UEFA Women's Championship / Matchday 1
De Grolsch Veste / 06.08.2017
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WELCOME Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of the final of the Women's European Championships as Denmark take on the Netherlands. Team news is on the way

Tom Adams
Tom Adams
Updated 06/08/2017 at 16:57 GMT
So I guess we're about done. Thanks all for your company throughout the competition, and see you again soon.
What a performance that was; what a tournament that was! Netherlands have been the best and most enterprising team, and wore the pressure of a home final; of falling behind early in a home final; of having their lead pegged back in a home final; to make a definitive point about who is what. Great stuff.
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Full-time: Netherlands 4-2 Denmark. NETHERLANDS ARE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS!
Veje goes down the left and larrups a cross onto the roof of the net.
Spitse smashes the ball into Christiansen's face from about two yards, so there's a break while she gathers herself.
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Van den Berg replaces Van Es.
Martens spreads wide to Janssen, who finds Van de Donk ... but she can't find the angle for a cross.
The thing about this Netherlands team - the things, actually - is that they play proper football, and they've plenty of improving still to do.
There shall be four added minutes.
Janssen replaces Van de Sanden. What a tourament she's had!
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GOAL! NETHERLANDS 4-2 DENMARK (MIEDEMA) NETHERLANDS ARE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS! Spitse knocks a very nice pass in behind the Denmark defence and Miedema runs at Sanvej, who backs off and backs off. So Miedema nips inside and drills another Solskjaer finish inside the near post.
Van Es sends Mertens into the corner, and the two swap passes while Thorgesen and Nielsen scuttle in between unable to get a foot on the ball.
That might just be it for Denmark; Netherlands will feel they're nearly there now, and that this is their day; they're in for another goal, I shouldn't wonder.
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The ball drops out of the air just outside the Netherlands box and Troelsgaard is underneath it, cracking an up-and-under of a volley which looks like it's destined for the top corner only to swerve wide at the last milisecond!
Van de Donk replaces Van de Sanden, who screeches then ambles to the corner. She doesn't get much time though, and Nadim scarpers down the left like nobody's business, absolute rinsing Janssen. She then squares to Harder, whose tocuh isn't quite perfect, so she moves on to Troelsgaard who opts to dip inside instead of hitting first time, and 46 defenders block her off.
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Last hurl of the dice for Denmark: Christiansen replaces Pedersen.

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The game's getting a little scrappy; both sides will feel that this suits them. Denmark need some free-kicks to get the ball into the box; Netherlands need time to disappear.