That concludes our live coverage

Round one? All done. It's been a long day of rapid fire frames, but we now have 64 players through to the second round.
Join us again at 12.45pm tomorrow for more of the Snooker Shoot Out.
Shoot Out
Day ends spell in the wilderness with win over Selby in Shoot Out final
07/02/2021 AT 23:13

John Astley beats Reanne Evans 63-5

Astley's back in, and he's home and dry now with less than a minute left. He adds 22 and with seconds remaining, Evans concedes and Astley is through to the second round.

Astley 41-5 Evans

Another chance for Reanne as she drives in a long red. The green follows, but she can't convert the next red. John comes back to the table, playing a containing safety to protect his lead with only a few minutes to go.

Astley 41-1 Evans

Trouble here for Evans, as she goes in-off from a safety. It's ball in hand for Astley, and he's stitching a nice break together here aided by a thin cut on a red to the left middle. It ends on 15 though as he misses a red to the bottom left, and it's a chance for Evans with just under five minutes to go. After getting a red down though she's missed the blue when trying to develop the pack.

Astley 22-0 Evans

Astley gets in first, gliding a long red into the bottom left, kissing another and landing plum on the black. There are five other loose reds here, this is a good early chance but he can only make 22 from it before having to play back to baulk.

Your headliner

It's time for our final game of the night, as 12-time Women's World Snooker champion Reanne Evans faces John Astley.

Chris Wakelin beats Oliver Brown 41-22

After two near misses Brown gets a long red down, but he's got about 45 seconds to pull off a miracle. The blue follows but he then misses his next red; Wakelin calmly runs the time down and he's through to the second round.

Wakelin 41-16 Brown

Wakelin's break goes to 41, but Brown gets a reprieve as Wakelin's positional shot on his next red goes horribly wrong as he drops in close behind the blue. Brown has got two minutes to turn this around.

Wakelin 16-16 Brown

After several minutes of safety, Wakelin forces an error from Brown and is left a short red over the bottom left. He soon levels up the frame, and we've got four and a half minutes to go with Wakelin looking in good position.

Wakelin 0-16 Brown

Wakelin breaks, and Brown deposits a deadweight red into the bottom left. It's two reds and blacks to start the break, but he misses a canon onto the pack and isn't on his next red, so plays back to baulk.

Penultimate match klaxon

It's time for Oliver Brown and Chris Wakelin.

Jamie Wilson beats Lukas Kleckers 91-8

Wilson clears a half ton, and then effortlessly wallops a long red into the green pocket. Wow! It's 58 in total before he misses the last red; there's loads of time left, but no point in carrying on. Kleckers, who had a great chance in the middle of all that, has been demolished by Wilson, who is just 17. It was only one frame, but that was mightily impressive.

Kleckers 8-70 Wilson

Kleckers thumps in a long red to the yellow pocket, but then ends up welded to the blue after potting the black and is not on his next red. Wilson's soon back, and my word he's flying again, with 38 and counting here to put the frame to bed with four minutes left. Running down the shot timer is not for Jamie.

Kleckers 0-33 Wilson

The players come out to Curtis Mayfield's timeless Move On Up. Wilson, a rapid player, then moves quickly in front, gliding a long red into the bottom left and landing perfectly on the black. After two and a half minutes he's racked up 33, but leaves a thin black hanging in the jaws of the bottom left. Whatever happens here, Wilson isn't in the mood to go home wondering.

Next up

Coming straight at you, it's Jamie Wilson agains Lukas Kleckers. In other news, the draw for tomorrow's second round is here:

Martin Gould beats Simon Blackwell 35-1

It's a comfortable victory for Gould, who is still at the table as the clock runs down to a finish.

Gould 23-1 Blackwell

Gould clips a mid-ranger into the bottom right, but he misses a simple blue after it. Blackwell can't then cut in a wafer thin red, and leaves it over the bottom right for Gould. That goes, but again no colour follows; Gould has control though, and soon forces another mistake from Blackwell that leaves him plum on an easy red. There's a minute left, and he's got a comfortable lead with lots in the open.

