23:55 – Thanks for joining us

We will be back at 5pm (BST) on Saturday for the 3rd round. Should be a fascinating weekend at Brookline with so much talent chasing the season's third major.
  • T1 Collin Morikawa -5 (66)
  • T1 Joel Dahmen -5 (15)
  • T3 Jon Rahm -4 (67)
  • T3 Hayden Buckley -4 (68)
  • T3 Rory McIlroy -4 (69)
  • T3 Aaron Wise -4 (17)
  • T7 Scottie Scheffler -3 (67)
  • T7 Nick Hardy -3 (68)
  • T7 Patrick Rodgers -3 (68)
  • T7 Matthew NeSmith -3 (69)
  • T7 Brian Harman -3 (17)
Garcia drops out of top 100 in world golf rankings for first time since 1999

23:45 – Joel Dahmen joins Morikawa at top

You don't see many of these on your Saturday morning medal..

23:41 – Rory pars 18 for 69

A fine finish from McIlroy. Right in the hunt for the title here. Superb four up the 18th for the Northern Irishman to leave himself one off the pace. Bit heavy with the birdie putt, but a classy par putt to sign off on.

23:34 – Morikawa feeling 'great' to lead US Open

Open champion Collin Morikawa added a 66 to his opening 69 to lead on -5.
"Yesterday felt great and today I was going to do the same exact thing," he said on Sky Sports.
"Today was a continuation of all the prep I've been doing over the past week.
"The putter has been feeling really good. The game has been coming together from tee to green."

23:24 – 48th ace in US Open history

Anybody fancy a hole-in-one? Cameron Young enjoyed this moment.

23:18 – US Open leaderboard

  • 1 Collin Morikawa -5 (66)
  • T2 Joel Dahmen -4 (12)
  • T2 Jon Rahm -4 (67)
  • T2 Hayden Buckley -4 (68)
  • T2 Rory McIlory -4 (17)
  • T6 Scottie Scheffler -3 (67)
  • T6 Nick Hardy -3 (68)
  • T6 Patrick Rodgers -3 (68)
  • T6 Matthew NeSmith -3 (69)
  • T6 Brian Harman -3 (15)
  • T6 Keegan Bradley -3 (14)
  • T6 Aaron Wise -3 (14)

23:12 – Rory joins the major party at 17

McIlroy putter is so hot and he rolls one straight down the green from 15 feet or so. Moves to -4 and one stroke behind leader Morikawa. All heating up with a field of major winners chasing this 122nd US Open title. Should be quite a weekend. Who will be out in the final group on Saturday? Anybody fancy seeing Rory and big Jon heading out together?

23:08 – Rahm narrowly misses with birdie

Brilliant attempt from distance by the defending champion. Rounds of 69 and 67 from him to finish his day at -4 on the ninth. Tidy par from Morikawa boosted by chip and putt to conclude with a round of 66. He reaches -5 and is one clear of the field. The Open champion looking very, very sharp.

22:55 – Morikawa moves one clear

Looked a certain eagle on the 8th hole, but his attempt slipped past from a few feet. Just a one-shot lead when it could have been two. He is on -5. Rahm with a par to remain at -4.

22:45 – US Open leaderboard

  • T1 Joel Dahmen -4 (11)
  • T1 Collin Morikawa -4 (17)
  • T1 Hayden Buckley -4 (68)
  • T4 Scottie Scheffler -3 (67)
  • T4 Nick Hardy -3 (68)
  • T4 Hayden Buckley -3 (17)
  • T4 Jon Rahm -3 (16)
  • T4 David Lingmerth -3 (15)
  • T4 Rory McIlroy -3 (14)
  • T4 Aaron Wise -3 (13)

22:37 – Rory moves one shot off lead

Majestic stuff from McIlroy at the 14th hole. Two big straight hits, trickles down the eagle attempt for a cast-iron birdie. Back to level par for the day. More importantly, he is one stroke off the lead at -3.

