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British Open
'Biggest win of my life' - Day defeats Allen in incredibly tense clash to win British Open
02/10/2022 AT 22:21

That final four

Here's your line-up for tomorrow:
1.00pm Mark Allen vs Noppon Saengkham
7.00pm Ryan Day vs. Robbie Williams

Noppon Saengkham reaches the last four

For the third time in his career, Noppon Saengkham is a ranking event semi-finalist. He started the evening playing superbly but Jamie Jones, even though he wasn't playing well, dug in both heels to make a contest of it. In the end Noppon fell over the line somewhat, but over the course of the match he was the one who scored consistently and he'll now advance to face Mark Allen tomorrow.

Saengkham 5-3 Jones

A 23 from Noppon secures frame and match.

Saengkham 4-3 Jones (46-18)

Jamie, who is looking tired here, leaves a red over the bottom right. Noppon drains it from the D, and the black follows. This next red is frame ball...and it's there! The black follows, and this one is over.

Saengkham 4-3 Jones (46-18)

Noppon digs out 32, but in trying to free up a red next to the pink he ends up within a hair of it and can't risk the pot. He plays safe to baulk, and has a lead that looks pretty handy given the current standard in this frame. There are three reds left out there, and Noppon picks up four more points when Jamie brushes yellow first when playing a safety.

Saengkham 4-3 Jones (10-18)

Noppon gets control of the table, tagging in a long red and landing on the yellow in baulk. He misses his next red badly though, scattering others all over, and what a look this is for Jamie. Almost unfathomably, he overruns all available red after potting the green, and is forced into a tough red to left middle that he rolls out off the knuckles. He's served up a chance for Noppon, but all bets are off in this one.

Saengkham 4-3 Jones (7-10)

My word, they're both going here. Jamie pots a red and black, but then fails to make a plant to bottom right; Noppon then misses a red to left middle, before Jamie sinks a mid-range red to bottom right but can't land nicely on a colour. He has a yahoo at a long blue, and misses by a big margin. You might want to brew up here, because this could take a while.

Saengkham 4-3 Jones (7-1)

Jamie plays a couple of poor safety shots at the start of frame nine. He gets away with the first one, leaving nothing on, but his next effort leaves Noppon an easy starter. Noppon can't follow it with the pink though, and when Jamie then gets a red down to follow he immediately misses the blue. It's another scrappy start, and after a red-blue Noppon misses a shocker of a red and leaves it in the jaws of the bottom right.
On our other table, Ryan Day has registered a century in the decider and beaten Yuan Sijun.

Saengkham 4-3 Jones

A total of 63 has put Noppon one frame from victory.
On the other table, it's a nerve-jangler for Ryan Day and Yuan Sijun as they've just gone 4-4.

Saengkham 3-3 Jones (55-19)

This should do it. A lovely pot on a red to bottom right sees the white split three others apart, and Noppon should ride it in from here. The penultimate red is frame ball, and he drops it in the left middle and lands on the blue. Noppon has really dug this one out, it's a solid effort given how the last couple of frames have gone.

Saengkham 3-3 Jones (36-19)

This is a very dangerous table now, and Noppon gambles on a deadweight red to left middle and makes it. He had to take that on, as there was a red he couldn't see over the bottom left. Methodically, Noppon starts to stitch a break together, and is on 24 and counting. He's putting every ounce into this.

Saengkham 3-3 Jones (12-19)

Jamie flukes a plant that ends a prolonged safety exchange, and he's on the green. That goes, but he misses the next red with the rest. Noppon has a red to go at, and you'd say it's a chance but both players are struggling under this pressure and it'd be a surprise if one of them suddenly upped it and made a half-century here. Sure enough, Noppon loses position immediately, but will this turn the tide? He drains a superb long green to recover position on his next red! That's a great shot, which he follows with an awful one as he misses the red with the rest. Jamie can only add a solitary red though; this is an absolute mess.
On our other table, Ryan Day now leads Yuan Sijun 4-3.

