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We will be back at 12:45pm BST on Sunday as we warm up for the final of the season's third ranking event in Milton Keynes. Ryan Day v Mark Allen in race to 10 for the trophy and a £100,000 first prize. Two sessions with first one at 1pm before they play to a conclusion at 7pm.

Day 6-5 Williams (81-30)

British Open
'Biggest win of my life' - Day defeats Allen in incredibly tense clash to win British Open
02/10/2022 AT 22:21
Was not a classic, but it is a done deal. Finally over the line. Ryan Day v Mark Allen is the British Open final on Sunday. Best-of-19 frame final.
"Neither me or Robbie played well," said Day. "It was embarrassing. I was missing balls all night. I thought I started okay. Robbie made a good break in the second frame. It kind of went downhill from there.
"I didn't have an a, b, c or d game. All you can do is fight."

Day 5-5 Williams (81-30)

Not really sure how Day has won this match, but he won't be bothered. Tomorrow is a new day against Mark Allen in the British Open final.

Day 5-5 Williams (69-28)

Day edging clear in the frame that matters. Has enough reds in open to get the match won here and now. Surely this is the moment that finally settles the second semi-final. Finishing the match off. Not in style, but at least job is done. A break of 45. A lead of 41 points with only 27 left up.

Day 5-5 Williams (24-28)

A few brilliant pots by Day. Two longs red and a fabulous cut on a black, but he is back out of position seconds later. A hangdog expression for Day. Both men fighting the pressure. Story of the match really.

Day 5-5 Williams (0-26)

An early run of 26 from Williams as we reach three hours of play. That is quite a handy lead given the nature of this semi-final.

Day 5-4 Williams (51-78)

A brilliant pot on brown by Robbie with rest is followed by the blue and pink. And there we go. The semi-final gets the finish it deserves. We are heading for the decider. Drama at the snooker.

Day 5-4 Williams (51-63)

Williams misses a key pink. Will that be his final shot of the match? Day onto the final red, but he misses it. Object ball seemed in, but it didn't drop. Well, another twist in the tale. Looks like 5-5 coming up.

Day 5-4 Williams (36-35)

Looks like Williams has run his race in this match. Moved 4-2 ahead, but has struggled badly since then. Day hardly convincing either as another mid-range red eludes him. Williams continues scrapping and he has chance here to force the decider. Can he do this against the odds?

Day 4-4 Williams (66-34)

Williams has toiled since leading 4-2 and Day has found some nice rhythm. Looks likes he could be moving 5-4 clear. Nothing special, but it has been solid at exactly the right time.

Day 4-4 Williams (4-34)

Williams has seen his 4-2 lead eroded, but comes up with a run of 33. His highest break since the second frame. Continues to be a battle of nervous tension as Williams misses a long red by a fair margin. What can Day produce in response?

Day 3-4 Williams (78-29)

Fine long red by Day and in goes the black. This match is all square at 4-4. Suddenly this becomes a best-of-three match to decide the outcome.

Day 3-4 Williams (70-29)

Williams chasing two snookers with one red left on table. Worth the effort with 41 the difference and 35 left up.

Day 3-4 Williams (70-5)

Suddenly Day has found some fluency. Chalk left on table as he continues to despatch some balls. Finally, he is looking relaxed and he is going to level up at 4-4 despite being miles off his best. A break of 61 from Day is his highest of the match. Which comes at just the right time.

Day 3-4 Williams (8-5)

Williams with a blistering long red and brown before he misses a testing red. Day then butchers a safety attempt. Not much good is coming out of this semi-final. Began quite well, but has wandered rapidly downhill since the first two frames.

Day 2-4 Williams (62-31)

Day picks out the pink he needs. A real struggle, but back to within one frame of his opponent. Again, the future of this contest is difficult to predict with any certainty such has been the lack of consistency adorning the nature of the combat.