22:25 – US Open leaderboard

  • T1 Joel Dahmen -4 (10)
  • T1 Collin Morikawa -4 (15)
  • T1 Brian Harman -4 (12)
  • T2 David Lingmerth -3 (14)
  • T5 Scottie Scheffler -3 (67)
  • T5 Nick Hardy -3 (68)
  • T5 Jon Rahm -3 (15)
  • T5 Aaron Wise -3 (12)
  • T5 Hayden Buckley -3 (17)

22:15 – Keegan Bradley on the move

A quite remarkable run from the 2011 US PGA champion to move to -2 and right into the thick of it. Birdies on 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 has cancelled out a bogey on 2 and a double bogey on 5.

22:05 – Rahm makes birdie

No eagle this time, but an easy enough birdie. Two off the pace set by Joel Dahmen on -5. Going to be a late tee time for big Jon surely on Saturday. Right in the ball game with four holes remaining of his 2nd round.

22:00 – US Open leaderboard

  • 1 Joel Dahmen -5 (8)
  • T2 David Lingmerth -4 (13)
  • T2 Collin Morikawa -4 (13)
  • T2 Brian Harman -4 (1)
  • T5 Scottie Scheffler -3 (67)
  • T5 Nick Hardy -3 (68)
  • T5 Callum Tarren -3 (15)
  • T5 Aaron Wise -3 (10)

21:52 – Rahm drives the 5th hole

A magnificent hit from the former world No. 1 on the short 305-yard par 4. Took a little bounce on its way up the green, but he will have a putt for a second eagle and a share of the lead on -4.

21:42 – McIlroy with birdie on 12

Plenty of break on putt from 20 feet, but it hits the right edge and dives down the hole. Rory back to -2, two off the lead. Super play. Morikawa drops a shot at the 4th after failing to get up and down. Once again, little or nothing in this golf tournament.

21:34 – Morikawa in tricky spot on 4th hole

Two fair hits from the Open holder, but in fairway rough then rough at side of greenside. Jon Rahm finds himself at -2 and lands his second shot on the green. Fine shot and will have a birdie putt.

21:30 – US Open leaderboard

  • T1 David Lingmerth -5 (12)
  • T1 Collin Morikawa -5 (11)
  • T3 Brian Harman -4 (10)
  • T3 Joel Dahmen -4 (7)

21:20 – One step forward, one step back for Rory

Just can't seem to keep it together at moment. Wayward tee shot at the 10th hole is so costly and he takes another four blows from the rough stuff to get it home. -1 now. Which would be a score he'd settle for right now if he was offered it at halfway.

21:10 – Tarren falters on home straight

Callum Tarren is forced to settle for a bogey at the 13th as he falls back to -3. Frustrating after missed birdie chances on 10 and 11, but that is classic US Open fare. Leaders Morikawa and Lingmerth are at -5, but that could alter quickly.

21:05 – Faldo fires Brookline warning

The six-time major winner believes anybody under par tonight will be very happy with their work for the first 36 holes after describing the course as a "nasty" challenge.

20:45 – Brookline proving to be endurance test

21 players under par at moment and only three strokes off the lead. There isn't going to be a runaway winner of this title.

20:42 – McIlroy pops in birdie

Excellent play on the par-5 8th hole. Second shot was over the back, but he chipped across the green. In goes the birdie putt from close range and Rory moves back to -2, three strokes off the pace.

20:31 – US Open leaderboard

  • T1 Callum Tarren -4 (11)
  • T1 David Lingmerth -4 (8)
  • T1 Collin Morikawa -4 (8)
  • T4 Nick Hardy -3 (68)
  • T4 Scottie Scheffler -3 (67)
  • T4 Jon Rahm -3 (8)
  • T4 Brian Harman -3 (6)
  • T4 Joel Dahmen -3 (4)

20:21 – Morikawa makes his move

Lovely birdie at the 17th hole from the Open champion sees him jump into a share of the lead on -4. He is -3 for his second round. All hotting up and bunching up.

20:17 – McIlroy stays in touch

Plus two for the day is not ideal for Rory, but far from disastrous. Only three off the pace and he is safely in for a par on the 7th to remain at -1.

