22/09/19 - 14:10
Singapore Grand Prix
Marina Bay Street Circuit • Race


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There will be some interesting discussions between Leclerc and his team after this. He made clear over the team radio that he felt the race had been snatched away from him by the Ferrari strategy.


VETTEL WINS THE SINGAPORE GP! It's a 1/2 finish for the Ferraris. Verstappen completes the podium lineup by crossing the line in third with the two Silver Arrows behind him. Vettel is finally a winner again!


Last lap! Vettel is on course for his first race victory in 392 days! Leclerc will surely have plenty to say about the strategy from Ferrari, but in the end it has secured them a 1/2 finish. Dominant from the Scuderia.


Hamilton is having a real go at Verstappen. "I need more power," the Red Bull driver says on the team radio. He is worried and is struggling against the pace of the Mercedes.


It's been a bit of a nightmare season for Vettel. The four-time world champion has made a number of errors in recent races, but he has shown great composure here. This is much more like it from the German.


The strategy from Mercedes didn't really work. They kept out Hamilton for a few laps longer than the Ferrari and in the end that stuck the world champion behind Verstappen. He hasn't managed to get past the Red Bull.


Vettel is edging closer to his first race victory in over a year. Time is running out for Leclerc to make a move on his teammate. There's also the matter of the two-hour time limit!


There has been some movement in the midfield. Gasly is challenging Norris in seventh place, while Stroll has just passed Kvyat and Magnussen with some very nice driving. Up into P14.


The stewards are going to look at the incident between Raikkonen and Kvyat after the race. Leclerc has just set the fastest lap of the rap as he makes one last gasp attempt to catch Vettel.


Safety car in! We are racing again, but we're not right up against it to beat the two-hour time limit! We expected a duel to materialise at the front of the pack, but have three safety cars given Vettel the win?


PICTURE: Vettel is on course for a race victory!

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) lors du Grand Prix de Singapour 2019

Raikkonen out! Kvyat collided with the Alfa Romeo and Raikkonen is out of this race. It looks likely that we will have a THIRD safety car! Might this be enough to give Vettel the race victory?


Leclerc is 0.9 seconds behind Vettel. He needs DRS to come into the equation soon. The Mercedes have restarted strongly since the safety car came in. They are bunched up behind Verstappen.


One thing to note is that we are going to be nudging the two-hour time limit. Four of the 11 races that have taken place on this circuit have been timed out and it's a possibility here.


We're racing again! The pack has bunched up again after the safety car and Leclerc is right on the tail of his teammate Vettel. This is going to be an interestung duel between the two Ferraris.


"I want us to finish 1,2, but I just don't think it's fair." Leclerc is making it very clear that he doesn't agree with the strategy from Ferrari which saw Vettel leapfrog the young driver. He wants to have a go at his teammate.


This is not good news for Mercedes. The advantage they had over the Ferraris was in their tyres, but these safety cars are allowing Vettel and Leclerc to get to the end of the race.


Perez out! The Racing Point car the Mexican is driving has experienced mechanical problems and he is out of this race! We will have another safety car as they get Perez's car off the track.


As things stand... Vettel leads this race by 0.7 seconds ahead of Leclerc with Verstappen and Hamilton in P3 and P4. All four drivers will feel they can still win this. Interesting.


Stroll puncture! The Racing Point car was wheel-to-wheel with Giovinazzi and that has resulted in a puncture! Stroll is limping back to the pits. He also seems to have wing damage.


Leclerc has just set the new fastest lap of the race. The youngster feels aggrieved at th strategy from his own team and so it's likely we'll see the two Ferraris race to the end here.


We're racing again! The safety car period has ended and this should release us nicely into the final 20 laps of the race.


Still behind the safety car. This is probably good news for the Ferraris as they had concerns over their tyres. This could help them make it to the end of the race, the full 61 laps.


