20/09/14 - 3:00 PM
Singapore Grand Prix
Marina Bay Street Circuit • Qualifying


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Toby Keel

That's officially the closest qualifying of the season - Ricciardo third, Vettel fourth, Alonso fifth, Massa sixth and Raikkonen seventh.


AMAZING FROM HAMILTON! He locked it up early on in the first corner, but absolutely nailed the rest of the lap in rare style - and trumps Rosberg by 0.007! Incredible qualifying session here in Singapore!


Rosberg fastest! He's done Ricciardo by 2 tenths...


Hamilton loses it! Locks up his brakes, and his chance has gone, surely?


Fantastic lap from Ricciardo! 1:45.854! That's up with Rosberg's from Q2...


Ricciardo once again on a lovely lap - within thousandths of Massa going into the final sector...


Disaster for Raikkonen! Well, not disaster, but huge power loss - he crawls into the pits now, but his problems have also meant neither Alonso nor Hamilton had a proper, full-speed out lap. Could prove crucial.


Ye gads - Alonso and Hamilton dealing with all sorts of traffic from the looks of it on their out laps.


Hamilton now goes out too - as does Fernando Alonso, right behind the Mercedes.


Daniel Ricciardo goes back out onto the circuit for his second flying lap - Rosberg right behind him, and Vettel on Rosberg's tailpipe.


Rosberg also went off the racing line, driving straight over the kerbs on one of the chicanes. Is the championship pressure taking its toll?


Hamilton messed up his middle sector in that lap - Alonso also looked good until a late error in his lap as well. Loads of pressure now on Hamilton and Rosberg, and Hamilton asking for 'more front wing' on the radio.


Hamilton and Rosberg both struggle! 6th and 7th respectively! Massa absolutely ripped that lap to shreds, Ricciardo right behind him, then Alonso and Raikkonen. No Mercs in the top 5!


Hamilton and Raikkonen both off to good starts on their flying laps - Massa has set a cracking 1:46 dead to go quickest so far though, and Raikkonen third.


Red Bull's Ricciardo is the first man who'll set a flying lap at Yas Marina...


Rosberg's lap at the end of Q2 shows that Mercedes have probably been driving well within themselves all weekend - but Ferrari look quick and as if they have a chance of getting a car on the front row for the first time this season.


Q3 gets going - and the pits empty in moments.


All the drivers in the cars with air-conditioning hoses pointed right at them - looks like they'll be queueing up at the line to get going in Q3 to fit their two laps in.


That lap will be a huge boost for Rosberg ahead of Q3 - though as we noted before, Hamilton's flying lap looked as ragged as a charity shop teddy bear. He's easily got half a second more in the tank if he hooks it all up properly.


Rosberg shows his class! More or less the last man over the line, Rosberg out-does Hamilton's Q2 time by a full half second. He'll have one less set of new tyres in Q3, but seems finally to have nailed his lap strategy in these conditions.


The clock runs down - and as it does, Button cross the line some two hundredths too slow - and then, humiliatingly, Magnussen comes through to out-qualify him.


Rosberg, on the radio, complaining to his engineers about tyre temperatures - he's in 6th as it stands.


Massa goes 4th quickest! Hamilton, Alonso and Raikkonen all staying in the pits, content with their times. Everyone else will need to have another go - including Rosberg.


Massa has put in a great first sector in his flying lap...


Massa and Bottas among the first two drivers back out - we're looking at real potential traffic problems here if everyone leaves it late to surge onto the track.


Almost everyone back in the garage making tyre choices for the last 5 minutes of Q2 - some on new super-softs, some gambling on making Q3 with a set of scrubbed, used tyres. Given conditions here the wrong choice could be crucial.


Hamilton, Alonso and Raikkonen separated by just seven hundredths. Rosberg a quarter of a second down.


Hamilton goes fastest! The Mercedes star shaves four hundredths off Alonso's time. This will be SO close... Hamilton looked ragged all the way around, it's a surprise he pulled it off with that lap.


Hamilton is right in there within a few hundredths... one sector left...


Stunning lap from Raikkonen - 1:46.359, and he's looking super-cool out there... but only for about 10 seconds, as Alonso comes in 0.31 quicker! Can Hamilton match up to that?


First driver over the line with a flying lap is Sergio Perez with a 1:47.5. Raikkonen now on a flyer...


Q2 is under way now - busy start to the session so far with 14 of 16 cars out on the circuit, Hamilton among them...


That is officially the first time this season that Kimi Raikkonen has gone quickest in an F1 session - now, it's only Q1, but Ferrari have been looking great all weekend. What on earth has Luca di Montezemolo's exit done to Ferrari!?!!


Sutil comes on the pit radio, complaining that the car has "no power" and getting out of the car disconsolately as he comes back into the garage.


Grosjean comes through in 13th at the death - Sutil bumped down into 17th because of that, and he's the biggest casualty of Q1.


Massa pulls himself up to 11th as the clock strikes 0:00 - he's okay, safely through. A few cars left on the track... Sutil still in danger as he crosses 16th quickest.


Hamilton on a flying lap now - but he's not quick enough! The rare sight of Ferrari getting one over on Mercedes here; Button fourth, Bottas fifth, Rosberg sixth. Felipe Massa down in 16th and in danger of going out of Q1...


Raikkonen's lap was an astounding 1:46.685 - and now Alonso comes in two tenths slower in second place. Great from the Ferraris...


The first drivers with the super soft tyres now coming round - in the cooling, night conditions they're far, far quicker. Raikkonen, Hulkebberg and Ricciardo all go quicker than Hamilton.


Vettel still yet to set a time in Q1 - but his efforts are totally undermind as Kvyat gets in his way and ruins him three corners from the end. He pulls in, flailing his arms in disgust.


Rosberg comes out once again, on a set of the super-soft tyres this time...


Gutierrez goes second fastest now - just 0.123 behind Hamilton. Fine work from the Sauber star.


Lewis Hamilton now comes out and gets onto a flying lap - and he goes quicker by more than a third of a second! Great lap by the Englishman - all eyes now will be on his team-mate Rosberg, who had trouble over-braking on his first flying lap and is a second or so down in 7th.


Alonso goes out early and quickly sets the quickest time - a 1:47.847.


Fernando Alonso went quickest in final practice - can Ferrari grab a pole position in this most miserable of seasons for them?


Welcome to our LIVE coverage of F1 qualifying from the Singaporean Grand Prix.