20:10 – Tarren revelling in lead

Chance for England's Callum Tarren to extend his lead at the top of the leaderboard, but a birdie from short range on the 10th hole just eludes him. He remains at -4 alongside David Lingmerth of Sweden, one clear of the chasing pack. He then drills a brilliant iron into the par-3 11th hole. About eight foot away with that effort.

20:00 – Dark skies overhead

It is not only the course that is providing a stiff test. There is the threat of a storm overhead in the area. Already been some rain, but will it turn to a deluge?

19:43 – Spieth flirts with the cut

Jordan with three bogeys to go with his two birdies. He drops to +3 after five holes of his second round. A timely birdie for Rory at the short par-4 5th hole and he is back to -2 with plenty of players jostling for position.

19:31 – Eagle time for Jon Rahm

He is one of the game's big predators and is circling world No. 445 Callum Tarren at the top of the leaderboard after a brilliant eagle at the par-5 14th hole. One off the lead. 72 players inside the projected cut within eight strokes of the summit. To give you an idea of how tight this could get.

19:28 – US Open leaderboard

  • 1 Callum Tarren -4 (7)
  • T2 Nick Hardy -3 (68)
  • T2 Scottie Scheffler -3 (67)
  • T2 Collin Morikawa -3 (5)
  • T2 Jon Rahm -3 (5)
  • T2 Brian Harman -3 (2)
  • T2 Joel Dahmen -3 (1)

19:20 – Fitzpatrick content to play waiting game

A round of 70 sees the Englishman end the day where he started it at -2, but well in the frame for a first major.
"It is a lot more about patience, I feel it is very rare that someone or a group of players are going to go out and shoot five or six under and get right back into the mix," he said.
"You have to put yourself in there slowly as the week goes on. I am happy to be where I am. Everyone would like to be a shot or two better but (I want) a good round tomorrow and really give myself a chance going into Sunday."

Matthew Fitzpatrick in action at Brookline.

Image credit: Eurosport

19:17 – Rahm shows champion class

Big Jon shows how to play the tough 12th hole in style with some magical shot-making.

19:12 – McIlroy escapes with brilliant double bogey

Well, that is huge from Rory. Eventually bundles it out of the rough onto the green. Putt for a six from distance and he rattles it in. He remains -1, but that will feel like a birdie. Damage limitation has never felt so good.

19:07 – McIlroy in deep trouble at the 3rd

Looks like this hole is going to take its toll on McIlroy. At least one shot is going to go at this hole. Perhaps more with his ball in the thick of the deep stuff. Not where you want to be.

19:00 – US Open leaderboard

  • 1 Callum Tarren -4 (6)
  • T2 Nick Hardy -3 (68)
  • T2 Scottie Scheffler -3 (67)
  • T2 Hayden Buckley -3 (6)
  • T2 Rory McIlroy -3 (2)
  • T2 Joel Dahmen -3 (19:20)

18:42 – Rahm with magical wedge

Stunning shot to around four or five feet on the 12th hole. The defending champion has that to move to -2.

18:38 – McIlroy starts with solid par

A bit shy with the putt for birdie, but an easy tap-in for the four-time major winner to get his 2nd round started. He stays at -3.

18:30 – McIlroy on the course

Rory out from the 1st today. McIlroy flies his approach from rough to around 15 feet. Chance to move to -4 and a share of the lead. Scrambling start for Rahm to eke out a par on 10 before a solid regulation par on 11. He stays at -1 and firmly in contention.

18:21 – Scheffler produces superb 67

The US Masters champion rolls in a lovely birdie on the 16th to finish his day at -3, right in the heart of the action.

18:15 – US Open leaderboard

  • 1 Callum Tarren -4 (3)
  • T2 Nick Hardy -3 (68)
  • T2 Scottie Scheffler -3 (67)
  • T2 Rory McIlroy -3 (18:25)
  • T2 David Lingmerth -3 (18:03)
  • T2 Joel Dahmen -3 (19:20)

18:10 – Fitzpatrick fights back

Back to where he started the day, but this a solid recovery from Fitzpatrick after falling to level par with three dropped shots 2, 3 and 4 on the back nine. Well in the hunt for the weekend. Handled the par-5 8th hole with some aplomb courtesy of two big blows to the heart of the green and a couple of surefooted putts.

