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That'll do us

That concludes our live coverage of the Gibraltar Open for today. Join us for the denouement tomorrow, where we'll be live from approximately 11.15am with Judd Trump's quarter-final against either Mark Allen or Ricky Walden. The two semi-finals will follow, one after the other, before the fifty grand prize for the winner is sorted out in the evening.
Gibraltar Open
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Take care out there until then, night night.

Around the tables

Mark Allen 2-1 Ricky Walden
Stuart Carrington 2-0 David Gilbert
Jamie Clarke 0-1 Xiao Guodong

Judd Trump is through to the quarter-finals

If he's blowing out his opponents with his B game, can anyone stop Judd Trump winning the Gibraltar Open? In best of sevens it's so important how you start against him; tonight Ursenbacher had enough looks in the first couple of frames to make a match of it, but each costly miss was like a slow puncture and his belief quickly evaporated. When that happens, Trump will have you out of there in an hour or so. Judd goes into the final day, and he'll face either Mark Allen or Ricky Walden in his quarter-final tomorrow.

Trump 4-0 Ursenbacher

Trump does indeed total; it's a 128 to finish, and he has thrashed Ursenbacher here.

Trump 3-0 Ursenbacher (74-0)

Trump has nudged two trickier reds on the left of the table into more favourable positions, and unless he indulges in a bit of naughty snooker and a few wild thrashes it looks like he'll total to win this one.

Trump 3-0 Ursenbacher (51-0)

It's a half-century in no time at all, and we'll be done in about five pots time. Trump hasn't accessed anything like his best game today and he's handed his opponents a couple of doughnuts - 4-0, 4-0.

Trump 3-0 Ursenbacher (23-0)

Trump thumps in the opening red of the fourth, a long one that flies clean as a whistle into the bottom right. Will Ursenbacher get another shot tonight? Trump's break is up to 22 and counting, and he's striding around the table like he wants it done now. In potting the black he affects an extravagant split on the reds, and then cuts in a difficult one to the bottom left to land on the pink. Trump is purring.

Around the tables

Mark Allen 1-1 Ricky Walden
Stuart Carrington 1-0 David Gilbert
Jamie Clarke 0-1 Xiao Guodong

Trump 3-0 Ursenbacher

Trump tags in the final red, and then mops up to the green for a 3-0 lead.

Trump 2-0 Ursenbacher (62-22)

An exceptional shot from Judd, dumping the pink into the left middle and going in an out of baulk to land on a red near the bottom cushion, has set Trump up for another frame it seems. The black takes him to 56 and leaves Ursenbacher needing a snooker; this is light work. Trump goes in-off when potting the black soon after, and Ursenbacher will try to play on and get the two snookers he needs.

Trump 2-0 Ursenbacher (11-15)

Trump can only pot red-brown after Ursenbacher leaves him in. He's had a patchy start too, but hasn't needed anything better than that to establish his lead. Ursenbacher's now missed a cut on a red just to the side of the bottom left now, and it's another chance for Trump to make hay.

Trump 2-0 Ursenbacher (0-15)

A poor safety from Trump leaves Ursenbacher a straight red into the bottom left. In it goes, after which he misses the green by a huge margin but flukes it off two cushions into the left middle. That's extraordinary! So far it hasn't looked like he's quite got the belief to make a match of this, but can that spur him on to a decent break in the third? No, it can't; he breaks down on 15 after missing a brown while playing the white off the right rail.

Trump 2-0 Ursenbacher

A black into the bottom left followed by another red puts the frame beyond Ursenbacher; a total break of 72 puts Trump two ahead.
In other news, Lu Ning is through to the quarters courtesy of a 4-2 win over Thepchaiya Un-Nooh.

Trump 1-0 Ursenbacher (40-10)

Trump powers into the pack off the black, which results in a split that provides the chance to sort this frame in one hit. The break is at 40 already, and there's not much to do with the cue ball to add the necessary.

Trump 1-0 Ursenbacher (21-10)

A poor attempt at a shot to nothing by Trump leaves Ursenbacher an easy red to the left middle in the second. He makes 10 before rolling a red out off the knuckles of the right middle. A poor safety from him a few shots later leaves Trump a mid-range jab at a red to the bottom right, which he drops in to land on the blue. Ursenbacher is sat in his chair and shaking his head, as well he might; he's not started well at all.

Trump 1-0 Ursenbacher

A total of 34 bags up the frame for Trump.

Trump 0-0 Ursenbacher (36-5)

He's back in; a booming long red into the green pocket has left the frame at Trump's mercy now. A quick 22 leaves Ursenbacher needing a snooker, and there's more coming.
In news from the other tables, Matthew Selt has beaten Soheil Vahedi 4-1.

