The home hero won his 49kg bout against Turkey's Ferhat Pehlivan after winning the first round 3-2 and the second round 4-1. The final round ended 5-5 to secure a 12-8 victory for the local boxer, who claimed the first of five golds for the host nation.
Mammadov claimed gold in the 52kg category with a 10-6 win over Ukraine's Shepelyuk, while Shahpalangov delighted the home crowd with a 13-8 win over Dmitry Yun in the 60kg category.
In the 75kg category, Ahmadov won a split decision against Russia's Suleymanov after the bout ended 7-7 and the host nation struck again as Tamerlan Abdullayev registered a 13-12 victory over Onur Sipal of Turkey in the 69kg category.
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Poland finish on high
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In the 56kg final, Russia's Mahir Pashayev beat Javid Chalabiyev, again of Azerbaijan, before the two nations met again when Russia claimed another gold in the 64kg final, Ruslan Urikh downing Heybatulla Hajialiyev of Azerbaijan 14-9.
Russia’s Nikitin and Ukraine’s Ganzulia fought out a close 81kg final, with Ganzulia winning on the judges' decision before Rain Karlson appeared in the ring to be declared winner of the 91kg category after the two contestants of the other semi-finals were disqualified earlier this week.
The last final of the competition saw Turkish boxer Achik face Emelyanov in the +91kg category with Emelyanov winning a tight fight 14-11. The Russian also received the title of ‘best boxer of the tournament’.
Alizada (AZE) – Pehlivan (TUR) 12-8 (3-2/4-1/5-5)
Mammadov (AZE) – Shepelyuk (UKR) 10-6 (2-3/3-1/5-2)
Chalabiyev (AZE) – Pashayev (RUS) 13-16 (5-6/2-4/6-6)
Shahpalangov (AZE) – Yun (RUS) 13-8 (4-4/4-3/5-1)
Urikh (RUS) – Hajialiyev (AZE) 14-9 (4-3/5-3/5-3)
Abdullayev (AZE) – Sipal (TUR) 13-12 (3-1/5-5/5-6)
Ahmadov (AZE) – Suleymanov (RUS) *7-7 (1-1/4-3/2-3)
Nikitin (RUS) – Ganzulia (UKR) 11-11* (2-4/4-3/5-4)
Achik (TUR) – Emelyanov (RUS) 11-14 (4-3/3-6/5-4)
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