Vettel has won the Singapore Grand Prix four times before (2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015) and the German is on course for a fifth victory at this circuit. Ferrari are in control of things right now. Still behind the safety car.


"To be honest with you I don't understand the undercut," Leclerc says on the Ferrari team radio. He isn't happy with the strategy of his team here. He feels it might have cost him the race. "My head is down and it will be down until the race is ended."


This will extend the life of the Ferrari tyres, but the downside of this safety car is that it has bunched up the pack and so Verstappen and Hamilton will be right behind Vettel and Leclerc.


Safety car! The safety car has indeed been deployed after that incident involving Russell and Grosjean. This could be a big moment in this race. Who will this benefit at the front of the pack?


Yellow flags! Russell is in the wall. He was tagged by Grosjean and that is the end of the race for the Williams driver. Are we going to have a safety car here? There's a lot of debris on the track.


Puncture! Oh dear! Ricciardo went for it, diving down the inside to try and get past Giovinazzi, but the Australian was too bullish, made contact with the Alfa and now has a rear puncture!


Through the traffic! Vettel and Leclerc have made it through the traffic with the two Ferraris in P1 and P2. Verstappen and Hamilton have also followed them into P3 and P4. Is this a one-stop race?


PICTURE: How will this pan out for Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton lors de la séance de qualifications du Grand Prix de Singapour 2019

So close to a collision! Vettel dives down the inside of Gasly and very nearly ran into the side of the Toro Rosso! The Ferrari takes the position, though, and Vettel has P2.


Vettel is through! So is Leclerc! The German gets past Ricciardo into P3 and at almost exactly the same time Leclerc passes Stroll into P5. The traffic is causing problems for the Ferraris!


So, err, Giovinazzi is the man leading this race at the moment! Of course, the Alfa Romeo has yet to pit, Gasly in P2 is also yet to pit. And Ricciardo behind him as well. Strange times.


Hamilton into the pits! Finally, Mercedes get the world champion in! Hamilton comes out well behind Vettel, Leclerc and Verstappen, but he manages to hold his position from Bottas. He's in P8.


Hamilton on the Mercedes team radio says his tyres "are not great, but I don't want you to stop me" at this point. This is a very interesting strategy. I'm not sure there is much of a strategy, actually.


Bottas pitted a couple laps ago, but Hamilton is staying out. He is leading this race at the moment. Of the leaders who have pitted, Vettel is sixth, Leclerc is seventh and Verstappen is eighth.


Leclerc is less than impressed that his Ferrari teammate was allowed to undercut him. It now looks like Vettel is the one in control of this race. The pit stop strategy has worked for him!


Are Mercedes counting on a safety car here? Hamilton would come out behind Verstappen now if he pits, so what's the strategy? This is becoming a bit of a puzzle. What's the plan?


Hamilton is staying out! "Opposite to Leclerc" the world champion was told as Leclerc pitted, but Mercedes have decided to keep Hamilton out for even longer. They're waiting for an opportunity.


Leclerc into the pits! The race leader dives into the pits, but Hamilton and Mercedes have made the decision to stay out for at least another lap! Leclerc comes out BEHIND Vettel! It hasn't worked! Oh boy!


Hamilton has been told on the Mercedes team radio to get tight to Leclerc because things are about to kick off very soon. Could Hamilton undercut? He's asking for it on the team radio.


Vettel and Verstappen into the pits! The Ferrari and the Red Bull dive into the pits and it's a very quick stoppage from Verstappen and his team! Vettel comes out in front of Hulkenberg, but Verstappen doesn't!


Race order 20/61... 1) Leclerc 2) Hamilton 3) Vettel 4) Verstappen 5) Bottas 6) Albon 7) Norris 8) Giovinazzi 9) Magnussen 10) Gasly 11) Ricciardo 12) Stroll 13) Grosjean 14) Hulkenberg 15) Raikkonen 16) Kubica 17) Perez 18) Kvyat 19) Russell 20) Sainz


Ferrari push! Leclerc asked on his team radio whether he could now push and the answer came back... "Yes." This could be where this race really starts. Leclerc already has a lead of 1.6 seconds now.


