard, blocks it back into the middle, straight to Coman! But he takes his eye off it, only able to drag a tame volley against the base of the far post. Huge escape for Lokomotiv and very nice from Bayern.


And here's Coman, gliding by Zhivogyladov, before standing up a cross that Guilherme collects.


That goal really knocked it out of Lokomotiv, who looked lively prior to it. Now, they're waiting to get beaten.


It turns out that Magkeev, though on the original teamsheet, is not in fact plying, Kulikov is.


On which point, though Bayern have made changes, they've still got their most important players - Lewandowski, Muller, Goretzka and Kimmich.


Muller drills a diagonal ball into the box, but there's too much on it for Lewandowski, who can only help it behind.


Zhivoglyadov takes his time controlling a bouncing ball, except he's not playing Gorky park under-10s, he's playing the European champions, and Hernandez nips in to rob him, wearing a boot to the phizog for his trouble. Yerman is booked.


Other big sporting news. What is wrong with people?


Goretzka is suuuuch a player now, athletic, skilful, clever and double hard.


GOAL! Lokomotiv Moscow 0-1 (Goretzka) How must Smolov feel now?! Tolisso clips a lovely cross-kick over the top, Pavard leaping to deflect is back into the middle, where Goretzka continues his beastly behaviour, headbutting past Guilhereme with minimum fuss and maximum prejudice.


Goretzka goes wide to Coman, who can't conjure anything, but Bayern maintain pressure and Pavard wins a corner off Rybus.


The crowd get up when it looks like Smolov will collect the ball in space, but when it eventually arrives he can only go short to Miranchuk and Bayern shut him down easily.


Muller streaks down the right - do not adjust your sets - but his cross comes to nothing.


Pavard swipes over a cross that misses everyone in the middle, but Coman turns to retrieve only to leave the ball for Hernandez, who thunders high and wide.


This game has started well.


Nice from Bayern, Coman lofting a pass out to Muller on the right of the box, who sweeps into the path of Goretzka; his drive is deflected behind, and Muller is millimetres away from sticking the corner home.


I said that Sule was suspect and Smolov ran off him; one to watch.


Lokomotiv have started well, whereas Bayern aren't at it yet.


Coman raids down the left, but his dinked cross is headed away by Murilo.


Don Hutchison reckons Lokomotiv will have a go at Bayern, and have a look! Milanchuk bends a cross into the box and Smolov is alone in the middle! What a chance this is! The defenders have stepped up and he looks like he's offside but he's not, and he could do anything here, take it down, pick a corner, mow the lawn ... but instead he plops a header directly into Neuer's midriff. Dearie him!


Bayern are in all white, shirts, shorts, stockings. I'm certain Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is extremely taken with the purity of it all.


Off we go!


I should have noted that Alphonso Davies has diddled his ankle ligaments. What a shame that is.


The answer is yes, but not very well. Calling Danny Tenaglia.


Has anyone remixed the Champions Leaguer anthem? They should, I would absolutely stamp my feet to it.


Here come the players dem.


Supporters in the ground! Be still my beating heart!


On this day in 1999, a Champions League classic goal. Sadly this video is missing the bit where Patrick Vieira loses the ball in midfield like it's a habit.


Looking at tonight's Bayern team, there are areas one might target. Sule is big but cumbersome - my guess is Ze Luis, who's been injured, fancies his chances of running off him. AndnNeither of the full-backs are all that either, so there's joy to be had out wide, though Lokomotiv don't have any wingers - Uefa reckon they'll play a 4-3-2-1. The problem is how on earth you cope with a midfield of Goretzka, Tolisso and Kimmich, and how you stop them getting the ball to Lewandowski, Muller and Coman. Search me, chaps.


On BT, they're talking about the Madrid-Inter-Shakhtar-Gladbach group, which James Horncastle reckons is the toughest of them this term. He's probably right because all the teams are good, but I think there's more chance we see a team from the Leipzig-United-Paris group go deep. Anyhow, Inter visit Shakhtar in the other early game.


Lokomotiv, meanwhile, are fourth in the Russian Premier League with 21 points from 12 games; Spartak are top with 27, CSKA second and Zenit third. They drew their first game, 2-2 away to Salzburg, which is a decent result.


Oh yeah, and in their first Group A game, they edged Atletico 4-0.


Bayern sit second in the Bundesliga by the way, with four wins from five games - they somehow lost 4-1 to Hoffenheim in an absolute accabuster of a trouncing. More telling is the 22 goals they've scored, or to look at it another way, they've scored 21 in their wins.


Bayern make various changes following their latest dispensed beating (5-0 against Eintracht Frankfurt). Sarr, Boateng, Davies and Costa drop out, with Pavard, Hernandez, Sule and Tolisso coming in. Or, in other, words, they're resting a few but playing the same side that cleansed Atletico.


OK, after much sweating, I now have coverage, you'll be extremely relieved to hear.


What it's all about.


You'll have to excuse me for a moment - my BT isn't working, which I'll need it to be, so that I don't have to describe things to you off the extremely cracked screen of my phone.


Let's have some teams!


Afternoon all and welcome to Lokomotiv Moscow v Bayern Munich!