18:05 – Here comes big Jon Rahm

The defending champion starting his 2nd round from the 10th tee. Has leaked that drive a bit right, but doesn't appear to be in the thick stuff. Wonder what big Jon has got lined up today.

17:50 – Hovland horror show

Viktor won't thank you for another go at Brookline. Was well in the conversation at -2 during his front nine after seven holes of his 2nd round but dropped shots at 17 and 18 began his collapse with seven more shots going heading for home.
A round of 77 leaves him on +7 and out of the tournament over the weekend.
The US Open also marks his first missed cut at a major. Tough school.

17:30 – Field bunched up in fight for supremacy

Six players share the lead on -3 – including Rory McIlroy who starts his round at 18:25 – with another 64 within five shots of the lead. At the moment, it is difficult to predict a winner of this absorbing 122nd US Open at Brookline.

17:20 – US Open leaderboard

  • T1 Nick Hardy -3 (68)
  • T1 Scottie Scheffler -3 (16)
  • T1 Rory McIlroy -3 (18:25)
  • T1 Callum Tarren -3 (17:30)
  • T1 David Lingmerth -3 (18:03)
  • T1 Joel Dahmen -3 (19:20)

17:08 Daffue suffers double bogey at last

Well, there we go. This is what this course can do to you. Once led by three strokes, but is going to end his Friday two strokes off the summit. Missed the fairway with his drive and limped it home via rough and a bunker. A 72 from MJ Daffue with 32 out and 40 back. No such issue for Nick Hardy who will sign for a round of 68 to finish on -3 for his 36 holes. Well in the hunt.

17:00 – Fitzpatrick stems the tide

Three bogeys by the former US amateur champion is followed with a birdie on the 5th hole. Drove into the bunker, but gets up and down with a classy five-footer dropping in style. Back to -1 for the tournament.

16:45 – Scheffler makes his move

World No 1 Scottie Scheffler on the march. Look at this for a gem of a chip shot on the par-5 14th hole. An eagle for the Masters champion with a delightful third shot from the rough and he moves to -2, one off the lead.

16:37 – US Open leaderboard

This leaderboard is packed tighter than a bucketful of practice balls.

16:30 – Rory in the box seat

McIlroy yet to strike a blow in the 2nd round, but enjoying a share of the lead on -3. The Northern Irishman due out at 18:25. Cut projected to be around +4 at moment, but that could change if the weather changes.

16:15 – Summer winds starting to bite

22 players under par at the moment. What are the odds on that number dropping when the 2nd round concludes later tonight? Conditions demanding ultimate respect in Boston. Another shot dropped by Fitzpatrick on the 3rd and he falls back to -1 after successive bogeys.

16:10 – US Open leaderboard

  • 1 MJ Daffue -4 (14)
  • T2 Rory McIlroy -3 (18:25)
  • T2 Callum Tarren -3 (17:30)
  • T2 David Lingmerth -3 (18:03)
  • T2 Joel Dahmen -3 (19:20)

16:05 – Fitzpatrick drops one

An untidy three-putt from the Englishman at the 2nd, his 11th hole. Was a fair distance away from the hole, but expected better than that on the dance floor. First putt went 10 feet past and could not save the day with par attempt. Back to -2.

16:00 – Would you enjoy this lie?

Daffue drops one at the 14th hole after going left with a drive. So left that he ended up hitting his second shot off floorboards among the fans. It is enough to make any club golfer wilt, but for the professional it is a clean lie that they are happy to hit from. Just imagine smashing a club face in pieces if you caught this slightly thick.