Saengkham 3-3 Jones (0-14)

It's now best of three for a place in the semi-finals. Jamie bullets in a long, straight red to hold for the black at the start of frame seven, but early in his break goes into the pack off the blue and winds up buried in it. Back to baulk we go, and you sense this is going to be an almighty scrap for the winning line.

Saengkham 3-3 Jones

This one's hard work. Jamie can't lasso position, and has to settle for seven before playing safe. There's one red left out there, and pretty soon Noppon leaves it on to the bottom left. Jamie clips that in, followed by the green. It's a walk-in from here, and he clears to the pink to take the frame.
On the other table, it's also 3-3 between Yuan Sijun and Ryan Day.

Saengkham 3-2 Jones (30-43)

Jamie lands a superb snooker, tight in behind the brown, but Noppon finds an equally superb escape off two cushions that leaves nothing on. There follows a long safety exchange, which ends when Jamie throws the cue at a long, straight red to the bottom left and misses badly. Noppon then ends the deadlock with a red into the bottom right. Only a black and another red follow though, before he misses a long brown to the yellow pocket. Jamie is in, and can level it again if he holds his nerve here.

Saengkham 3-2 Jones (21-43)

He's missed another one; Jamie rattles a red out of the jaws of the bottom right, and Noppon picks it off. From high on the blue thereafter he can't split the pack to any great effect, and that's end of break. There are five reds out there, can one of these two hold it together for long enough to nick the frame?

Saengkham 3-2 Jones (15-37)

Crikey. With Jamie seemingly on easy street, he misses a short red to the bottom right; he took the pot for granted there and focused on getting on the blue, but it's not costly; Noppon pots the red but then misses a simple black off its spot. If this is the level of tension now, imagine if it goes to a decider.

Saengkham 3-2 Jones (14-21)

More trouble here for Jamie, as his break brings a red up the table and it's on to the left middle. Noppon makes only 14 from the chance however before losing position and sending the white back to baulk. Jamie then gets in with a red to the left middle, and this chance is sticking; he's up to 21 and counting, with four reds out in the open still to go at.

Saengkham 3-2 Jones

Noppon settles himself, and a fluke on the penultimate red sees him all the way to a 102 as he empties the table.

Saengkham 2-2 Jones (57-6)

A careless positional shot sees Noppon trapped behind the black and not on his intended next red, but he recovers by picking out another red long into the green pocket. Another excellent recovery shot on a thin black to bottom right with the rest takes him to 42. Noppon is inching to the winning line in this one, albeit a little unconvincingly.

Saengkham 2-2 Jones (30-6)

Jamie's in with a red to right middle, followed by the blue. He then misses a red to bottom right with the rest, and he's left another chance for Noppon. Both players are a bit edgy here, these feels live a pivotal frame in the match. One controlled stun off the blue to split the remaining pack early in this little break has opened everything up now, and he's got a great look at taking this out now.

Saengkham 2-2 Jones (15-0)

You'd imagine Jamie was more chipper than Noppon in the break, as he didn't play well in that first mini-session but managed to level it. He's left Noppon a red to left middle at the start of frame five though, which Noppon has to wait to pot as the scoreboard isn't working and needs some quick maintenance to get it going again. He can only manage red-blue-red though, but gets another chance now as Jamie misses a mid-range red to the yellow pocket and sticks it up over the left middle. This break is better, but only by a point as he adds a mere eight to his tally before missing a red to yellow pocket.

Semi-final draw

Angles McManus and Rob Walker conduct the draw for the last four, and it falls thus:
Mark Allen v Noppon Saengkham/Jamie Jones
Ryan Day/Yuan Sijun v Robbie Williams

Saengkham 2-2 Jones

Frame ball brown goes, and Jamie clears up to the pink to level it up at the interval.
Elsewhere, Ryan Day now leads Yuan Sijun 2-1.