Gould 13-1 Blackwell

Blackwell gets a long red in, but no more. There's not much on here, and we've got four minutes to go.

Gould 13-0 Blackwell

Both Gould and Blackwell miss early sighters before Gould hoses in a long red to the bottom right and makes 13 off the back of it.

More matches, more champs

The 2013 Shoot Out champion Martin Gould is up next against Simon Blackwell.

Sunny Akani beats Dominic Dale 28-18

Well now; after a red-black Akani misses a shocker of a red, and Dale has a chance right at the end. With only the yellow on its a lot of pots for not many points, and Dale then misses a red with the rest. That'll do it; Dale gets another red down with bare seconds left, but Akani has knocked the former champion out.

Akani 20-8 Dale

Dale goes in-off into the yellow pocket, and it's ball in hand for Akani. He can only add three, and soon after leaves Dale an easy starter to the right middle. On eight, Dale misses a thin cut on the yellow, but again Akani can only add red-yellow beforep laying safe again. There's eight in it with less than three minutes to go, but it's advantage Akani as Dale goes in-off again to give up ball in hand.

Akani 6-0 Dale

The first chance falls to Akani, as Dale misses a long red and leaves it on the the green pocket. After red-brown-red he carelessly loses position on the black, and it's end of break. Akani will rue that, as there was a pile on for him.

Always wanted you to go...

into The Spaceman's match with Sunny Akani. The 2014 Snooker Shoot Out champion Dominic Dale is on next.

Haydon Pinhey beats Mark Davis 34-25

It's an extra red each, and now Pinhey is in after a long red to the bottom left with around 100 seconds left. Can he see it out from here? With 36 seconds left he stuns in a mid-range red to take the lead...and the black and another red with the rest follow, allowing him to run the clock to the end. Pinhey is over the line!

Davis 24-12 Pinhey

We're halfway through, and Davis' patience through a few minutes of safety pays off as Pinhey deflects the white into jaws of the bottom right and leaves Davis in. This is a great chance, and Davis is quickly in front with just over three minutes to go. After 24 he then nestles Pinhey in behind the blue. Advantage Davis.

Davis 0-12 Pinhey

Oooh, a tied lag! The players lag again, Pinhey wins and Davis breaks. After two minutes Pinhey gets ball in hand after Davis goes in-off, though strangely plays off a red up to the baulk colous rather than jab at reds in and around the black spot. McManus in co-comms isn't convinced about that shot choice; Pinhey gets eight and plays safe, but he surely should have taken more there.

We go again

Haydon Pinhey and Mark Davis coming your way.

Kuldesh Johal beats Jamie O'Neill 52-14

Another long red from Johal effectvely ends the argument. O'Neill gets back to add eight but it's Johal that runs the clock out, and he's through to the next round.

O'Neill 6-50 Johal

'He's seeing it like a medicine ball!' Angles says of Johal in commentary. This little break of 15 takes him to 50 for the frame and he's left O'Neill welded to the top cushion with just over two minutes left.

O'Neill 6-34 Johal

Johal rolls a red out off the knuckles of the right middle, and it's a chance for O'Neill as we move to the 10 second shot clock. He can only add six though, and from his safety Johal absolutely clatters a long red into the bottom left. That's a beauty, and he's got control of the table.

O'Neill 0-26 Johal

A lot of the players have commented on how quick the table is playing, and Johal finds out for himself; after poting the first red the white's away like it's on an ice rink. He then outrageously flukes the second red of the frame, and this one brings the chance of a break. There are just over six minutes left, and he's up to 25 in this break already.

Keep 'em comin'

The next cabs off the rank: Jamie O'Neill and Kuldesh Johal.

Louis Heathcote beats Daniel Womersley 40-1

Heathcote adds 30 to run the clock right down and go through to the next round.

Heathcote 10-1 Womersley

Oh what a nightmare for Womersley! He's gone in-off in the green pocket from a safety, and it's ball in hand - and surely the match - for Heathcote.

Heathcote 6-1 Womersley

We've now got four minutes left, and there are still 13 reds out there. This is tense, and you'd strongly fancy whoever gets in next.