Day 2-4 Williams (50-31)

Williams makes a run to the blue, but pink and black are tied up. Day returns seeking just the blue. The former Shoot Out winner still a warm favourite for the frame. And he nudges in the blue to leave his opponent chasing a snooker.

Day 2-4 Williams (45-10)

After a series of bad misses, Day tries to inject some speed into his movement, but he then misses an easy green. Smiling in his seat. No wonder. Doesn't know whether to laugh or cry out there.

Day 2-4 Williams (26-10)

This is unbelievably poor snooker as Williams misses then Day misses. Seems to be getting worse the longer it goes on.

Day 2-4 Williams (26-7)

Day has somehow dragged himself 26-0 clear in this frame. Rolls a blue down the table, but that is nowhere near the potting angle. Astonishing level of misses for a semi-final. Nerves and frustration holding sway.

Day 2-3 Williams (17-57)

Looks for all the word like a 4-2 lead for Williams. Just needs the blue to leave Day needing a snooker. In goes the blue. Bad news for Day here.
He flukes the final red and Day has seen enough. Not classic fare, but Williams takes another stride nearer his first major final in the race to six.

Day 2-3 Williams (17-44)

Wallasey potter Williams accepts the Day invite to eke out a lead of 27 points with three reds left on table. Vital safety exchange coming up.

Day 2-3 Williams (17-12)

But Day can only respond with 16 as a red misses by some distance. Tension in this match has hit very early on. Difficult to call a winner right now.

Day 2-3 Williams (1-12)

Fine opening red by Williams to get moving in this sixth frame. Would dearly love to regain his two-frame lead heading for the business end of this semi-final. Has a decent chance to piece together a few at this visit, but he misses black off spot with a cutback. Only 12. Not great.

Day 1-3 Williams (93-8)

Much more like it from Day and much needed. Williams had chance of a counter attack, but couldn't pick out long red and Day returns to put frame to bed. Looking much more like himself after the mid-session as he trails 3-2. A timely break of 58 shows what he is capable of.

Day 1-3 Williams (20-8)

Difficult to predict how this is going to unravel. Williams attempts to escape from a tricky snooker behind the green to nudge some reds. Gets there at the third attempt. No real damage done as the safety exchange continues.

Day 1-2 Williams (48-65)

Day snookers himself on pink after potting blue. Incredible error. He tries to bend in pink, but it stays out and eventually Williams is handed the frame on a plate with pink over pocket. He moves 3-1 ahead in an error-strewn match. Day needs the break.

Day 1-2 Williams (43-59)

Well, Williams found the red, but not the blue. Missed the blue off the spot. A clear twitch and that could cost him the chance of a 3-1 lead.

Day 1-2 Williams (34-58)

A solid pot on pink from Williams, but he rattles the final red in the jaws. Didn't need to hit it that hard, but Day does likewise with a thumping effort on red. Both of these men toiling for certainty.

Day 1-2 Williams (34-38)

A break of 29 from Williams before he misses a black off the spot. Rattled the jaws. Tension building in this match. Day returns to the table, but he misses a blue before green drops in a top bag. Day is far from happy with his technique. Another chance for Williams then.

Day 1-2 Williams (33-26)

Day again coming up short in this fourth frame. Among the balls with chance to score, but quickly breaks down. What a chance this is for Williams to establish a 3-1 lead at the mid-session interval. Day the favourite for this match, but Williams is certainly looking the likelier scorer at the moment.

Day 1-1 Williams (38-58)

A superb pot on brown with rest by Williams before teasing in the blue. That is going to be good enough for a 2-1 lead. One more frame before the mid-session interval.

Day 1-1 Williams (38-49)

Another chance for Day, but he can't slot a mid-range red after the Williams miscue. Day looking slightly puzzled. Has had several chances, but can't put the frame away. Williams seeking brown and blue to leave his opponent needing snookers.

