Ronnie O'Sullivan - Neil Robertson



‘What a comeback’ – O’Sullivan hits a century to edge ahead against Robertson

O'Sullivan 6-4 Robertson

Scottish Open
O'Sullivan to make triumphant homecoming as world No. 1 at English Open
Robertson enjoyed breaks of 105, 100, 135 and 50 with O'Sullivan responding courtesy of 72, 93, 105, 104 and 52. He meets Fu from 12pm BST at the Hong Kong Coliseum on Sunday.
"I think Neil was the better player, but I just hung in there," said O'Sullivan. "I tried hard and got a bit lucky tonight. Neil played so good from 1-0 down to lead 4-1. I don't think I potted a ball, but sometimes the game can become too easy and maybe he just lost concentration.
"Once you miss one ball, you start to miss a few more balls and that is the way it went today.
"Marco is one of the nicest guys on the circuit. He hasn't played much snooker over the past two or three years, but it just shows you the class of the player he is."

O'Sullivan 6-4 Robertson

O'Sullivan trailed 4-1, but won five straight frames for a 6-4 success. Has been quite a day in these semi-finals with Marco Fu edging out John Higgins 6-5 with a 147 in the final frame.

O'Sullivan 5-4 Robertson (76-56)

Just needs brown, blue and pink..and in goes the black for good measure. Over 9,000 fans will watch the final between Ronnie O'Sullivan and Marco Fu on Sunday. That will be a new world record for a snooker match. Should be classic battle.

O'Sullivan 5-4 Robertson (49-56)

In behind the final red for Ronnie and this looks like it could be the beginning of the end for Robertson..

O'Sullivan 5-4 Robertson (25-56)

A brilliant double on a red from the Rocket. Chance is there for a counter attack on these final few reds...

O'Sullivan 5-4 Robertson (24-56)

50 from Robertson, but O'Sullivan can't sink a double and the Australian has another chance to force the decider. But out of position and this time he can't pick out double on red. Not much safety being played out there.

O'Sullivan 5-4 Robertson (24-44)

Looks like this could be another winning run from Robertson in this frame. The heavy scoring nature of the match, charitable pockets and table suggest we are already heading for 5-5. Break up to 38.

O'Sullivan 5-4 Robertson (24-13)

Robertson attempts a tough long red. Leaves a tricky red for O'Sullivan to go at, but in it goes. Reaches 24 before another demanding red to yellow pocket agonisingly sticks on the near jaw. So no winning run for the line then. Robertson with the reprieve.

O'Sullivan 4-4 Robertson (104-22)

A second sparkling century clearance from O'Sullivan of 104 and that will see him lead 5-4. Simply can't miss out there when these blokes are potting balls for fun.

O'Sullivan 4-4 Robertson (64-22)

Don't want to speak too soon, but this is an obvious chance for O'Sullivan to move one frame ahead with a possible two frames remaining. Neil will be fearing the worst after that missed pink. Robertson won four straight frames to led 4-1 and suddenly it looks like Ronnie might reel off four to move 5-4 clear. Drama at the Coliseum.

O'Sullivan 4-4 Robertson (12-22)

Well, Robertson had first chance to put his foot back on accelerator. Swiftly into the reds, but can't hole a pink to middle with tricky cueing. A real let-off for O'Sullivan as he emerges from his chair only 22 points behind.

O'Sullivan 3-4 Robertson (105-21)

A clearance of 105 from O'Sullivan and he is level at 4-4. What a semi-final this is proving to be. Best-of-three frame match to see who will face Marco Fu in the final.

O'Sullivan 3-4 Robertson (87-21)

Break moves rapidly to 53 and O'Sullivan is within touching distance of hauling himself level at 4-4. In goes the black he requires to leave Robertson chasing two snookers, but he won't be coming back. Chance of a century for the Rocket before over 6,000 fans tonight, another world-record snooker crowd.

O'Sullivan 3-4 Robertson (7-21)

This match could yet go either way. O'Sullivan goes all out for a tough cut back on a red, but it sticks in jaws. Robertson follows with red and black, but another tough red doesn't drop and here is a glorious chance for the seven-time world champion to get his cue arm working. Shouts of 'C'mon Ronnie' are huge in Hong Kong too. The potting patois of global snooker.

