Ronnie O'Sullivan was involved in a truly bizarre match at the unusual 2021 WST Pro Series event on Monday.
The six-time world champion was in electric form as he produced a quite brilliant break of 141 against Ben Hancorn, but still somehow lost the best-of-three-frames match.
O'Sullivan was at his very best with the break, which came up just short of a magical 147, but lost 2-1 to Hancorn without hardly doing anything wrong in the Group I clash.
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Hancorn battled through the opening frame and ended up edging it, 59-46, before the Rocket's stunning break levelled up the match.
Then 71 points were enough for the 38-year-old from Bristol to secure a shock victory over O'Sullivan, despite his earlier brilliance.
The format at the event has ensured some shock wins and bizarre matches already, of which this is now the latest example.
While not a knockout punch for O'Sullivan, he now has work to do to progress.

What is the format?

The players have been split into 16 groups of eight for the initial round-robin phase. All matches are best-of-three frames, and the top two in each group will progress to the second group stage.
The second phase will feature 32 players split into four groups of eight, and the top two in each group will then progress.
The player who finishes top of the final group of eight players will be crowned the champion of the inaugural edition of the event.
Monday March 15 - Group I
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan 2-0 Jamie Wilson
  • Tom Ford 2-1 Ben Hancorn
  • Lü Haotian 2-1 David Lilley
  • Mark Joyce 2-0 Chen Zifan
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan 1-2 Ben Hancorn
  • Tom Ford 1-2 David Lilley
  • Lü Haotian 2-0 Chen Zifan
  • Mark Joyce 0-2 Jamie Wilson
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan 0-2 David Lilley
  • Tom Ford 1-2 Chen Zifan
  • Lü Haotian 2-0 Mark Joyce
  • Ben Hancorn 2-1 Jamie Wilson
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan 1-2 Chen Zifan
  • Tom Ford 0-2 Mark Joyce
  • Lü Haotian 2-0 Jamie Wilson
  • David Lilley 0-2 Ben Hancorn
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan 2-1 Mark Joyce
  • Tom Ford 1-2 Lü Haotian
  • Chen Zifan 1-2 Ben Hancorn
  • David Lilley 2-0 Jamie Wilson
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan 0-2 Lü Haotian
  • Tom Ford 2-1 Jamie Wilson
  • Mark Joyce 0-2 Ben Hancorn
  • Chen Zifan 2-1 David Lilley
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan 0-2 Tom Ford
  • Lü Haotian 0-2 Ben Hancorn
  • Mark Joyce 2-1 David Lilley
  • Chen Zifan 0-2 Jamie Wilson
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