Inverted grid races and points for free practice sessions are among the ideas being discussed in a bid to freshen up Formula 1, according to CEO Stefano Domenicali.
Various alterations have been made to the sport in recent years, including the introduction of occasional Sprint Qualifying sessions, a shorter race on the Saturday that determines grid positions for the following day’s Grand Prix.
According to Domenicali, the new ideas won’t end there as F1 bosses look for innovative ways of keeping their audience hooked.
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In an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Domenicali was asked why there is a need to change.
"You have to try,” he said.
“There are always many excuses not to do it. It is a life principle. Purists will always turn up their noses, but over the years, F1 has changed the way of qualifying dozens of times. It is a necessity that can’t be delayed, to put on an even better show.”
He added: “I would like there to always be a fight for something that is valid for the title. We will address the issue at the next F1 Commission: the fans, the organisers, everyone wants it. The Sprint Race was just the first example, which could be improved.”
One of Domenicali’s ideas is to make free practice sessions more competitive.
On a race weekend, there are two free practice sessions on the Friday and one on the Saturday before qualifying, but they don’t contribute to the eventual outcome.
"In a normal weekend, the one consisting of Free Practice 1 and 2 on Friday, each session should be giving away either points, or single qualifying laps, or a qualification for a different and shorter Saturday race, instead of the third free practice, perhaps with the mechanism of the inverted grid,” Domenicali said.
The idea of reverse grid qualifying races was rejected in 2020 by F1 teams, but the Italian is ready to revive the proposal.
"We are putting a lot of things on the table," he added.
"Many say no, but we have seen on some occasions the beauty of having reshuffles in the race, more overtaking. We have an obligation to try."
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