O'Sullivan 2-4 Robertson (66-55)

Super from O'Sullivan really is. Brilliant brown from distance with flawless technique and he follows it up with blue and pink to take the frame. Epic stuff, but somehow the world champion is back to within one frame of the Aussie. Well, would you believe that? Real pressure, but Ronnie finds the answer. 4-3 to Robertson in race to six.

O'Sullivan 2-4 Robertson (51-55)

O'Sullivan shedding 15 points on fouls after being snookered by Robertson, who suddenly has chance to pinch this frame out of nowhere. Scrappy frame, but could Robertson steal another frame? Not at this visit as he can't land ideally on final brown so O'Sullivan still in the fight in a frame he led 51-0 in.

O'Sullivan 2-4 Robertson (51-27)

O'Sullivan tries the back double, but red comes back out after hitting jaws of middle bag. All coming down to final red on cushion. Robertson rolls up behind pink to leave the snooker.

O'Sullivan 2-4 Robertson (51-26)

O'Sullivan tries the cross double, but no joy with that red. Robertson takes it out. A lead of 25 points with two reds remaining.

O'Sullivan 2-4 Robertson (51-14)

A big frame in the grand scheme of this match. Three remaining reds on side cushion, but Robertson won the second frame in similar circumstances. Certainly prefer to be at the table than sitting down.

O'Sullivan 2-4 Robertson (51-0)

A break of 45 from O'Sullivan before he knocks the yellow safe. Robertson then fails to hole a long red and O'Sullivan pounces with red to middle, but just another six points.

O'Sullivan 2-4 Robertson (38-0)

O'Sullivan looking very bright at the outset of the seventh frame as he rolls home a lovely long red. O'Sullivan first to the punch as he continues to score with real menace.

O'Sullivan 1-4 Robertson (93-27)

A clearance of 93 from O'Sullivan and he is back to 4-2 behind in the race to six frames. That is magical scoring under real pressure. A few pivotal frames coming up in this contest.

O'Sullivan 1-4 Robertson (54-27)

O'Sullivan restores parity in the fifth frame. Will feel better about himself if he can win the frame at this visit. Big test of his mettle, but looks like this could be a winning counter attack from the snooker GOAT.

O'Sullivan 1-4 Robertson (12-27)

Well, there we go. Robertson finally misses one as black stays out attempting a cannon. Took his eye off the pot. 443 points without reply before O'Sullivan slots red to yellow pocket. Can this prompt the start of the Rocket recovery?

O'Sullivan 1-3 Robertson (0-135)

O'Sullivan played one loose safety shot and sat himself down. A sparkling 135 from Robertson. A third straight frame with O'Sullivan failing to register. These tables certainly favouring heavy scoring and man at the table.

O'Sullivan 1-3 Robertson (0-64)

Already looks like a third century in four frames coming up for the 2010 world champion. All one-way traffic at the moment.

O'Sullivan 1-3 Robertson (0-48)

O'Sullivan tries to rest on a red from distance, but gets the angles all wrong and that leaves his opponent an easy opener. This is bad news for O'Sullivan with Robertson in stroke and looking to score heavily. These pockets also seem to have a fair bit of give in them with the scoring and willingness to attack suggesting that is the case.

O'Sullivan 1-2 Robertson (0-100)

Ton up for Robertson. His second century of the match of precisely 100 points. Probably a good time for the Rocket to get out of the arena. Robertson leads 3-1. Looking very good at moment.

O'Sullivan 1-2 Robertson (0-76)

Robertson controls the cannon into reds and opens up another few possibilities. No need for any pace. In goes brown and red. O'Sullivan needs a snooker. He has not potted a ball since the second frame. Tough old school this.

O'Sullivan 1-2 Robertson (0-42)

A terrific blue from Robertson to keep his break going is followed by a red that just drops after wobbling in jaws. Difficult to see where he slips up from here, but we said the same thing about O'Sullivan in the second frame.