Heathcote 6-1 Womersley

The players stride out to The Charlatans' indie disco staple 'The Only One I Know', and we're off. Heathcote's away first with red-blue, but no more. Womersley, who sports a tremendous set of sideburns, has missed a few pots but finally locates a nice long red into the bottom left to get on the board. We're four minutes gone.

Up next

We'll have Daniel Womersley against Louis Heathcote shortly.

Elliot Slessor beats Daniel Wells 62-14

Wells concedes as soon as Slessor misses his next pot. That's two matches in a row where a player has given their opponent ball in hand twice. Unsurprisingly, they were both comprehensively put away as a result.

Slessor 56-14 Wells

Wells gets back in, but he can only add 8 to his tally and we've got just a minute and a half left. It's Slessor that gets in next, red and then the blue to right middle, and this one's over.

Slessor 55-6 Wells

It's a break of 29 for Slessor, who then plays an evil snooker behind the green. Wells tries to bash his way out of bother, and smacks the white straight into the pink to give away six and another ball in hand chance for Slessor.

Slessor 20-6 Wells

We have a void lag at the start of this one, as Slessor played his shot off the bottom cushion before Wells was down on his. After that brief delay, we get going, and Wells gets six points down early. Slessor is then too slow rather than too quick, dithering and coming perilously close to going over the shot clock allowance, which necessitates a thrash at the reds that miraculously leaves nothing on. Soon after, Wells feathers the white with his cue when lining up a shot to give away four and grant ball in hand to Slessor and lots o' points on. This is a bizarre one.

Next up

Elliot Slessor against Daniel Wells, coming your way shortly.

Alexander Ursenbacher beats Luo Honghao 63-13

Luo gets back to the table for a few pots, but with under a minute left it's academic. Ursenbacher moves through to the next round.

Ursenbacher 56-1 Luo

Luo looks great, sporting a headband like a stadium rock band guitarist, but he's having a shocker on the table. After getting a red down after an Ursenbacher miss he goes in-off for the second time when trying to pot the pink and his day is done now.

Ursenbacher 34-0 Luo

Bad to worse for Luo, who gets a double kiss from a containing safety, but it only costs him a point. He then misses a thrash at a long red, leaving Ursenbacher plum on a red...and Ursenbacher misses it! Luo misses the follow up though, and Ursenbacher is back in the balls with just over three minutes left.

Ursenbacher 26-0 Luo

The worst possible start for Luo, who catches a safety impossibly thin and goes in-off. It's ball in hand to Ursenbacher, who rattles in a quick 22 before playing safe.

Ronnie's pick

Our next match is one that jumped out as a potential cracker to the Rocket - it's Luo Honghao versus Alexander Ursenbacher.

Ben Mertens beats Zak Surety 44-10

A careless miss from Surety on pink to left middle may cost him the match; Mertens adds five and then plays a wicked snooker. Both players then miss long reds - Surety will be furious at his, because it was a steal on a plate with 90 seconds left - before Mertens gets back in and sees the frame over the line with another 11 points.

Surety 3-28 Mertens

Another good long red by Surety gives him a chance, but he then misses a red to the right middle. He's left a load on for Mertens, who isn't hanging about; he adds 18, but Surety's back in with a long red and three minutes left.

Surety 1-10 Mertens

Surety gets a lone red down, but hands a chance to Mertens when he later catches a knuckle of the middle when playing safe. Mertens cobbles 10 together before playing safe, and has the lead with four minutes gone.

Whatever next?

Ben Mertens against Zak Surety, that's what. They'll have to go some to top what Highfield just did, my days. Eleven pots in 78 seconds and the cue ball on a string. A lot of them wobbled, but that only added to the drama.

Liam Highfield beats Rod Lawler 57-52

Oh my word, what a dish from Liam Highfield! In just 80 seconds he mopped up the final three reds with colours, and then up to the pink, to nick the frame with two seconds left and advance to the second round! That's amazing!

Highfield 16-52 Lawler

Highfield nails a sensational long red, but then misses a tough cut on the black with three and a half minutes left. That had to go, and he's left Lawler in. Another six goes up but then Lawler misses a simple straight red. Now then Liam; this is a chance if you can shift quickly enough. He gets to 15, but misses a rushed black. Lawler then misses another near straight red though, it's not quite over.

