Ronnie O’Sullivan has said he is applying himself as if it is “one last go”, given he remains unsure how long he has got left in his career.
O’Sullivan continued his quest for an eighth UK Championship title when beating Mark King to reach the fourth round.
Speaking after the victory, O’Sullivan told Eurosport he is working hard to control his emotions and “squeeze every bit of juice” out in an effort to keep winning.
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The world No 3 said: “When you apply yourself you don’t get flustered, you don’t lose your rag. I have to work at all that, it doesn’t come naturally to me, so in some ways it’s good because you’re learning how to control your emotions basically. It’s not easy, it doesn’t come easy to me anyway.

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“I do find once I do it, you do become a much harder player to beat. At least I’m playing out there, I’m here trying to squeeze every bit of juice out of it that I can, whereas maybe last year or so I’ve just been trying to enjoy it a lot and if it’s there, great, if it wasn’t, I was just happy to take some time off.
I just thought, I don’t know how long I’ve got left in my career, I might as well try give it one last go and see if I’ve still got it. If I haven’t, no big deal, but we’ll just keep punching away.

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Ronnie: Conditions here an 8/10

When asked about the cool conditions at the York Barbican, O'Sullivan rated the venue eight out of 10.
He said: “Table was alright. I got a couple of bounces off the cushions, but conditions are great, fans brilliant, venue brilliant… There you go!
“It’s not all bad! I do say some good stuff when it’s due, you can’t accuse me of being one way, I do give a fair honest answer on what the conditions and venues are like. I’ll give it an eight out of 10.”

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On his victory over King, he added: “I knew it was going to be tough, Mark’s a hard match-player, great shot-maker – and you’ve just got to play your game. If you play well you know you’ve got a chance.
“I knew I had to be professional and keep applying myself, that’s all you can do really.”
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