Koblova, who finished fifth at the 2012 Olympic Games, beat European bronze medallist Irina Gusyak of Ukraine 8-0 in the final. Sun Byol Hwang of North Korea and Japan's Kanako Murata shared bronze.
Another Japanese Eri Tosaka won gold in the women's -48kg freestyle final contest.
Tosaka, the silver medallist at the 2012 World Championship, defeated Patimat Bagomedova of Azerbaijan, the 2013 world champion, with a score of 8-0. Bronze went to Valeria Chepsarakova of Russia and Maria Livach of Ukraine.
Summer Universiade
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Meanwhile, American freestyle wrestler David Taylor III said he was proud to win bronze for his country in the -74kg category.
Taylor met his match in Kazan in the quarter-finals against the eventual winner of the tournament Denis Tcargush from Russia.
"It is my privilege to represent my country at such a big tournament like the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan." Taylor said. "And I'm proud that I was able to meet the expectations and win the bronze medal for my country. I wanted to win the gold one, but bronze medal means also a lot for me. This is the biggest reward of my career. "
Taylor said that in the quarter-final he lost to "a very good wrestler from Russia".
"My opponent used twisting and other techniques, which I couldn’t resist, and that was the cause of my defeat," the 22-year-old native of Pennsylvania added. "It’s good that after all I was able to brace myself and due to the constant attacks I managed to win the wrestle for third place. Which is my career goal? The gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games."
The Universiade wrestling tournament will come to an end on Sunday.
Hungary beat the US men's water polo team to advance to the final of Summer Universiade.
Marton Halek, Marton Toth and Bence Marton Chilko all scored two goals each as the Hungarians registered a 12-7 win.
In the semi, to be played on Sunday, Hungary play either Italy or Australia. The US team will continue to fight for a fifth to eighth place finish.
Ukrainian shooter Yuriy Nikandrov took gold in the men’s trap after beating Italian Valerio Grazini in the final. Bronze went to another Italian Simone Lorenzo Prosperi.
After having seen one of his teams reach the semi-finals, Russian beach volleyball coach Vyacheslav Nirka has said the level of competition in Kazan has been unexpectedly high.
Yaroslav Koshkarev and Konstantin Semenov made it to the final four while another pair, Sergey Prokopyev and Yury Bogatov, came ninth for the hosts, and Nirka admitted he and his team had been taken by surprise.
“There was no information about the level of a tournament and it appeared presentable," Nirka said. "Initially we didn’t think that there will be serious opponents. The level of a tournament pleasantly surprised.
"This is the tournament’s plus but at the same time – these are the problems for us. But we created them for ourselves. We set the highest tasks before guys and they try to fulfil them.
According to the coach, Prokopyev and Bogatov were not strong enough in a play-off match with the Mexicans Gomez/Pulido, though “there were chances”.
“We must investigate the reason for defeat. It seems to me that they weakened functionally: movements became slower and therefore it caused a technical deficiency. And in a beach volleyball many things depend on physicality. If you are weakened you accept worse, jump worse. Mistakes happen."
Competition in the final race in the 1000m canoesingles event, at the Games in Kazan will be at the highest level, Russian rower Ilia Shtokalov has said.
"The final race will be tough," he said. "We met the Polish rower (Piotr Kuleta) in the finals of the London Olympics. This is quite a formidable opponent to have been competing against for more than a year.
Slovakia (Matej Rusnak) and Hungary (Tamas Kiss) are also serious contenders, not once appearing at the World Championships. Generally, most teams have brought good rowers. Not all the strongest came, of course, but there are still many leaders.
"I never like to think about the medals. Ultimately anything can happen in the final, as it is a sport. Famous athletes can lose in the final to younger ones. Today you win, tomorrow others.
"The Universiade is clearly a prestigious competition, and all the guys are in more or less good shape now. But basically we are preparing for the Russian championships, which will take place in late July, deciding who will be selected for the national team in the World Cup. So our task is to reach peak condition, though we are not at this level right now."
The 1000m canoe singles final will be held on Sunday.
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