Highfield 0-46 Lawler

Highfield is watching a very measured break rack up against him. A lovely split on the pack has made Lawler a huge favourite here, and a break of 42 before playing safe to baulk has given him a big lead. Highfield has got five minutes to get out of the muck.

Highfield 0-21 Lawler

Lawler traps Highfield behind the green off the break, and Highfield doesn't come off one cushion hard enough to rest on the pack. Ball in hand to Lawler, and he's making hay around the black spot.

Next up

We'll have Liam Highfield versus Rod Lawler shortly.

Ryan Day beats Matthew Selt 78-0

It's break of 70 for Day before he misses a red. Selt's seen enough and concedes.

Selt 0-70 Day

It's 62 for day, who has a 70 point lead and there's only 67 left on the table. We're done here.

Selt 0-42 Day

This is easy street for Day; a lot of short pots and not much to do with the cue ball. His break hits 34 and we've got four and a half minutes left. It's not looking good for Selt.

Selt 0-8 Day

Day drills in a long red to the bottom right, and adds a black before playing safe. After more safety, Selt catches a shot to nothing and he's left Day right in. 'This could be carnage,' says Mark Allen in co-commentary.

Tasty fixture alert

It's Ryan Day versus Matthew Selt next.

Sean Harvey beats Jamie Clarke 54-19

Clarke adds another six, but it's am impossible task and he calls it off with seconds remaining. That's a great win for Harvey, who marches on.

Clarke 13-54 Harvey

Harvey adds another 12 and then plays safe; all four remaining reds are near the bottom cushion. Clarke gets a red down with two minutes remaining, but in rushing a red his break curtails on six and that should be that.

Clarke 7-42 Harvey

Harvey makes 40 and then plays safe. That leaves Clarke a long red to the bottom left, which goes, and he's on the pink in baulk. Just as a comeback looks on with four minutes left, Clarke overcuts a red and that could cost him the frame.

Clarke 0-28 Harvey

Harvey is an amateur, but no sign of nerves here; he rolls a deadweight long red in straight from Clarke's break-off. He gets the second red down too, but he's not been able to add a colour to either. When Harvey plugs a third, he's on the green and there's a break on here. He's up to 28 and counting, with four minutes gone.

Up next

Jamie Clarke and Sean Harvey will be at the baize shortly.

Ben Hancorn beats Jak Jones 42-11

Hancorn gets back in to add a quick red-black. With only 22 seconds to go, Jones concedes and Hancorn advances.

Jones 11-34 Hancorn

Hancorn declares on 27 and plays safe with just over two minutes to go. He's got a lead and he's in control, with the black tied up behind a red. Almost there...

Jones 11-23 Hancorn

Hancorn runs badly out of position on 7 to end his break, but gets back in after Jones leaves a red hovering over the bottom right. We've got just under four minutes and, with numerous loose reds to play for, Hancorn is in total control for now.

Jones 11-0 Hancorn

Jones glides in a couple of long reds, and from the second he gets a break going but it stalls on ten when he misses a red with the rest. He's left Hancorn in, and this is a chance.

Next up

Slow burner, that one. Will Jak Jones and Ben Hancorn bring the real heat?

John Higgins beats Scott Donaldson 16-6

Higgins tags in a long red with 73 seconds left, followed by the green to level the scores. He should be home shortly, and is; red-brown-red-brown follows, and Higgins wins a low scoring starter to move through to round two. The 10-minute tournament that Donaldson was hoping to avoid has happened.

Higgins 2-6 Donaldson

Donaldson has a slender four point advantage after potting another red, and there are just over two minutes remaining.

Higgins 2-5 Donaldson

It's a cagey start, but eventually Higgins pots a couple of reds without adding to them. He nearly gets a third from a plant, which wobbles violently in the bottom left but stays out. Donaldson plugs and with five minutes gone he takes the lead.

We're off!

Here we go then; 16 frames between 32 players, let's get about it.