O'Sullivan 1-2 Robertson (0-15)

Momentum of this match has swung since O'Sullivan missed that black in the second frame. Robertson picks out another long red with such familiar ease that you half expect him to make it. On we go with the Aussie staring down these balls at close range.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Robertson (0-128)

A clearance of 105 from the world No. 3. He moves 2-1 to the good. One more frame before the mid-session interval and arguably more important that O'Sullivan keeps his opponent in check.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Robertson (0-101)

Robertson looking the part after O'Sullivan lost that second frame on the black. Chance of a century for the Melburnian coming up.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Robertson (0-46)

Looks for all the world like 2-1 Robertson as he is faced with what amounts to a practice drill to get the frame won. O'Sullivan could not hole two long reds and has paid the price.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Robertson (0-29)

A run of 23 points from Robertson. O'Sullivan attempts another long red, but it sticks over the pocket and that hands Robertson a second chance in the third frame. What will he make from this? O'Sullivan looked good for a 2-0 lead, but could soon fall behind.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Robertson (49-53)

Needs final three colours for the steal. In goes blue to middle followed by pink and black and Robertson has pinched that frame by four points. O'Sullivan missed a black off spot and has paid a heavy price there. Fine clearance to halt O'Sullivan's early momentum.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Robertson (49-26)

A thumping long red by Robertson has given him chance to steal the frame. Brilliant from the Masters holder. This could be heading 1-1 against the head.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Robertson (49-12)

Some decent tactical stuff being played by both men. O'Sullivan trying to keep the remaining two reds in safe positions on table holding a lead of 37 points.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Robertson (49-12)

The Australian taking chance to pot a red and free pink and black. Still work to be done by O'Sullivan to get this frame won.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Robertson (49-11)

Pink and black running safe has helped O'Sullivan with his lead at 38 points. Three reds left up. O'Sullivan seeking red and blue to win the frame.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Robertson (49-7)

Well, O'Sullivan misses black off the spot. Didn't see that coming and neither did Robertson, who is handed an unforeseen reprieve. Shake of the head by O'Sullivan. No wonder.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Robertson (41-0)

A crowd of over 5,000 inside the arena and O'Sullivan looks like he is already on the way to a 2-0 lead with break reaching 33. Terrific control of cue ball to open the reds up. Very attacking instincts from the snooker GOAT.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Robertson (7-0)

Another sublime opening red by O'Sullivan in the second frame. That is a fabulous piece of cueing to land back out plum on blue.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Robertson (91-0)

A dominant break of 72 from O'Sullivan in the opening frame. Neil has seen enough. 1-0 to Ronnie in the race to six frames.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Robertson (61-0)

Very, very bright start from the Rocket man. Looks like he has put this frame to bed with little fuss. Keen to keep Robertson in his seat as much as possible. Picking up from where he left off against Ng On Yee yesterday. The world No. 1 looking in champion condition.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Robertson (21-0)

A sharp piece of potting from the world champion O'Sullivan in the first frame. Nice long red off the bat and he is back at the table with a second bite at these reds to build a decent lead in the opener. Brilliant recovery on a red across the table to keep break going.

Welcome back

Has been quite a Saturday so far in Hong Kong with Marco Fu making a 147 in his 6-5 win against John Higgins in the first semi-final. Settle back for world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan facing Neil Robertson in the second semi-final at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Off we go.

Fu 6-5 Higgins

For the record, the breaks in this semi-final sum up the quality on offer before another world record attendance for snooker inside the 12,500-capacity Coliseum. Table might be on the forgiving side, but the balls have still to be potted.
Higgins with 105, 50, 68, 83, 91 and 105 and Fu responding from 3-1 and 4-2 behind with runs of 75, 61, 70, 72 and that timeless 147.
We will be back at 12pm BST when Ronnie O'Sullivan and Neil Robertson meet in the second semi-final in Hong Kong.

Fu 6-5 Higgins

Marco compiled his first maximum at the age of 22 against Ken Doherty in 2000. His fifth comes 22 years later when he feared his career was over. Remarkable achievement.

Fu 6-5 Higgins

Marco to face Ronnie O'Sullivan or Neil Robertson in the final. For now, he can rejoice in his return to the top level after years battling eye problems through the global pandemic. As good as it gets really from the Hong Kong icon. And one of the nicest, most unassuming guys you can meet in any sport.

Fu 5-5 Higgins (147-0)

The 180th maximum in snooker history surely coming up. Brilliant from Marco Fu. In goes blue, pink and black. Never in doubt. Victory for Fu and victory with the 147. That is simply different class.