Trump 0-0 Ursenbacher (36-5)

Signs of nerves from Ursenbacher now; he misses a simple red with the rest into the yellow pocket, and then shorts a safety escape so badly that he leaves a red on to that pocket for Trump. In it goes, and Judd is quickly to the business end of the table. The reds are set nicely here for him, but he has to try and force the white around the table when potting a pink and jaws it in and out, and it's end of break.

Trump 0-0 Ursenbacher (12-5)

Trump goes in-off, and from the D Ursenbacher sweeps a red into the bottom right. It's a confident start from him, which he then nixes with a wild thrash on green to yellow pocket that misses by a mile. Trump steps in to thump a red into the bottom left and send the pack all over. We've got two very attacking players here tonight, so we should be in for a good one. Judd makes 12, but he's missed a long blue and it's a chance for Ursenbacher.

Time to go

The players are out, best of seven then for a place in the quarters against Mark Allen or Ricky Walden.

Around the tables

Jimmy White 2-4 Chris Wakelin
Matthew Selt 3-1 Soheil Vahedi
Lu Ning 3-2 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh


Just as beating Trump was a huge ask for the experienced Robert Milkins this afternoon, so it will be for young Alexander tonight. He's a former semi-finalist in the English Open and a quarter-final in the Northern Ireland Open, and he's no stranger to taking big scalps either; he knocked Ronnie O'Sullivan out of the UK Championship at the end of last year, and holds a perfect 2-0 record against the Rocket.

The Juddernaut

Trump, £150k to the good already in the last 24 hours, will be starting to scent the additional 50 large that's available for the winner of the Gibraltar Open tomorrow. He's already won four ranking events this season, and an eye-popping 14 plus the Masters in the last two and a half years.

Coming up

We'll be back at about 6.45pm for Judd Trump versus Alexander Ursenbacher.

Around the tables

Jimmy White 2-2 Chris Wakelin
Matthew Selt 3-1 Soheil Vahedi
Lu Ning 3-1 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh

Jack Lisowski is through to the quarter-finals

An emphatic victory there for Jackpot, sweeping aside an in-form opponent to secure his spot in the last eight and a quarter-final with either Lu Ning or Thepchaiya Un-Nooh. Will tomorrow be the day where Lisowski finally gets over the line in a ranking event?

Lisowski 4-1 Hamilton

The red in baulk goes, and despite wobbling the brown precariously before it dropped Lisowski clears up to the pink - taking it right-handed - to win the match.

Lisowski 3-1 Hamilton (45-53)

A disastrous safety from Hamilton could be costly; he tried to delicately jab a red off the bottom cushion and onto the right rail but underhit it so badly that he left it as an easy starter for Lisowski. There's one red up in baulk, but the others are all on near the pink spot, more so after Lisowski nudges into them to leave himself on the pin to left middle. The break goes to 41, and Lisowski goes up for the red in baulk.

Lisowski 3-1 Hamilton (4-53)

Hamilton is a superb break builder, and drives in the black to accumulate a half-century. His intended run into the pack doesn't come off though; he misses it completely and ends up in baulk. That didn't seem possible, but it's end of break.

Lisowski 3-1 Hamilton (4-14)

Hamilton gets the first real chance of the fifth frame with an easy red into the left middle, but he follows that with a wild thrash at the pink that misses by a distance. He's back in now though, cutting a red into the green pocket from distance, and he's got plenty of open reds to play for.

Around the tables

Jimmy White 2-2 Chris Wakelin
Matthew Selt 3-0 Soheil Vahedi
Lu Ning 1-1 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh

Lisowski 3-1 Hamilton

Lisowski does indeed nudge the tricky red over the left middle, on his way to a century and playing one shot right-handed as he does so. It's a total clearance of 126 for Jack, who now needs just one more frame for victory.

Friday's results

  • Iulian Boiko 3-4 Mark Allen
  • Aaron Hill 2-4 Jamie Clarke
  • Shaun Murphy 4-1 Luca Brecel
  • Pang Junxu 4-2 Anthony McGill
  • Lei Peifan 4-3 Dylan Emery
  • David Gilbert 4-3 Jimmy Robertson
  • Lu Ning 4-0 Jamie O'Neill
  • Rod Lawler 3-4 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
  • Liang Wenbo 3-4 Robert Milkins
  • Mark Williams 3-4 Soheil Vahedi
  • Oliver Lines 3-4 Fraser Patrick
  • Ben Woollaston 2-4 Ali Carter
  • Jimmy White 4-2 Stuart Bingham
  • Elliot Slessor 2-4 Martin Gould
  • Alan McManus 1-4 Zhao Jianbo
  • Xiao Guodong 4-1 Jamie Wilson
Round Three
  • Alexander Ursenbacher 4-0 Mitchell Mann
  • Joe Perry 2-4 Ricky Walden
  • Kyren Wilson 3-4 Matthew Selt
  • Chris Wakelin 4-2 Mark Selby

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