eSports WTCC title contender Q&A: Alex Dornieden

eSports WTCC title contender Q&A: Alex Dornieden

09/11/2017 at 18:00Updated 10/11/2017 at 02:03

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Alex Dornieden tops the eSports WTCC standings prior to the Macau finale this weekend. The Impact Racing Team Honda driver from Germany spoke to eSports WTCC partner RaceRoom’s Robert Wiesenmüller.

Q: With an 18-point lead over Márk Nándori, how confident are you that you can win the title?
A:“I have a good feeling with my car and had felt really well last race so I am pretty confident to win the championship.”

Q:You haven't been so quick on some of the pre-qualifying rounds, but every time it matters, during the race weekend, you are on the pace. How do you pull it off?
A:“Well, to be honest, it wasn't so important for me to be in the top five in pre-qualifying. I had not that much time to drive in the last weeks so I took most of my time on driving one or two days before the race and, yeah, that worked pretty well.”

Q:The walls are pretty close in Macau, there is almost no margin for error. Does this make you nervous?
A:“Well I would lie if I say I wasn't a little nervous. I think it's a really hard raceday for everyone and especially the second race with the reversed grid will be really hard on that track. You know at Macau everything can happen. Even in real life there were some crazy races.”

Q: You have only been in simracing for a little over two years. Can you explain how you managed to get to the level that you are right now?A:“That's hard to explain. I think one reason is that I love competition and that's what I found in RaceRoom. I saw all these fast drivers and I was thinking, I wanna be as fast as them at least and after a lot of practicing and driving with some of those fast drivers I could push me to the level where I am right now.”