15:45 – US Open leaderboard

  • -5 Daffue 13
  • -3 Fitzpatrick 10
  • -3 Tarren 17:30
  • -3 Lingmerth 18:03
  • -3 McIlroy 18:25
  • -3 Dahmen 19:20

15:40 – Fitzpatrick maintains momentum

Chance of a birdie putt on the 10th for the Englishman, but just fails to drop from 18 feet or so. Another solid par and he remains -1 for the day, two behind the leader Daffue.

15:30 – Hadwin toiling in the Boston winds

You don't need to do much wrong at Brookline to toil. The Canadian has thrown in a three-putt on 16 to drop back to -1 and a tie for 12th after his earlier bogeys on 11 and 12. A tough old school this US Open business.

15:15 – Rose battling to stay in touch

Bit of a slog so far for the 2013 US Open champion today. Bogeys on 3 and 4 for Justin, but he has steadied the ship. Just over the back of the 8th hole on level par. Bit of breeze whipping up out there.

15:00 – US Open leaderboard

  • -5 Daffue 12
  • -3 Fitzpatrick 8
  • -3 Tarren 17:30
  • -3 Lingmerth 18:03
  • -3 McIlroy 18:25
  • -3 Dahmen 19:20
  • -2 Hardy 11
  • -2 Burns 9
  • -2 Hadwin 5

14:50 – Daffue produces magic to lead field

Look at this beauty off the green from MJ Daffue at the 7th hole and you can appreciate why the South African player is holding a three-shot lead at the moment.

14:40 – Thomas arrests slide

A fine round of 69 from the US PGA champion Justin Thomas on Thursday, but has been a bit of a struggle so far today. A double bogey on 10 and a bogey at the 14th, but birdie on the 17th hole sees him recover to +1 for the tournament heading for the turn.

14:35 – US Open leaderboard

  • -6 Daffue
  • -3 Tarren
  • -3 Lingmerth
  • -3 McIlroy
  • -3 Dahmen
  • -2 Hadwin
  • -2 Hovland
  • -2 Fitzpatrick

14:30 – Mickelson continues descent

Lefty turned 52 yesterday and it is fair to say he will have the weekend free to celebrate the occasion. A first bogey of the day at the 13th hole, his fourth of the 2nd round, sees him drop to +9 for the event. Tied-148th of the 156-man field.

14:15 – New leader in Boston

MJ Daffue of South Africa is the man with the plan so far this morning. He is -3 for his first nine holes to move to -6 for the tournament and enjoy a lead of three shots over the field. Overnight leader Adam Hadwin has dropped back to -2 after two bogeys on his first three holes on the back nine.

Welcome back to Brookline

Hello and thanks for re-joining us for the second round of the US Open 2022 at Brookline.
The second round of the US Open should supply us with plenty of drama with Rory McIlroy looking to build on a very encouraging opening round fresh off his Canadian Open triumph last week. He is one shot off the overnight pace set by Canada's Adam Hadwin round of 66.
Should be another fascinating day's play in Boston.

Round one recap

Rory McIlroy had a stunning day with the putter to finish one shot shy of first-round leader Adam Hadwin.
Hadwin shot a four-under 66 - hitting six birdies - to eke out a slight advantage over five players sat on three under. England's Callum Tarren sits alongside McIlroy, David Lingmerth of Sweden, Joel Dahmen of the USA and South Africa's M.J. Daffue on three under.
Read more here with our full report


  • 1 Adam Hadwin -4 18
  • 2 Rory McIlroy -3 18
  • 2 David Lingmerth -3 18
  • 2 Matthys Daffue -3 18
  • 2 Joel Dahmen -3 18
  • 2 Callum Tarren -3 18
  • 7 Dustin Johnson -2 18
  • 7 Justin Rose -2 18
  • 7 Brian Harman -2 18
  • 7 Matthew NeSmith -2 18
  • 7 Matt Fitzpatrick -2 18
  • 7 Aaron Wise -2 18
  • 7 Hayden Buckley -2 18
- - -
There's plenty of drama swirling the Major as players who have joined the rebel Saudi-backed league are still being allowed to compete.
Those players have already been handed suspensions from the PGA Tour for their decision.
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