Day 1-1 Williams (38-20)

Williams has chance to punish Day's failure to launch in this frame. Two scoring visits of only 15 is not what the Welshman was seeking.

Day 1-1 Williams (38-1)

Day returns to table moments later as he bids to regain the lead, but only another 15 points added as he butchers a black off the spot. That is disappointing.

Day 1-1 Williams (23-1)

Only the 15 coming from the cue of Day at that visit before he is forced to run safe.

Day 1-1 Williams (17-1)

A brilliant swerve shot by Day from deep in baulk to hole a red, but he then misses a black off the spot. Didn't expect that development. Williams back at the table, but he somehow pots black and develops reds only for white to end up down same hole as black. Very unfortunate. Day drops a long red in seconds later.

Day 1-1 Williams (0-0)

Day leads Williams 2-0 in the career head-to-head stats including a 5-2 win in the last 64 of the 2018 World Open.

Day 1-0 Williams (0-76)

Could be a century for Robbie on the horizon. Could it be magic? Not quite as a red to middle stays out, but more than enough in the tank to prompt the concession from Day. 1-1 in the second semi-final.

Day 1-0 Williams (0-60)

This is delightful control of the cue ball. Williams remember is trying to reach his first ranking final out there, but looks well in control of his emotions.

Day 1-0 Williams (0-44)

Lovely shot by Williams with stun to run through on black for his next red. Is tucking these balls away in fabulous style. Ideal response to dropping the first frame.

Day 1-0 Williams (0-29)

Crunching long red by Robbie at the outset of the second frame. Let him entertain you. Chance to get his cue arm working at business end of table.

Day 0-0 Williams (65-6)

Break moves to 55 for the Welshman, but yet to reach snookers required stage as red to green bag stays up. Still in a strong position to seal the deal as Williams can't sink a long red. Day tickles home the red, lays snooker behind the green and that is that. Williams concedes, Day leads 1-0.

Day 0-0 Williams (43-6)

Day with his second chance of the day so to speak. Williams with a cut on the blue which eludes him. That could cost him dearly. Day looks to be in decent touch here.

Day 0-0 Williams (8-0)

Off they go then for the opening frame of the second semi-final. A nice long red by Day to get his night up and running.

Welcome back to Milton Keynes

The second semi-final, the penultimate match of this year's British Open, is upon us. Ryan Day meets Robbie Williams as they chase a spot in the final against Mark Allen on Sunday. Another expectant crowd inside the Marshall Arena for this contest. Let's get the boys on the baize.

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We will be back at 6.45pm with the second semi-final as Ryan Day and Robbie Williams meet to see who will face Mark Allen in the final in Milton Keynes on Sunday.

Allen 6-1 Saengkham

"It was a perfect start today. I played pretty well," said Allen. "Fortunately, we don't play snooker on paper and the favourite doesn't always win otherwise it would be a boring game.
"The table was beautiful and the crowd was great. That is as good as I've played this week."

Allen 5-1 Saengkham (72-44)

Allen pots the pivotal blue ball and he is through to the final. He will face Ryan Day or Robbie Williams in Sunday's final.

Allen 5-1 Saengkham (67-44)

The Thai player needing one snooker to tie on the blue here. Only three balls left up. Long shot to keep this match alive.

Allen 5-1 Saengkham (67-40)

Noppon needs colours for the steal, but he misses the green trying to nudge out the brown. And that will be that surely. In goes the green for Allen. Noppon needs two snookers.

Allen 5-1 Saengkham (64-8)

A cutback on a red, but not ideal on the next colour. 64 points clear with 67 left up. Does he stick or twist here? Opts to put the brown safe before getting snooker behind green. Noppon hits reds off two cushions before seeing a plant disappear down middle hole. What a fluke that is. 64 break from Allen might not win this frame.

Allen 5-1 Saengkham (39-0)

Allen sizes up the white ball and lets the cue flow. Not a huge pause in the cue action. A very unique style, but has worked like a dream today. Closing in on the final here.

