Max Verstappen complained that his Red Bull team calling him in before his final qualifying lap is "never acceptable".
The 25-year-old Dutch driver was on the cusp of his flying lap, with suggestions that his team projected his time would likely challenge for pole position, only to be called into the pits.
The problem was the team were concerned that Verstappen would run out of fuel, or not come back into the paddocks with the minimum one litre required by Formula 1 regulations.
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That meant that Verstappen finished eighth in qualifying, which will hamper his attempt to score a championship-winning victory on Sunday.
Speaking to Sky Sports after the qualifying session was completed, Verstappen explained the events and his dissatisfaction.
"I felt good on the lap before, but then they told me to abort, so okay, we did that, and then on the final lap they told me to box and I realised what was going to happen,” he began.
"We ran out of fuel. It’s just incredibly frustrating and shouldn’t happen. When you under-fuel it or you don’t plan to do six laps, then at least you track it throughout the session that you’re not going to make it.
"We should have seen that way earlier. I’m not happy at all at the moment.
"Of course, it’s always a team effort. I can make mistakes and the team can make mistakes, but it’s never acceptable.
"Of course you learn from it, but this is really bad to be honest. It shouldn’t happen."
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