Kyren Wilson revealed that he was under par in the first round of the Welsh Open because of a Covid test that didn't go according to plan.
The 29-year-old struggled past Chen Zifan 4-2 - and then told Andy Goldstein in the Eurosport studio of the painful reason he wasn't on form.
"To be honest, I just felt terrible all day if I'm totally honest with you," he said. "I had a Covid test that went wrong.
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Doing the nose swabs, the lady - she's not done it maliciously - but she's gone too far, and I've had constant nosebleeds for two days.
He added that the swab was covered in "an inch of blood" and that he felt "shaky" at the table, saying: "I felt like my arm didn't belong to me."
Ironically, Wilson had suffered from nosebleeds last week during the Championship League - but they were unconnected to the current issue.
That was out of my right nostril...I said to the lady, 'Can you do my left one because I had a nosebleed last week?'
Wilson, who plays Alan McManus next, was quick to add that he did not want to make excuses for a lacklustre display.
"It was a little bit frustrating today because you know it's not nice sort of standing there making excuses, but it's just the truth and unfortunately it affected my performance tonight.
"At the end of the day we're lucky to be playing so I'm obviously grateful for the opportunity."

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