Georginio Wijnaldum will wear a rainbow captain’s armband in the Netherland’s last-16 game against the Czech Republic in Budapest on Sunday.
The midfielder also insisted he and his team are prepared to walk off the pitch if they are abused by the crowd.
Wijnaldum hit back at UEFA for their refusal to display the rainbow in Munich and confirmed the Netherlands would be making their views clear in the game in Budapest.
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“It is not just against Hungary,” he said.
“The armband means a lot because we stand for diversity – one love means everybody is a part of it and everybody should be free to be who they are.
“In our opinion [the right to be yourself] has been encroached upon,” Wijnaldum added.
As players we have a podium to do whatever we can to help.
UEFA are investigating alleged incidents of racist abuse of Kylian Mbappe and homophobic slurs used against Cristiano Ronaldo during their group games against Hungary.

EU says UEFA has no 'excuse' for blocking rainbow protest

The football governing body has found itself in the eye of a storm this week after rejecting Germany’s request to light up their Allianz Arena in Munich in rainbow colours.
UEFA released a bemusing statement insisting they were pro LGBTQ+ rights, that the rainbow was not political but the request from the German FA to display it for the match against Hungary was.
Hungary has recently passed several anti-gay laws and UEFA appeared concerned about upsetting the host city by supporting Germany’s efforts to show support for the LGBTQ+ community.
Wijnaldum insisted the issue is not political but a human rights issue and the Netherlands captain insisted his team were prepared to stage a walk-off if UEFA refuse to protect them.
“UEFA should be there to protect the players and make the decision,” he said.

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“It should not be left to the players. Players often get punished for protecting themselves so UEFA needs to take a lead role in this.
“I have said I don’t really know how I will react in such a situation. I thought first that I would walk off the pitch but maybe not now because maybe the opponent will think: ‘Let them [in the crowd] throw racist slurs and they will walk off the pitch.’
“It could be the case that I will walk off the pitch but I will speak with the players about it first.”
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