Allen 5-1 Saengkham (19-0)

Allen back at the baize early in the seventh frame. Would probably have rather avoided this frame, but will be keen to complete his day's work.

Allen 5-0 Saengkham (48-72)

This has been superb from Saengkham. Should win his first frame of the day as break reaches 33. In goes the brown and blue to secure the frame. A run of 48 and Noppon full of smiles. Allen leads 5-1.

Allen 5-0 Saengkham (48-37)

Break reaches 44 before Allen sizes up his next option. Refuses the long blue with the tuck up behind the yellow the order of the day. Such a tough task for Saengkham when Allen is playing like this. Noppon misses the reds and has left Allen back in among them. But he misses a red to a centre pocket which nobody seen coming. Can Noppon clear to halt the whitewash?

Allen 5-0 Saengkham (43-24)

Allen into the lead in the frame and you do wonder if his opponent will get the chance to return to the table such has been the confidence levels of the Antrim man.

Allen 5-0 Saengkham (4-24)

Noppon this time breaks down on 24. So much pressure on his technique as Allen returns to the table with a brilliant red downed to the yellow pocket. That is a terrific pot.

Allen 5-0 Saengkham (0-9)

Allen senses this is a golden chance of a seventh ranking title and the chance to appear in a 14th ranking final. Chasing one more frame to complete a glorious afternoon's work. Noppon picks out a thumping long red to gain access to the table. Hasn't played badly today. Just not been given the chance to play.

Allen 4-0 Saengkham (118-5)

Blistering long red by Allen and this is going to be heading 5-0. Not sure there is any way out of this position for Noppon with only 10 points contributed in five frames. Would have to win six straight frames, but Allen has played some pristine snooker to reach this juncture. He is fully deserving of this advantage. A break of 56 to finish off the fifth frame.

Allen 4-0 Saengkham (58-5)

Allen's scoring game has been in peak condition today, but his safety is impressive too. A nice escape from Noppon into the back of the pack at the second attempt. Allen trying to nurse this frame home for a 5-0 lead.

Allen 4-0 Saengkham (54-5)

Allen looking at one with the table. As he has done all afternoon. A nice break of 37 before he opts to knock a red safe. Cagey, but sensible matchplay snooker. Allen looking to protect his lead in this frame with a containing safety shot.

Allen 4-0 Saengkham (20-5)

Finally Noppon gets another red down a hole to centre pocket. Takes on a brown to middle and nails it with some tremendous cueing. How impressive is that? Tries to develop the reds in pack via a red, but he misses the object ball. Groans in arena are palpable out there. Allen back at the table.

Allen 4-0 Saengkham (12-0)

349-6 in first four frames. Points don't always tell the story, but it is fair to say they sum up the one-sided nature of this contest as Allen floats home another lovely long red at the outset of the fifth frame. Saengkham forced to sit and suffer some more.

Allen 4-0 Saengkham (0-0)

Just too good..

A break of 15 minutes for a cuppa. Can the mid-session change the narrative? Saengkham's first assignment is staving off the whitewash.

Allen 3-0 Saengkham (70-0)

You don't get overtime for hanging around out there and Allen is looking to get this semi-final done and dusted with a 97 percent pot success return in rapid fashion. He finally declares on 69 as Noppon heads for the interval trailing 4-0. Breaks of 69, 76, 133 and 69 and his opponent restricted to one red in just under an hour. Allen needs two more frames for victory.

Allen 3-0 Saengkham (49-0)

Another stunning long plant on reds by Allen. 53 minutes since Noppon potted his only red of the match in the first frame. Nothing you can do when the other bloke is dominating the table in such a fashion. Black out of commission, but who needs the black when you have white ball on a piece of string. Looks for all the world like 4-0.

Allen 2-0 Saengkham (133-0)

It started with a plant from distance and ends with a majestic clearance of 133 from the 'The Pistol'. Thrilling control of the cue ball and Allen is halfway to the final with a 3-0 lead.