Fu 5-5 Higgins (122-0)

Chasing a fifth career maximum as he reaches 105. Rolls behind the final red on side cushion. In goes the final red and he is on the black. Remarkable finish here. Back out onto the colours and this could be the 147..

Fu 5-5 Higgins (89-0)

In goes the red he needs and that will be that. Chance also of a maximum to finish. Can he finish with the 147? Would be some moment in Hong Kong before his adoring public.

Fu 5-5 Higgins (64-0)

Picks out plant on reds before tucking home a red to a centre bag. Easing towards the finishing line. Seems certain he's going to see this through surely.

Fu 5-5 Higgins (24-0)

By professional standards, this is a golden chance to secure his place in Sunday's final against Ronnie O'Sullivan or Neil Robertson.

Fu 5-5 Higgins (8-0)

Solid safety shot by Higgins in opening exchanges is matched by Fu. Higgins tries to pot himself out of trouble, but ends up careering into reds. Fu with first chance to score in final frame.

Fu 4-5 Higgins (72-1)

Brilliant from Fu to cut in a red to middle after running out of prime position. All reds and blacks so far. Seems like we are going the distance in this one. Needs one more red to a centre pocket, but it stays out. 72 break, but no more. 75 left up. Is there a twist? And the answer is no as black stays up for the world No. 5. 5-5. All on the table here.

Fu 4-5 Higgins (17-0)

Rueful smile by John as he attempts shot to nothing on a long red, but ends up leaving white in middle of table. Marco tucks away a red from mid-range to land on black. This is an obvious chance to make the break that will take us all the way in the opening semi-final.

Fu 4-4 Higgins (0-105)

Another magnificent 105 break from Higgins and a 5-4 lead. He needs one more frame to book his spot in final. Fu needs them both. All or nothing now for the former Grand Prix winner.

Fu 4-4 Higgins (0-82)

Every chance Higgins could win this frame in one hit. And could be a century coming up. A timely response after losing the previous two frames.

Fu 4-4 Higgins (0-37)

Blistering long red by Higgins. That is a fantastic red to pick out from distance. Off he goes in the ninth frame. Fine safety by Fu, but Higgins unearths the attacking riposte.

Fu 3-4 Higgins (67-46)

The green and brown disappear and Higgins needs a snooker. Which he isn't going to get as blue falls over green pocket prompting the concession. Fu somehow level at 4-4. Both men suddenly chasing two frames to reach the final. Game on.

Fu 3-4 Higgins (54-46)

Higgins hits the pink attempting to swerve off baulk cushion, but gets there the second time. Leaves red and Fu tucks it away to roars of approval. Chance is there to win the frame for 4-4.

Fu 3-4 Higgins (48-46)

Key frame this with two reds left up. Fu tries to tickle in a long red, but never look in the pocket as it comes back out. Higgins misses tough red down the cushion. Too much pace on that. 35 points left up and a safety joust on final red.

Fu 3-4 Higgins (38-38)

Not too much wrong with Fu's long game and he picks out another timely one from distance to regain access to the table. A bitty frame, but Fu closing the gap.

Fu 3-4 Higgins (15-38)

That Fu error could be so costly. Higgins looks poised to post the points Marco missed until he runs out of position on 38. Just a safety shot coming up. Fu clatters in a long red, but then misses black off the spot. All turning a bit scrappy as nervous tension takes hold.

Fu 3-4 Higgins (14-8)

Higgins attempts a tricky plant on red. Difficult to make that one and it doesn't come off. He looks to the sky as Fu is handed chance of red to middle pocket. Which he slots with little fuss. All getting very interesting.
Fu first to the punch in the eighth frame, but he can't roll a red in along top cushion into left corner pocket. A bad miss at this stage of contest.

Fu 2-4 Higgins (70-41)

How good is that from Fu? Had no right really to clear the table, but he tidies up with a classy clearance of 70 and he is back to 4-3 behind when he faced falling three adrift. This match full of possibilities with a possible four frames remaining.

Fu 2-4 Higgins (43-41)

Marco taking chance to get black into play before thumping a red along the top cushion into the bag. Could be a huge steal to close to within one frame with colours to come.

Fu 2-4 Higgins (7-41)

A 31 break from Higgins for a handy lead of 41 points, but not over line. Pink and black tied up so Fu facing same issues as Higgins as he comes to table attempting to put a dent in this lead.

