Sugar Ray not in Manfredo's corner

Sugar Ray not in Manfredo's corner
By Seconds Out

28/03/2007 at 00:00Updated

Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard has clarified that he will not be the lead trainer for Peter Manfredo Jr in his April 7th challenge against WBO super middleweight world champion Joe Calzaghe at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

"I am just a strategist. I am not a trainer," explained Leonard. "His father (Peter Sr) is the trainer without question."

50-year-old Leonard, who won six world titles in five weight classes, has been in contact with Manfredo and his father regularly in the lead-up to the Calzaghe fight.

"We talk and thank God for technology, there are emails," he said. "I have seen Peter up close and in person on 'The Contender' show and have seen him fight live. I just give my two cents and we go from there."

While Leonard will be at the Millennium Stadium on fight night, he will not be working in Manfredo's corner.

"Peter has a very competent team," he said.

Asked to reveal what knowledge he has been trying to impart on Manfredo, Leonard replied: "It is basically the emotional aspect of the fight. Peter has that mental stability. That really is the key factor.

"Even going a little further, as far as the weight is concerned, the toughest fight for a fighter is making weight and Peter is comfortable at 168lbs."