Allen 2-0 Saengkham (100-0)

Those two reds are split and Allen continues his classy advance to the three-figure mark. A sixth century of the week from Allen as a red disappears and he is relishing the opportunity to showcase his skills before a packed crowd.

Allen 2-0 Saengkham (68-0)

This visit has the smell of a century off it. Two reds tied up on side cushion, but they'll surely be disturbed soon. Noppon potted the first ball of the match, but that has been it from him so far. Might as well be sitting in the audience for first three frames.

Allen 2-0 Saengkham (37-0)

Allen looks to be in practice room mode at the moment. Just picking off these balls without any fuss and the warning signs are flashing for the man in the opposite chair. This could be a 3-0 lead before the hour is out. Enough reds to get the frame won at this visit.

Allen 1-0 Saengkham (76-0)

No century from Allen, but 76 does the job every day of the week. Saengkham seemed keen to return to the table, but the referee had already called the frame for Allen. No table time for the Thai man and troubling times already with Allen seeing the balls like footballs at moment. Two more frames before the mid-session interval. Vital that Noppon halts the flow of traffic.

Allen 1-0 Saengkham (32-0)

Allen first to the punch in the second frame. Would dearly love to build some momentum as he lands on one loose red after trying and failing to crack open the reds. Takes the red to yellow pocket to continue this contribution. Gets into pack the second time via blue in some style. Hits pink on nose and they have split delightfully. What a chance here to make a frame-winning break.

Allen 0-0 Saengkham (70-6)

Well, a bad error by Allen as he attempted a long red, missed it and a red has knocked a blue into a pocket. Five foul points put the lead in doubt, but Allen responds by slamming a brilliant red down a hole seconds later. And Noppon has seen enough. The Northern Irishman leads 1-0 in race to six.

Allen 0-0 Saengkham (69-1)

In goes the red with the fishing tackle extension and that will be the first frame under lock and key. His opponent needs three snookers which is the height of wishful thinking at the professional level.

Allen 0-0 Saengkham (50-1)

The Antrim player looks to be in good touch. Opting to drop on a red along the top cushion before coming back out for a pink. Should really see this frame home from here having reached 50 with no drama.

Allen 0-0 Saengkham (34-1)

Saengkham off the potting angle with a long red attempt and he has left the Northern Irishman in among them at the business end of the table. What an ideal chance this is for Allen to get his cue arm working from short range. Has been deadly from this range so far this week.

Allen 0-0 Saengkham (0-0)

Saengkham gets the action off and running. First man to six frames will reach the final of this event tomorrow. Allen favourite for the tournament after victories over Judd Trump and Mark Selby in the previous two rounds.

Noppon on song

Welcome back to Milton Keynes

This could be quite a contest between two talented figures at the Marshall Arena. Mark Allen leads the career head-to-head 2-1, but Noppon Saengkham won the previous meeting 5-4 in the last 32 of the 2019 China Championship.
Who is the favourite? Allen is 8/15 with Noppon priced at 19/10. Not much value in betting Allen, but the Thai player could be worth a flutter.
Stay tuned for live comments from 12:45 BST

Allen the favourite after top 10 all crash out

Ronnie O’Sullivan: out. Judd Trump: out. Mark Selby: out. John Higgins: out. Zhao Xintong: out. Mark Williams: out. Kyren Wilson: out. Shaun Murphy: out. Jack Lisowski: out. Barry Hawkins: out.
That’s right, the top 10 seeds have all fallen at the British Open, leaving the draw wide open for the four lucky souls remaining.
Mark Allen, the 13th seed, is the overwhelming favourite for the title now after his thrilling win over Selby on Friday.

British Open semi-final schedule

Saturday October 1
  • Mark Allen [13] v Noppon Saengkham [36]
  • Ryan Day [27] v Robbie Williams [60]
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