Fu 2-4 Higgins (0-19)

Early chance for Fu after Higgins misses cutback on red, but nothing doing as he can't force the object ball home. Marco just going off the boil before Higgins punches in another superb red from distance. The Scot looking the stronger player at moment.

Fu 2-3 Higgins (0-91)

No century as penultimate red to yellow stays up, but a supreme knock of 91 from Higgins is more than good enough to get the job done. He moves 4-2 clear needing two more frames to reach the final.

Fu 2-3 Higgins (0-40)

Thumping mid-range red by Higgins early in the sixth frame and he is greeted by enthusiastic applause inside the Coliseum.
Run to the line far from easy, but a delightful cut on a red to middle has opened up the pack of reds. Ideally placed to embark upon another serious contribution.

Fu 1-3 Higgins (62-1)

This is Fu at his very best. Has dissected this table supremely well. Should be another one-visit kill to win this fifth frame. In goes the pink he needs and that will leave Higgins needing a snooker with break of 61.
One snooker at the moment, but long odds against with three reds tied up. Higgins left to rue leaving his opponent a chance of a long red.
In goes another red from Fu and that will be that. Higgins concedes the frame. He leads 3-2.

Fu 1-3 Higgins (11-1)

Red scattered all over the table before Fu picks out a rousing pot on a red to green pocket from distance. Some solid cueing there. What can he produce from this visit?

Fu 1-3 Higgins (0-1)

Back out then for the conclusion of this opening semi-final. Fu needs five of a possible seven remaining frames. Tall order, but not impossible.

Fu 1-3 Higgins (0-0)

An 83 from Higgins as a tough black fails to drop and a 3-1 mid-session lead. He needs three more frames to reach Sunday's final.

Fu 1-2 Higgins (0-83)

A brilliant cutback on red to centre. Pops in black and this will be 3-1 to the 31-time ranking event winner. Solid play from Higgins as you come to expect.

Fu 1-2 Higgins (0-55)

No maximum this time, but Higgins pulls out a glorious recovery pot on blue to maintain his visit to the table. Still a very decent chance of a second century perhaps and a 3-1 interval lead.

Fu 1-2 Higgins (0-40)

A fine starter red from Higgins to a centre pocket to get going. Would dearly love to validate his lead with a big contribution here. Opens the pack of reds with a lovely little split via black and this is an obvious scoring chance for the 1998, 2007, 2009 and 2011 world champion.

Fu 1-1 Higgins (47-73)

A clinical break of 68 from John and a 2-1 lead in the race to six. One more frame before the mid-session interval. That frame will irk Marco as he had several chances to pull away. Not to be and he is again playing catch-up.

Fu 1-1 Higgins (47-52)

Looks a bit ominous for Fu with two reds and colours left to negotiate for Higgins. Blue off spot, but should not be too difficult to sort out.

Fu 1-1 Higgins (47-13)

Chances coming and going for Marco in this frame. Has had two decent scoring opportunities, but nothing doing before Higgins picks out a do-or-die red to the green pocket. Brilliant pot and they are all there to be mopped up at the scoring end of the table.

Fu 1-1 Higgins (19-1)

Higgins so unfortunate to see a red drop in after slotting blue to a centre pocket. Fu with opportunity to get back in among the balls.

Fu 0-1 Higgins (76-50)

A terrific clearance of 75 from Fu and he is level at 1-1. Higgins with a missed red to middle and he pays the ultimate price. This match warming up nicely. The Hong Kong fans certainly enjoyed that little cameo from Marco.

Fu 0-1 Higgins (58-50)

This has been brilliant from Fu as he removes that problem red via another red before rolling in the pink. Looks like we are heading for 1-1 in this semi-final. Counter attack the order of the day so far.

Fu 0-1 Higgins (28-50)

One red safe on side cushion and that could decide the destination of this second frame.

Fu 0-1 Higgins (1-50)

But just when it looked in the bag, Higgins can't hole a red to a centre bag. A reprieve for Marco as object ball stays out via the far jaw. Now then, now then...

Fu 0-1 Higgins (1-50)

Higgins enjoying his day out so far. Looks to be striking the white ball with real authority. You would have to suggest this is a decent chance for a 2-0 lead and another largish break.