Saengkham 2-1 Jones (41-46)

Jamie finds an excellent long red as a shot to nothing, and he lands on yellow to right middle. This is a real chance. He clears up the three open reds of the remaining four, and leaves an angle on the pink to bring the final one off the right rail. The pink goes, but he catches the red thin and he's only left with a double to left middle. It's a natural though, and Jamie calmly puts it away. Surely he'll put the frame away here, with all the colours on their spots.

Saengkham 2-1 Jones (41-23)

Jamie cobbles together 23, before missing a red to the bottom right on the stretch. That's served up a chance for Noppon, who has the black on to both corners and if he can open the cluster below the pink, Jamie is in bother. One tickle brings out one red, but after driving in another black he misses the pack of now four reds and he's on nothing.

Saengkham 2-1 Jones (10-0)

Noppon is in straight away in frame four, clipping in a long red and pulling up before baulk to land on the green. It's such a good chance, but he runs badly out of position after potting a blue to bring his break clanging to a halt on 10. He immediately gets another chance though, as Jamie badly misses a red long to the bottom right. Noppon seems a bit unsettled now though, and misses a red to the bottom left to leave Jamie in.

Saengkham 2-1 Jones

A swift eight points from Jamie gets a badly needed frame on the board.
On our other table, it's 1-1 between Ryan Day and Yuan Sijun.

Saengkham 2-0 Jones (26-54)

Oof, what a miss! Looking nailed on to clear up, Noppon underhits a short red along the rail to the bottom right, and it stays in the jaws. Jamie should dish, but another poor positional shot leaves him needing to go all around the angles on the black. He catches the knuckle of the right middle on the way, and lands stranded on the upper left rail. It's all about this final red now, and Noppon has just left it hanging in the jaws of the green pocket. That should be that.

Saengkham 2-0 Jones (10-39)

More luck here for Jamie, as he sends the white into the jaws of the green pocket and leaves it hanging right on the lip, like that bus at the end of The Italian Job. Noppon can't quite get the white safe thereafter, and leaves a red to bottom left. Jamie sweeps it up, and it's his first proper chance of the evening. On 37, and apparently coasting, a poor positional shot leaves him only a long pink to the yellow pocket to keep going. He takes it on, and it's close but rattles out. A chance here for Noppon to steal.

Saengkham 2-0 Jones (10-2)

Jamie is cold at the table so far, and misses a red long to bottom right by a huge margin. He chokes a mid-range red in a few shots later, but he's not on a colour; it just isn't happening for him yet. Noppon then gets a red don followed by the green; if he can convert a long-ish red to follow he's in business, and he duly launches it into the heart of the bottom left to land on the blue. Said blue follows, but Noppon then misses an audacious three-ball plant and it's end of break. Jamie then flukes a red, but fails to land on a colour; butty stuff so far in the third.

Saengkham 2-0 Jones

An 89 from Noppon puts the second frame to bed.

Saengkham 1-0 Jones (71-0)

After eight reds and blacks Noppon doesn't have the angle to get back for the black, and goes up for the blue off his next red. Humbug! He'll have a two-frame lead though, because frame ball red has just disappeared into the right middle.

Saengkham 1-0 Jones (56-0)

Is he thinking about it yet? I certainly am. It's seven reds and seven blacks now, and although the frame is paramount for this match and all that could follow, there's a glimmer of a shot at a maxi here. There are two awkward pairs of reds near the left rail, but he can leave them until the frame is in the bank, surely.

Saengkham 1-0 Jones (32-0)

Frame two begins with several shot-to-nothings not finding the pocket, and the table becomes increasingly dangerous. Noppon will get the first crack at it, as he drives a red long into the bottom right to hold for the black. There is a load on for him here, and it's a tidy start; four reds are followed by four blacks.

Saengkham 1-0 Jones

A poor safety from Jamie leaves Noppon a red over the bottom left, and that will do it. A swift 17 points later, frame one is in the books.

