Tie-breaks should replace the fifth set in men’s matches at Grand Slams, according to a radical proposal floated by Eurosport expert John McEnroe.
Tennis has long been embroiled in a fierce debate about the disparity between women’s and men’s matches at Grand Slams, with the former decided over best-of-three sets and the latter best-of-five.
Often it has been used as a cheap stick to beat women’s tennis, but McEnroe argues the opposite and says it is the men’s game that needs reforming.
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While the men play best-of-three sets on the ATP Tour, the extended format at the four majors means matches regularly stretch beyond four hours.
McEnroe suggested that the Slams were a war of attrition for the men, with one long match having the ability to severely impact the rest of the tournament, admitting he feared for Carlos Alcaraz after his five-set win over Albert Ramos-Vinolas.
So when asked whether the women's game should move to a best-of-five format at Slams, McEnroe replied: “It probably would be a little bit more predictable because then you would see it become more a question of fitness, more physical.
“That would mean the people who are in incredible shape would win more often.
“I think the argument should be the other way. I think there’s an argument that the men should not be playing for four or five hours. Maybe, god forbid, there should be some compromise. My compromise would be best-of-five but at two sets all, play a 10-point tie-breaker for the match.

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“I don’t think the answer is for the women to go best-of-five. I think the answer is for the men to go a little shorter.”
Asked if that would make things more unpredictable on the men’s side, he continued: “Is there anything wrong with that?”
The best-of-five format has been cited as part of the reason behind Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer’s stunning stranglehold - one that has yielded 61 major trophies between them - with the physical and mental demands of winning three sets against the tennis GOATs making an upset even more unlikely.
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