PICTURE: When will the duel between Leclerc and Hamilton spark into life?

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) - GP of Singapore 2019

Leclerc is attempting to manage this race. He is maintaining a lead of around a second over Hamilton, but things are getting bunched up behind the top six. Norris is one to watch in P7. There's just eight seconds between the top seven!


There's not a great deal happening among the top six. Those positions have so far held from the grid. Leclerc's lead over Hamilton is varying between a second and a second and a half.


Perez past Kvyat! There's some brilliant scrapping going on in the midfield of the race. This time Perez dives down the inside of Kvyat and takes P14. That was great driving from the Mexican! He teed him up perfectly.


That was very nearly a collision! Ricciardo was having a look at Kvyat and eventually got past the Russian, but in the process Stroll was very close to going straight into the back of the Australian!


As we were saying... Ricciardo is now up to P12!


Hamilton has been on the Mercedes team radio to complain about the slow pace. "I can't really go much slower," he says. Everyone seems to be playing the long game at the moment.


Ricciardo on the hunt! The Australian has enjoyed an excellent start to this race. He started at the back of the grid after disqualification yesterday, but is already up to P13. He's in the mood here!


PICTURE: Leclerc is leading the race as things stand.

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

We're in tyre preservation mode at the moment, so that is resulting in some slower lap times. It feels like we're watching some boxers circling the ring. When will someone throw the first punch?


Hamilton is starting to close the gap on Leclerc. The difference between the two now stands at just 0.7 seconds. Vettel is still in third place with Verstappen behind him in fourth position.


Leclerc has built an advantage of over one second in the opening few laps of this race. What is quite interesting is that Verstappen is having a real go at the back of Vettel. Ferrari are the only ones with real pace!


Box, box, box! Hulkenberg is forced to pit for Renault. There's a suspected puncture. Did he make contact with Sainz, who has been sent to the back of the pack? Something happened, anyway. Russell is also into the pits to get a new front wing.


Vettel v Hamilton! The world champion is having to defend for his life under pressure from the Ferrari! Leclerc is already out of sight at the front of the pack. What a start for the pole man!


LIGHTS OUT! We are under way in the Singapore Grand Prix! The pack heads into the first corner!


Okay, here we go. The formation lap is under way in Singapore. There was a late scare for Leclerc. The Ferrari engineers were having a look at his car, but they have given the thumbs up and the panic seems to be over.


This is one of the most spectacular races on the F1 tour. It's very difficult to pass on this track and so this could be decided by how the pit stops and the safety cars unfold. That's why getting on pole was so important for Leclerc yesterday. He has to be the favourite.


The man on pole!


I'm Graham Ruthven and you can catch me on Twitter ahead of the race to let me know your thoughts. Do you expect Leclerc to convert his pole? Or can Hamilton and Bottas tag team him? Tweet me!


Three in a row? Ferrari caught everyone by surprise yesterday with the pace they found in qualifying. This resulted in Leclerc claiming his fifth pole of the season and his third in a row. Of course, he converted the last two into race wins. Can he repeat the trick?


The Grid... 1) Leclerc 2) Hamilton 3) Vettel 4) Verstappen 5) Bottas 6) Albon 7) Sainz 8) Hulkenberg 9) Norris 10) Perez 11) Giovinazzi 12) Gasly 13) Raikkonen 14) Magnussen 15) Kvyat 16) Stroll 17) Grosjean 18) Russell 19) Kubica *Ricciardo disqualified, but given permission by the stewards to start the race.


Good afternoon and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of the Singapore Grand Prix. It's just 30 minutes until lights out at the Marina Bay circuit. Charles Leclerc is on pole after a thrilling performance in qualifying yesterday. We'll bring you all the action. This should be good.