The Wizard

John Higgins tells us he's here because no one's here; the lack of the normally raucous crowd enticed him to enter. He's also fresh out of isolation after testing positive for the coronavirus and missing the German Masters; he looks well, and that's great to see.

First up

Facing John Higgins shortly will be Scott Donaldson, who in his pre-match interview rightly notes that it's a long way for the Scottish players to travel for potentially a 10 minute tournament.

In Action

Wishaw’s wizard John Higgins gets us going tonight, in the first of sixteen matches that also sees two former Shoot Out champions in Martin Gould and Dominic Dale, and a third appearance at the Shoot Out for the 12-time Women’s World Snooker champion Reanne Evans.

Evening all

Welcome back to the conclusion of the first round of the Snooker Shoot Out. Here’s your Baizin’ Squad for tonight:


That's all for this afternoon

A thoroughly entertaining session in Milton Keynes comes to an end. Join us again at 6.45pm for the conclusion of the first round of the Snooker Shootout.

Barry Hawkins beats Gary Wilson 45-15

Just when it looked like it might be on, Wilson misses a red to the left middle. He's got another red down with under a minute to go, but it's too late. After Wilson misses a double on a red, Hawkins calmly plugs a red and blue to secure the frame.

Hawkins 39-0 Wilson

Hawkins' lead goes to 39, and he's now playing containing safety shots to keep Wilson away from anything easy. It forces Wilson into a thrash at a long one, committing everything; he misses, but then Hawkins fails to convert a simple red and with just under three minutes left, there's still legs in this one.

Hawkins 32-0 Wilson

A mistake from Wilson, who leaves a red right over the yellow pocket. Hawkins plugs it, and he's got another chunk of points here as the 10 second shot clock kicks in.

Hawkins 22-0 Wilson

Another former champ in action here; Hawkins landed this title in 2012. He wins the lag here, and we're off. Hawkins gets in first, and rattles in 22 before missing both his pot on the brown and his attmept to open the pack of reds.

What’s on it?

There’s a fifty grand prize on offer for the winner, who will be required to do a maximum of seventy minutes work to land the title. As someone who’s done several jobs paid by the hour, I’m here to tell you that’s a good whack. It's a ranking event too, so results here translate into points.
Here's your line-up for this afternoon, with the Wind up first against Adrian Rosa.

If you’re not familiar with the Shootout…

This isn’t one hour of attrition that goes down to a re-spotted black at the the Crucible. We’ll be shifting quickly here, and there’s a handy guide to the format below for you:


Each frame is 10 minutes
Shot clock stops players wasting time
First five minutes = 15 seconds per shot
Second five minutes = 10 seconds per shot
Five-point penalty (or value of ball of pink or black if attempted) for failing to play shot within allocated time
Players must hit cushion with any ball or pot a ball with every shot
All fouls give opponent ball in hand
Players lag for break-off like in pool with the white played from the baulk line off the top cushion.
Nearest to the baulk cushion wins the lag
Blue ball shoot-out settles tied matches with players aiming to pot blue off its spot from within the D

Good afternoon!

Welcome to live coverage of the Snooker Shootout from the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. We’ve got a rapid fire run of frames coming up here, with 32 players in competition to advance to the second round.


Selby escapes trouble on opening day

Mark Selby survived a scare before advancing to the second round of the Snooker Shoot Out with a 41-31 win over Billy Joe Castle.
With Judd Trump, Neil Robertson and Ronnie O’Sullivan electing not to play in the event, Selby arrived at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes as the highest-ranked player in the tournament.
Stuart Bingham was the highest-profile casualty of the opening day, as he fell to a 54-1 defeat to Rory McLeod. The world number 13 could never recover from falling behind early in the frame, and departs in the first round.
Shaun Murphy made a solid start to the event by beating Luca Brecel 65-10. The Belgian was one of the toughest opponents a player could get in the first round, but Murphy took his chances to advance in good fashion.
Our highlight of the opening day? A sensational blue-ball shoot out after Sam Craigie committed a stunning foul in the dying seconds of his match against Phil O'Kane.

'Couldn't have done a worse thing!' - Extraordinary error leeds to shoot-out drama

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‘That was class!’ – Williams century attempt has referee in hysterics
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