Fu 0-1 Higgins (1-9)

Looked like a certain re-rack, but Higgins goes for a double on red only to see the red run back down the table and leave an easy opener for his opponent. Fu can only make one before missing another black off the spot.
Didn't expect that from Marco and John is handed another opportunity he probably didn't see coming.

Fu 0-0 Higgins (22-105)

This is going to be a century straight off the bat by the four-time world champion. A classy clearance of 105 from the Wishaw man. A spot of trademark wizardry from the Scottish icon. And a 1-0 lead. Fu heavily punished for one error.

Fu 0-0 Higgins (22-48)

The Hong Kong crowd certainly appreciate good snooker and Higgins is giving them a treat so far. Table looks to be playing generously, it must be said. A bit more give on the pockets you could argue, but still have to put the balls away. Chance for Higgins to take the lead at this visit.

Fu 0-0 Higgins (22-8)

Fu up to 22 before he misses a black off the spot. Just misjudged the angles on that one and Higgins quickly out of his chair. Chance for the Scotsman to get hand on table among the balls.

Fu 0-0 Higgins (6-0)

A few reds already lurking in the bottom half of the table. Both men have to be careful with their movements in this tactical exchange. Fu ends up fluking a red to top end of table and follows up with a nice brown to a centre pocket. First chance to Marco.

Fu 0-0 Higgins (0-0)

The semi-finals and final are the best of 11 frames. So first to six frames progresses to tomorrow's final. It really is a fantastic event in arguably the finest arena for snooker across the globe.
Certainly the largest. Makes the Crucible resemble a telephone box. What are the career head-to-heads between Fu and Higgins?
Fu is ahead on the career duels. He leads 8-6. They last met six years ago in the Scottish Open final with Fu winning 9-4.
Believe it or not, he won eight straight frames from 4-1 behind that day in Glasgow to carry off the prize.

Welcome to semi-final day

A huge few hours coming up with John Higgins facing Marco Fu and Ronnie O'Sullivan meeting Neil Robertson in the last four of this elite invitational event. Three world champions and the scoring prowess of a local Hong Kong icon in Marco isn't a bad way to get your sporting weekend up and running.
Fair chance we'll see the world record attendance for a snooker match smashed over the next few days with the final already a 9,000 sell-out at the Hong Kong Coliseum on Sunday. Will surely be another massive crowd flocking to this vast arena today.
Boys on baize at 6.30am BST.

Results from Friday and Saturday's schedule

Friday October 7
  • Neil Robertson 5-3 Mark Williams
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan 5-0 Ng On Yee
Saturday October 8
  • Marco Fu v John Higgins
  • Neil Robertson v Ronnie O'Sullivan

Recap: O'Sullivan opens up with a whitewash

Ronnie O’Sullivan cruised into the semi-finals at the Hong Kong Masters with a 5-0 victory over home icon Ng On-yee.
Despite potting the cue ball with the opening shot of the match, O’Sullivan stormed into a four-frame lead at the interval with breaks of 72, 100, 59 and 81.
Ng was amongst the balls upon the resumption but broke down to allow O’Sullivan back in, with the Rocket crafting a magnificent 95 knock to book a semi-final meeting with Neil Robertson.
Ng will rue missed chances in the first frame to put the defending world champion on the back foot, but from that point on her opponent was simply too good.
“It’s unbelievable," O'Sullivan said after the match. "A fantastic crowd.
“We love coming to Asia, the fans are always excited to see us play and cheer on a lot of the shots that we pot and it makes us want to play well because the crowd respond so well. It’s fantastic to be here. It’s a huge venue, it’s just great to be here.
“I never really have expectations because everybody is a good player. If you have an off day and the other guy plays well, you’re packing your bags and going home.
“So you always have to play well to expect to win, but that’s not always the case. I’ve won a lot of tournaments not playing well and won, but you want to play your [on] best form, especially in front of a great crowd like this. I’m just enjoying my snooker.
“We love coming to Asia, love coming to Hong Kong. The fans are just so happy to see you. We would like to play more in Hong Kong and Asia – it’s the best fans, the best tournaments so [it’s] just lovely to be here. Thank you for your hospitality and see you tomorrow.”
- - -
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