Yvan Muller and Gabriele Tarquini, who shared victory at Monza and are first and second in the drivers championship, plus Jordi Gene all carry the penalty.
Four other drivers have success ballast in the 60kg range, from the 68 of Nicola Larini to the 62 of Rickard Rydell with Andy Priaulx and Robert Huff at 66 and 64 respectively.
Among the top drivers, N.technology's James Thompson went down from 49 to 19 extra kilos after an unsuccessful weekend at Monza.
ROAL return to WTCC
08/01/2011 AT 15:20
A total of 24 drivers will have success ballast in Okayama.
Success ballast - Okayama:
70kg Y Muller, G Tarquini, J Gene
68kg N Larini
66kg A Priaulx
64kg R Huff
62kg R. Rydell
52kg J Mueller
50kg F Porteiro
47kg A Farfus, T Monteiro
44kg A Menu
32kg A Zanardi
30kg K Ladygin, M Orido, Y Taniguchi, M Kano, M Choo, M Marsh, N Michelisz
24kg T Coronel
19kg J Thompson
3kg S Hernandez
2 kg S. D'Aste
Muller and Tarquini fit for decider
21/11/2009 AT 11:15
Priora to debut in Portugal
11/04/2009 AT 12:20