Saengkham 0-0 Jones (65-13)

The blue disappears to take the break to 61, and Noppon is on frame ball red to bottom right. It's a cut back to a blind pocket...and he's missed it! He's not left anything, but Jamie is off the hook there.

Saengkham 0-0 Jones (35-13)

Noppon is a more than handy scorer, and quickly adds 31 and counting here. He's still got four reds in decent positions, with another three near cushions. He should be able to put the frame away with what's in the open if he can stay on the black.

Saengkham 0-0 Jones (5-13)

Jamie is off to a flier, driving a red long into the bottom right and landing on the brown. He can only make 13 though, before losing position on the black and going back to baulk off the pink. A long safety exchange follows, before Jamie goes in-off when trying to play a deadweight safety off one cushion to land on a red over the bottom right. From the D, Noppon drills in a long red and he's on the black.

Let's go

Tonight's MC Tahir Hajat brings the players out; it's best of nine for a place in tomorrow's semifinals.

Stakes is high

What a chance here for both of these players. The open draw format in this tournament has opened everything up, and Jamie and Noppon have got a great chance of going all the way here. Jamie, who is scheduled to run in the London Marathon on the day of the final (Sunday), could make his fourth ranking event semi-final if he wins tonight, and he's never been further than that. Noppon hasn't achieved more than a couple of semi-final appearances either; with £100,000 waiting for the winner of this tournament, it's all to play for.


Welcome to live coverage of the conclusion of the quarterfinals of the 2022 British Open. Mark Allen and Robbie Williams have booked their place in the last four already today, so who will be joining them.
One of Ryan Day and Yuan Sijun, that’s for sure. They’re in action elsewhere tonight and we’ll keep you updated on how that goes; your main event tonight though is Noppon Saengkham against Jamie Jones, starting in around 15 minutes.


Thanks for joining us

We will be back at 6:45pm tonight with the remaining two quarter-finals and the draw for the semi-final matches in the season's third ranking event. See you then.
Latest odds
  • Mark Allen 10/11
  • Noppon Saengkham 6/1
  • Ryan Day 15/2
  • Robbie Williams 17/2
  • Jamie Jones 9/1
  • Yuan Sijun 12/1
  • Mark Selby 3-5 Mark Allen
  • Robbie Williams 5-1 Lyu Haotian
  • Noppon Saengkham v Jamie Jones
  • Ryan Day v Yuan Sijun

Allen 5-3 Selby

Selby made breaks of 123 and 103 with Allen contributing 143, 75 and 126 in a tense battle between two premium competitors.
"I played well to lead 3-1," said Allen. "His safety went up a level. His safety was absolutely immaculate until the seventh frame.
"Mark was getting on top, but for me the turning point was making a good clearance to go 4-3 up. For all his dominance, I was only one frame away and finished it with a nice century."

Allen 4-3 Selby (126-0)

This is a bit special from 'The Pistol'. He will go into the weekend as a strong favourite for this title after holding off the Selby recovery. A closing break of 126 from Allen. He is through the semi-finals on Saturday with a terrific performance.

Allen 4-3 Selby (85-0)

A super shot with the rest on pink from Allen and he is back on red. Out for the black and this should be the match. He looked doomed at one point, but in goes black. Selby needing a snooker, but Allen slots another red. That will be that. Allen through to the semi-finals and he might do it with another century.

Allen 4-3 Selby (56-0)

Allen opting to throw caution to the wind as he splashes open the pack of reds rather than play the waiting game. All the reds are in the open as he reaches 50. A mid-range red drops in and he swings the white back around the angles to land on the blue.
This is looking very, very good for the 2018 Masters champion.
Opts to roll in the brown instead before another mid-range red disappears. Not looking for too much more.

Allen 4-3 Selby (15-0)

Stunning long red by Allen at the outset of this eighth frame. Out of position on preferred red, but picks out a nice red to centre pocket. Has hand on table in frame he needs for victory in this quarter-final. That is all you can ever ask for.
- - -
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